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Deborra-lee Furness I was truly honoured to join Louise Voigt from Barnardos Australia at the National Press Club in Canberra, Australia for the Adoption Crisis Forum in November last year during National Adoption Awareness Week. Looking forward to seeing the results of this groundbreaking research on open adoptions in Australia!

Open adoptions to go under Barnados microscope
Removed by the courts from her drug-addicted mother as a baby, 18 year-old HSC student Tori Peden has become a fierce advocate of the benefits of open adoption.
Thursday 10th of July 2014 09:57:48 PM
Deborra-lee Furness I support Children in Families First. Join me, sign the petition - #CHIFF #SupportCHIFF

All Children Everywhere Need Families. Help Right a Wrong.

Wednesday 25th of June 2014 10:47:16 PM
Deborra-lee Furness Orphans Under the Radar | Dr. Jane Aronson

Orphans Under the Radar
There are some things I can't lie about. There is nothing to be done for waiting children in orphanages, unless there is foster care or trained...
Monday 16th of June 2014 10:10:09 PM
Deborra-lee Furness I recorded the introduction for tomorrow night's Australian Story on National Adoption Awareness Week Ambassador Jules Allen. Here's a pic of us with Dr Jane, Dr Karyn and Jules' daughter India at the Sydney Opera House at the beginning of NAAW 2013 (cr. Nicholas Wilson). 8PM, Monday 2 June on ABC1

Australian Story
This week's program provides an intriguing glimpse behind the scenes of the reality TV phenomenon that's captured the TV landscape in Australia.
Saturday 31st of May 2014 10:21:31 PM
Deborra-lee Furness Here are the full 2 pages of Dr Jane's blog post - the second page didn't post yesterday. Dr Jane Aronson is CEO, Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO)

Saturday 31st of May 2014 09:38:50 PM
Deborra-lee Furness Attached here is a beautiful blog post written by my dear friend, and fellow child advocate, Dr. Jane Aronson, CEO of Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO). Keep an eye out for Hopeland :)

Friday 30th of May 2014 05:00:00 PM
Deborra-lee Furness "Today, Federal Parliament heard the Second Reading of the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Intercountry Adoption) Bill by the Prime Minister. The Government has acknowledged that they want to make it easier to adopt when it is in the best interest of the child, and not to repeat mistakes of past practice."

National Adoption Awareness Week
Today, Federal Parliament heard the Second Reading of the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Intercountry Adoption) Bill by the Prime Minister. The Government has acknowledged that they want to make it easier to adopt when it is in the best interest of the child, and not to repeat mistakes of past practice. "The purpose of this bill is to facilitate the grant of Australian Citizenship to children adopted by Australian citizens under bilateral adoption arrangements between Australia and countries that are not party to the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption." - Tony Abbott. Australia still requires potential partner countries be willing to participate in an intercountry adoption arrangement with Australia that will meet the standards and safeguards equivalent to those required under the Hague Convention. Some other points mentioned in the speech include: - Australia is in discussions with seven other countries to open intercountry adoption programs - COAG has agreed in principle to a new national overseas adoption service from 2015 - an acknowledgement that this process of amending the legislation and processes will not be immediately simple and straightforward. Our Chairman, John O'Neill will be on the midday news on ABC1 and ABC News24 today to discuss the reading. Another step in the right direction!
Wednesday 28th of May 2014 10:13:47 PM
Deborra-lee Furness

National Adoption Awareness Week
Founder of National Adoption Awareness Week, Deborra-lee Furness and the Board of Adoption Awareness Ltd welcome the announcement regarding forthcoming changes to adoption laws based on the findings of the Inter-Departmental Committee. Adoption Awareness Ltd is one of the organisations and individuals to make a submission to the IDC appointed by the Office of the Prime Minister in December last year. The Hon. Tony Abbott MP has today announced his impending actions in response to the recommendations of the Committee. Deborra-lee Furness has said “the Prime Minister should be applauded for his continued efforts in prioritising this very important adoption law reform. Since the inspiring event at Kirribilli House in December last year, submissions made to the IDC have been interpreted and the recommendations are encouraging. We are looking forward to seeing the announced changes implemented over the coming 9 months, particularly the streamlining of processes in Australia, and opening of inter-country adoption programs with more countries like South Africa, announced today. I see this as a meaningful step towards helping the millions of vulnerable children around the world.”
Sunday 4th of May 2014 06:30:10 PM
Deborra-lee Furness The Council of Australian Governments have revealed the results of their discussions on intercountry adoption at their meeting today... and it's good news!

