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Bethenny Frankel Wants To Sleep With Married Man On Her Birthday!

11/5/2015 12:45pm EST
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel celebrated her birthday last night with her Real Housewives of New York co-stars and it sounds like they had fun. Bethenny’s birthday celebrations that never been something big, as she doesn’t like to celebrate her birthday. She has too many bad memories from her childhood, and she would prefer not to make a big deal out of it. These days, Bethenny would probably prefer having sex than having a party.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now hinting that she should be able to get sex. And she wants the married men - just because she has the same birthday as them. ...

Bethenny Frankel's Emotional Day

10/29/2015 1:22pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has one constant companion by her side; her dog Cookie. This dog has been with Frankel for years and she has relied on it through heartbreaks and breakups. She got the dog after a failed relationship years ago and Cookie has been with Bethenny through the development of Skinnygirl, her divorce from Jason Hoppy and now as she is raising her daughter, Bryn. But Cookie is an older dog and this week, Cookie went into surgery.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that her beloved dog is going in for surgery and she is asking for prayers. Bethenny didn’t r...

Bethenny Frankel Understands Circumstances Surrounding Lamar Odom

10/17/2015 11:40am EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has wrapped up The Real Housewives of New York and she is back to working on her Skinnygirl business. But Bethenny is also tweeting up a storm with her fans, and she has been following the Lamar Odom story in the press. Of course, Odom is slowly starting to wake up, but there are many theories as to why he ended up in the brothel. Was the overdose an accident or was it a suicide attempt?

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel decided to share her thoughts about everything that has gone on with Lamar. And it sounds like Frankel may have some experience with depression a...

Bethenny Frankel Emotional Over Daughter!

9/21/2015 2:51pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has been dealing with a dreadful divorce from Jason Hoppy. The two have been fighting over assets for longer than they were married. And while both Jason and Bethenny have been dating and trying out some new relationships, it sounds like she isn’t eager to divorce him. She wants to keep the millions she made in her marriage, but Hoppy wants a share of the pie. And that puts their daughter Bryn right in the middle.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she does get emotional when she thinks about her daughter. And this morning, Bethenny got emotio...

Bethenny Frankel's Decision Could Have Canceled 'RHONY'

9/18/2015 1:24pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has found tremendous success on The Real Housewives of New York as she used the reality platform to launch her business and eventually sell her company for millions of dollars. Bethenny had some close friends when she first joined the show, but things changed while filming. For one, she was close friends with Jill Zarin, but the two got into a massive fight and they have been avoiding each other ever since.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that some of the things Jill has said are not exactly true. Zarin has often taken pride in the fact that she...

Why Is Bethenny Frankel Dropping Yoga?

8/31/2015 1:43pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has been enjoying her summer in the Hamptons at her new home. Frankel had been living at hotels and working from penthouses in New York when she was filming The Real Housewives of New York, but she is finally finding her roots again after filing for divorce from her estranged husband, Jason Hoppy. Bethenny has been trying to find herself and she is finally coming out on the other side.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she doesn’t rely on her workout routine to keep her positive vibes going. In fact, Frankel will often ditch her workout routi...

Has Bethenny Frankel Forgiven Ramona Singer For Stealing Her Dress?

8/27/2015 1:38pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel knows that she can expect drama from The Real Housewives of New York, and she realized that she would probably get caught up in drama when she signed on to film the new season. Frankel really wanted to go on the show as a way of starting over, but old drama and friction with Ramona Singer quickly came back to the surface. Bethenny and Ramona quickly started bickering over drama that happened prior to them filming for Bravo.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she thinks people should get off Ramona’s case in regards to the dress she supp...

Is Bethenny Frankel Calling Out Kristen Taekman After Husband Got Caught?

8/25/2015 12:30pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has been keeping a low profile in the Southhamptons this summer. After Frankel wrapped up The Real Housewives of New York, she has been focusing on herself and her daughter. She has been renovating her new city apartment and has celebrated moving on from her failed marriage. But just as Frankel is moving on, another housewife’s marriage could be in trouble.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel didn’t comment on Kristen Taekman’s marriage after a story surfaced that Josh Taekman had an account on the hacked Ashley Madison website. This website is dedicated to helping ...

Has Money And Fame Changed Bethenny Frankel? She Says...

8/19/2015 1:10pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel revealed that she was happy about returning to The Real Housewives of New York. For a brief moment, Bethenny had some regrets when she saw Kelly Bensimon getting mic’ed up outside of a restaurant, but other than that night, she enjoyed herself. Fans were thrilled to get her back on the show because they love her personality and her outspoken ways.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel admits that she was thankful that she could film the show without it interfering with her time with her daughter. And she does appreciate the fact that she wasn’t forced to addres...