National Adoption Awareness Week
The Prime Minister and State Premiers have all confirmed that they support these actions and subsequent reforms to adoption legislation and systems. The following news from the meeting of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG - was released this afternoon: INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTION OF CHILDREN Adopting a child from overseas is an emotional and complex undertaking. Different requirements across Australia can create even more difficulty for families wanting to adopt a child from overseas. COAG supports adoption conducted in the best interests of the child and consistent with the safeguards of the Hague Convention. COAG agreed in principle to the Commonwealth’s proposal to provide a new national intercountry adoption service for all Australians wanting to adopt a child from overseas. Under the new service, the Commonwealth will fund either a new accredited non- government organisation or organisations, or a Commonwealth agency, to provide services for intercountry adoption by early 2015. The Commonwealth and the States and Territories will work closely together to make sure there is a smooth transition to the new system. We are incredibly pleased to hear this news of support and action towards improving Australian adoption processes to ensure our systems are ethical, expedient, and centre around the best interests of the child.
Friday 2nd of May 2014 03:08:11 AM
Deborra-lee Furness We shared a fantastic night with President @billclinton and family hosting the CGI @clintonglobal benefit Photo @thehughjackman

Friday 2nd of May 2014 12:17:36 AM
Deborra-lee Furness "To be a mother is to be a student. I always thought I would be the teacher, all wise, all knowing—but of course, life throws us curve balls at every bend, that act as a reminder to always remain humble and open." Read and share my post for the #globalmoms relay: Each time a person likes or shares the post, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to helping mother's and children worldwide.

My Mother Taught Me Hurdles Are Jumpable
In my world, women were dynamic, in charge and all-powerful. I later learned, as a young woman who ventured out into the real world, that wasn't necessarily the lay of the land out there....
Wednesday 30th of April 2014 09:53:57 PM
Deborra-lee Furness I wholeheartedly support CHIFF - Children In Families First!! Show your support by signing this petition, which will send a direct message to your local member in the USA.

All Children Everywhere Need Families. Help Right a Wrong.

Wednesday 16th of April 2014 09:25:01 PM
Deborra-lee Furness Remembering this magical moment... turning the Empire State Building GREEN and GOLD for Australia Day 2014!

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Monday 14th of April 2014 08:18:32 PM
Deborra-lee Furness I'm so honoured to have been selected by the Joint Council Awards Committee as this year’s Outstanding Child Advocate. For the past 5 years the Joint Council on International Children's Services has presented this award to the person who has demonstrated a passionate commitment, created a lasting impact and led effective advocacy. "In selecting Deb as this year’s recipient, the committee noted Deb’s commitment, impact and advocacy through her leadership of Australia’s National Adoption Awareness Week and her advocacy in securing the Australian government’s commitment to changing the way adoption is perceived and facilitated." Thank you!
Monday 31st of March 2014 08:18:20 PM
Deborra-lee Furness Stand #WithSyria. Proud of my friends at FilmAid International for being involved.

WithSyria is a campaign to raise awareness of and unite people against the third year of conflict in Syria.
Tuesday 18th of March 2014 12:52:57 AM
Deborra-lee Furness Thanks The New Daily!

My first job: Deborra-lee Furness | The New Daily
Deborra-lee Furness reflects on her early life as a personal assistant, and television journalist, in the days before she became a household name.
Thursday 13th of March 2014 09:28:02 PM
Deborra-lee Furness You can find more details of the Australian Prime Minister's announcement on the The Australian Women's Weekly website. Written by my friend and NAAW Board Member, Helen McCabe.

Overseas adoption easier from today
Families wanting to adopt children from Taiwan and South Korea will find it easier from today.
Monday 3rd of March 2014 09:06:09 PM
Deborra-lee Furness I congratulate the Australian Prime Minister on this announcement today regarding adoption process reform, and I am particularly happy for the many families who will be directly affected by this immediate action. We have been calling for change for a long time, and I am absolutely thrilled to see the Prime Minister’s office committing to real action. Tony Abbott announced immediate changes to the processing for children adopted from Ethiopia, Taiwan and South Korea to allow the Australian system to recognise these adoptions in a more efficient time frame. We see this as a significant step towards fulfilling the promise made by Mr Abbott in December last year.
Monday 3rd of March 2014 07:53:36 PM
Deborra-lee Furness I want to share this beautiful story with you...

My Beautiful Woman: ความลับของเจน 3/3
Copyright owner : WacoalThailand
Sunday 16th of February 2014 06:28:38 PM
Deborra-lee Furness This morning I heard Hilary Clinton, Melinda Gates, and Chelsea Clinton speak at a lecture in New York. It was so inspiring to hear them talk about their initiative to empower women and girls globally! A huge part of solving the global orphan crisis is to implement programs that support, encourage and enable women to take on parenthood. So lucky to have had the pleasure of travelling with Chelsea last year, here's a pic of us in Zambia.

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Thursday 13th of February 2014 11:21:29 PM

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