What Made Bethenny Frankel Snap On A Fan?

8/10/2015 1:23pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel is back on The Real Housewives of New York and she isn’t holding her feelings back. Shockingly, Frankel has been sharing her honest thoughts with Ramona Singer, even though they have been friends for years. But Frankel’s daughter Bryn isn’t on the show, because Bethenny’e estranged husband isn’t allowing her to film with their daughter.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she is shocked that someone would hire a hot nanny, especially if the husband isn’t trustworthy. But her tweet led to a conversation about her hiring a nanny for her daughter....

Bethenny Frankel Caught Up In Twitter Drama!

8/5/2015 5:55pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel Slammed: 'Leave Ramona Alone!'
Bethenny Frankel is back on The Real Housewives of New York and she is letting her feelings be known. Even though Frankel is going through a divorce, she is still very opinionated and she does have some beef with Ramona Singer that she wants to settle. And on last night’s episode, Frankel decided to confront Ramona about various rumors.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel pointed out that Ramona had been going through some changes and these new beginnings sadly didn’t work out for Frankel. Even though Frankel shared her thoughts during the episode, she also shared some on Twitter.


What Does Bethenny Frankel Fake In Relationships?

7/16/2015 2:54pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel is the queen of too much information. Bethenny is known for speaking her mind, which is one of the reasons why she has done so well on The Real Housewives of New York. She has rattled some viewers, who tend to be more conservative, but many viewers love her for not holding back.

According to a new US Magazine report, Bethenny Frankel is now sharing some information about her sex life and she admits that she has indeed faked orgasms before. Maybe she has been with guys, who didn’t know what they were doing.

"It's like giving a dog a cookie -- like, 'good, keep going in th...

See What Bethenny Frankel Said About The Man In Her Video

7/13/2015 3:26pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has been spending some time in the Hamptons this summer and this weekend, Bethenny recorded a video of her being near the beach. And many people noticed that there was a gentleman in her video, sitting at the table where she was at. Many immediately guessed that she could potentially be dating again.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing who the man is in her video from the weekend. When she posted the video, a few people asked her about the guy and guessed that she could be dating again.

“Were you inadvertently showing us your new beau?” one follow...

Bethenny Frankel Slams Her Co-Stars: What Dramatic Thing Did She Say?

7/8/2015 11:30am EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel is back on The Real Housewives of New York and while her former frenemies, Kelly Bensimon and Jill Zarin, are not back on the show with her, she can easily find someone to bicker with. Frankel didn’t hit it off with Heather Thomson or Kristen Taekman, but during the dramatic final dinner in Turks and Caicos, she managed to fly under the radar.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she actually thought the cursing dinner was hilarious. The drama was reaching an all-time high with these ladies, but since Bethenny wasn’t involved, she found ...

Is Bethenny Frankel Having A Nervous Breakdown?

7/7/2015 12:17pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel is on the verge of a serious nervous breakdown according to various sources. Star Magazine reports that the reality star is going through a very emotional time right now, and the stress is really getting to her.

Since her split from ex Jason Hoppy, Frankel has struggled to find her footing. She only sees her daughter, Bryn, a couple of times a week, and, for a while, she was living out of hotel rooms. Needless to say, it hasn't been easy for Bethenny.

"She's having a breakdown. She's feeling really bad about her life. It's very sad. She's emotionally stressed, and she nee...

Which 'RHONY' Star Says Sonja Morgan Drama Is Above Pay Grade?

7/1/2015 2:13pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel Not Being Paid Enough For Sonja Morgan Drama?
Bethenny Frankel may have signed on to do another season of The Real Housewives of New York, but she may not have realized how dramatic things out get, especially since she knows some of the ladies already. Bethenny has filmed the show before, where she had to deal with Kelly Bensimon, but Sonja Morgan was never a problem for her.

According to a new Bravo report, Bethenny Frankel is now revealing that she was shocked that Sonja lashed out at the other wives so much, but that she does understand the pressure and stress Morgan is under. But that doesn’t mean she actually wants to deal with ...

'Real Housewife' Shares Sexy Bikini Yoga Shots From Her Vacay!

6/22/2015 12:04am EDT
Bethenny Frankel Shows Off Yoga Skills In Bikinis While On Vacat
Bethenny Frankel showed off her fit bikini bod while doing some serious yoga skills on vacation last week, and the Real Housewives of New York City shared several pics on her Instagram page.

The 44-year-old reality star enjoyed her time off on a luxury yacht, posing on the decks and balconies in her tiny two-piece, and on Sunday she hit the beach and twisted herself up like a pretzel.

"When dealing with me, you need to be flexible," she captioned an image of herself on the deck of the ship, wearing a blue string bikini and holding herself up with just her hands.

Another shot, posted last...

'RHONY': Bethenny’s Drama Trumps Others

5/20/2015 8:37am EDT
There’s housewife drama, and then there’s Bethenny drama. Bethenny wins. We all know her story from her first go round on the show, then from her two spin-offs, and of course, from her talk show: no relationship with her horse trainer father; and being estranged from her mother, who had a number of men, one was a stepfather, John, who Bethenny remembers fondly albeit the fact that he used to physically abuse her mother. After twenty-five years she is going to reunite with him. But first, there’s a party to go to.

Ramona, or shall we call her She Of The Never-ending Birthday, is still celeb...

Bethenny Frankel Addresses Her Weight

4/7/2015 11:35am EDT
Bethenny Frankel Asks Everyone To Shut Up About Her Weight: 'I W
We get it- Bethenny Frankel is skinny. It's something that everybody (although especially Bethenny Frankel) tends to hear quite a bit online.

And when on the Today Show yesterday, Frankel finally commented on the endless flurry of isn't she too skinny? comments.

"People do comment a lot. Yeah, I am thin. I mean, I have a brand called Skinnygirl, so it's not a big giant mystery," Frankel admitted on the show. "You can't please everybody - you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody."

"Sometimes I do agree that I look too thin, especially when I'm tired, especially when I'm ha...

Bethenny Frankel Single Again Because Last Boyfriend Couldn't Handle Her Fame?

3/24/2015 2:14pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel Confirms Split From Boyfriend Michael Cerussi:
Bethenny Frankel is single again after splitting from businessman boyfriend Michael "Mac" Cerussi III.

"I wish that my dating life was as colorful and exciting as it's written about, but right now I'm kind of at a standstill," the Real Housewives of New York City star revealed on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live during an interview with host Andy Cohen.

The couple reportedly weren't that serious and split weeks ago, according to E! news, and the financier also wasn't very fond of being in the spotlight thanks to Bethenny's fame.

Related: Bethenny Frankel Shows Off Her Rockin' Bikini Bod I...

Bethenny Frankel Shows Off Her Toned Bikini Body In Miami

2/9/2015 9:30pm EST
Bethenny Frankel Shows Off Her Rockin' Bikini Bod In Miami Beach
Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel hit the beach in Miami over the weekend, showing off her amazeballs bod in a pair of bikinis.

The sexy Real Housewives of New York City star wore a pink two-piece as she took a dip in the ocean on Saturday (we're guessing the water was a little chilly, so those PG-13 pics are on the next page), and opted for a navy blue bikini while getting some sun on Sunday.

"Jumping into the ocean is a cold awesome dose of reality," she tweeted on Saturday.

Frankel, who started the Skinnygirl brand of cocktails in 2011 and later sold it off for $100 million, is now planning...

Do You Think Bethenny Frankel Is Too Thin? Frankel Responds To Critics

1/16/2015 1:30pm EST
Bethenny Frankel Responds To Rumors She's Too Thin
"Real Housewives of New York" star Bethenny Frankel has come under constant criticism for her thin frame over the past two years and she has finally reponded to the rumors that she is just too thin.

After photos surfaced of the reality star wearing a bikini fans immediately called Frankel "too skinny" or "unhealthy."

Frankel appeared on "Meredith Viera" and said that the constant chatter about her weight, or lack of it, doesn't bother her.

"Well, I was sick over the holidays," she shared with Meredith Vieira. "I don't know, do I look bad? Do I look like I need to eat a burger?"

"I don't...

These Stars Need To Stuff Themselves This Thanksgiving

11/27/2014 8:00am EST
Skinny Celebs Who Need To Gain A Few Pounds
We get it - thin is in. But there's a "thin" line when it comes to how skinny is too skinny. And some celebrities take it a little too far.

Nicole Richie, above, famously dropped quite a bit of weight after appearing on the reality show "The Simple Life" with BFF Paris Hilton in 2003. A mom of two, she has been able to maintain her slender frame for several years.

She showed up to the LACMA 2013 Art + Film Gala earlier this month in a see-through gown that showed off tiny legs and skinny neck. We think a few curves on her frame would look pretty good!

Check out some other stars who we b...

She's Back! Bethenny Frankel Is Returning To 'The Real Housewives Of New York City'

10/21/2014 5:13pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
It's official -- Bethenny Frankel is returning to "The Real Housewives of New York City" for the show's upcoming seventh season.

The chef-turned-reality star-turned-business mogul has come full-circle, and she confirmed the news with a post on her blog on Monday.

"Bravo and I have maintained an incredible partnership and relationship over the years, which is something I am very proud of and grateful for. It really is where it all began for me, and you can't forget where you came from," the 43-year-old wrote.

Frankel says that following the cancellation of her talk show, which lasted for ...

Bethenny Frankel Rocks A Blue Bikini In Miami, May Be Headed Back To 'Real Housewives'

10/11/2014 4:01pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel was spotted in Miami Friday afternoon, showing off her sexy curves in a light blue bikini. Although some of those curves are man-made, we still think she looks hot!

The reality star was also seen poolside in a black and white two-piece, but she left to change and then returned to her friends shortly after.

The business mogul, who raked it in after selling off her SkinnyGirl liquor company, may be heading back to The Real Housewives of New York City, according to recent reports. Further rumors say that Bethenny is in talks to return to the show, but she's set to can the de...

Judge Orders Bethenny Frankel To Stop Wearing Her Daughter's Pajamas

10/3/2014 4:10pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
The Manhattan Supreme Court judge overseeing Bethenny Frankel's divorce case has issued a stern warning to the former talk show host, ordering her not to wear her daughter's pajamas anymore.

Back in July, the Skinny Girl mogul shared a photo of herself wearing four-year-old daughter Bryn's Hello Kitty pajamas, and the photo instantly went viral.

"This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?" Frankel joked in her caption, but instead of finding it amusing, a lot of people blasted her for doing so.

"No more pajamas!" Judge Ellen Gesmer told...

Bethenny Frankel Dresses Up In Men's Clothes To Spite You All

7/16/2014 6:03pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has another outfit on Instagram for you, if you didn't like the photo she shared of her wearing her four-year-old's clothing.

Frankel courted controversy when she posed for a picture wearing her daughter’s pajamas. She captioned the photo with: "This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?"

One fan responded to the photo by writing, "This picture is so disturbing. It reminds me of the time my BFF [best friend forever] dressed up in a children's Halloween costume and less than 6 months later she was struggling for her life ...

Bethenny Frankel Poses In Controversial Photo Wearing 4-Year-Old Daughter's PJs

7/14/2014 9:00pm EDT
Bethenny Frankel Poses In Controversial Photo Wearing 4-Year-Old
Reality star Bethenny Frankel proved she's still a "Skinny Girl" after she posted a photo on Instagram wearing her four-year-old daughter Bryn's pajamas.

The former "Real Housewife Of New York" uploaded an image on Sunday in which she's wearing a Hello Kitty top, shorts, and matching slippers. She captioned it: "This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?"

Fans were both disgusted and supportive of the shot.

One wrote: "Trying to understand how a potential eating disorder, poor body image, and setting a poor example for your child equate...

The 15 Fittest Female Celebrites In Hollywood

4/10/2014 3:00am EDT
The 15 Fittest Female Celebrites In Hollywood
Pop star P!nk is known for showing off her fabulous figure while performing, which includes some incredible aerial stunts. The singer works hard to look so good and spends a couple hours each day on her fitness routine. She even tried the extremely difficult P90X routine.

She told Women's Health magazine in 2009, "My brother and his wife are both in the Air Force (and) they do marathons and triathlons. I went to visit (and) I couldn't keep up with her - and she'd just had her first baby four weeks before.

"I was like, 'This is bulls**t! I will perfect this thing.' So usually, I wake up an...

Bethenny Frankel Shows Off Her Killer Bikini Bod In A Tiny Two-Piece And Reveals New Man

1/2/2014 8:03pm EST
Bethenny Frankel Bikini
Bethenny Frankel was spotted with new beau Michael "Mac" Cerussi III in Miami Wednesday, sipping cocktails and ringing in the new year at the Mondrian hotel in South Beach.

The sexy 43-year-old TV hostess showed plenty of skin in a tiny two-piece -- so tiny that the top looked a bit too tight to contain everything.

"Finally a nice beach day in Miami," she Tweeted. "Jumping into the ocean to plunge info the new year."

Frankel and financier Cerussi, 34, spent New Year's Eve together, and sources tell In Touch Weekly magazine that they were spotted getting very close.

"Bethenny looked very...