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'Two And A Half Men' – Big Head Baby Boy Jake Joins The Army In Season Finale

5/15/2012 11:04am EDT
Two And A Half Men
Jake greets Alan with a “good morning,” although it’s two p.m. He says he slept in, but is surprised to hear its Sunday, since he can’t figure out what happened to Saturday. Alan’s concerned; Jake’s graduating from high school in a few days, and has no idea what he’ll do next. As he tells Jake that he’ll never amount to anything if he sleeps all day, a naked Walden wanders into the kitchen, having just wakened as well.

Jake and Eldridge sit on Jake’s bed in their graduation cap and gowns, eating pizza. Both can’t handle their parents nagging about the future. They’ve been told they must g...

'Two And A Half Men' Recap – A Straw In My Donut Hole

5/8/2012 10:00am EDT
Two And A Half Men
This must be a dream. Alan’s returned from hospital to find a ‘Welcome Home’ greeting from his friends and family at the Beach House. Surely, we’re looking at a Two and A Half Men apocalypse.

In the last episode, Alan reacted to Walden’s decision to have Zoey and Anna stay at the Beach House by having a minor heart attack. Walden felt so guilty that he paid for Alan’s hospital stay, and allowed him to live with him for as long as he needed.

This week, Walden is being very solicitous of Alan, carrying his bags, and worrying about Alan’s health. When they return home from Alan’s second tr...

'Two And A Half Men' Recap: Kathy Bates Nails It As Charlie's Ghost

5/1/2012 10:22am EDT
Two And A Half Men
Previously on Two and a Half Men, Zoey and daughter Ava moved in to the Beach House with Walden, while Alan stayed with Lyndsey. Neither man enjoyed their changed circumstances, and couldn’t wait for things to get back to ‘normal.’

As Walden wondered how to tell Zoey that he just couldn’t live with Ava’s energy level, Zoey told him that he had become Ava’s hero, and that he was all she talked about. So Zoey thinks that perhaps it would be a good idea for the two of them to move in permanently.

Alan knocks at the door. He’s back! With suitcase in hand, he’s ready to move back in, but is s...

'Two And A Half Men' Recap: How To Handle A Seven Year Old

4/17/2012 10:07am EDT
If Walden wants Zoey and her daughter Ava to move in with him, Alan will have to move out. Since its Spring Break, Walden has the perfect opportunity to propose that Alan stay with Lyndsey for a week, just for a trial period. If Zoey moves in, the situation could become permanent, says Walden, throwing Alan into a panic.

Berta’s not thrilled about having a child around the house either, and says she’ll just take the week off. Walden assures her that Zoey will take care of Ava; there will be no extra work for Berta to do. And Walden thinks that he’d better see what it’s like to live with A...

'Two And A Half Men' Recap – Golden Girls Gone Wild

4/10/2012 10:15am EDT
Two and a Half Men - Grandma's Pie
This week, the show picks up two story lines from the recent past – Walden’s on again/off again partnership with Billy Stanhope, and Alan and Lyndsey’s mothers getting together. But the real shocker is that Walden may actually be contemplating a change in the Beach House’s living arrangements; could Alan really, finally, have to grow up and move out? Hang on … in episode 13, back in January, Walden made a deal with Alan - Alan is now half owner of the Beach House, at least on paper. Alan doesn’t have any rights to sell the property, or to borrow against it, but he can tell women it’s his ho...

'Two And A Half Men' Recap - The War Against Gingivitis

2/28/2012 10:24am EST
Two And A Half Men Recap - The War Against Gingivitis
When Walden has a dental floss emergency, it turns out that Alan is ‘a soldier in the war against gingivitis,’ with pockets full of a tasty selection, including cinnamon.

Bridget video calls Walden to let him know that his ex-partner, Billy, called about a business proposition. Apparently the last venture that involved Walden and Billy ended so painfully that even the mention of Billy’s name causes Walden’s eyes to start twitching, and drives him to scream into the night.

In their last partnership, Walden sold their computer idea for billions. But Billy didn’t want to sell, so he posted a...

'Two And A Half Men' – Lyndsey Professes Love Then Gets Sick

2/21/2012 9:55am EST
Two And A Half Men - Not in my mouth
So let’s say you’re a TV writer, and you have completely run out of ideas for your character. Do you scour the Internet for new products, get out of your filthy apartment and see what normal people do, or even quit your job as the abject failure you are? Not if you write for Two and a Half Men, you don’t. You dig down deep in your psyche, and try to find an incident in your miserable past where you were so desperate to have sex with a woman that you would put up with literally anything she did, no matter how vile or disgusting. Like projectile vomiting. In your mouth. Don’t say I didn’t w...

'Two And A Half Men' Recap: Mary Poppins Enjoys A Brownie

2/7/2012 2:18pm EST
The Duchess of Dull-In Sack
It’s a single mother’s nightmare moment for Zoey when she wakes up next to Walden, just moments before daughter Ava rushes in for a morning cuddle. Zoey’s not yet ready for Ava and Walden to meet, so he hides until the coast is clear.

Back at the Beach House, Jake and Alan are sharing a leisurely breakfast. Jake wants to clarify that Alan is indeed again dating his friend Eldridge’s mom. Jake thinks that if Alan marries Lyndsey, he and Eldridge could switch places and fool people. Alan reminds Jake that that would only work if the two boys were twins, but the explanation whizzes over Jake’...

'Two And A Half Men' - Hipster Jesus To Chiseled Stud. Hold The Cranberry Juice

1/17/2012 11:59am EST
Two And A Half Men
As Walden and Zoey prepare for an evening out, he is surprised to find that Zoey is not a fan of his beard. He had assumed that she liked it as much as he did. But that’s not the case, and she’d like him to shave, and as soon as possible. She’s also not crazy about the ‘Jennifer Aniston’ hairdo.

In the living room, Alan isn’t having much luck creating an online dating profile. Walden invites him to join them for dinner.

At the restaurant, Zoey notices how food catches in Walden’s beard. Alan defends Walden’s rugged, sexy look. Zoey reiterates that women prefer men to be properly groomed. ...

'Two and a Half Men' - One False Move, Zimbabwe!

12/13/2011 11:07am EST
Two And A Half Men
Walden wakes up next to Zoe, with a smile. He retrieves a small, beribboned box from his bedside table, and tries to wake her , by shaking the box, shaking the bed, and finally by disappearing under the covers, which definitely brings her to life. Inside the box is a key to his house. Zoe says it is premature in their relationship. Seeing the time, she hops out of bed to go to pick up her daughter, and then her parents at the airport.

Walden asks why he can’t go with her to meet the parents. It’s Christmas, his mom is coming in as well, and he’d like them all to meet. Zoe feels that they a...

'Two And A Half Men' - A Fishbowl Full Of Glass Eyes

11/22/2011 10:59am EST
Two And A Half Men - A Fishbowl Full Of Glass Eyes
While Walden and the half man cruise the grocery aisles, Jake wonders how to get a share of Walden’s vast fortune, whether by inheritance or by working as Walden’s errand boy. Walden enjoys doing his own shopping, as he wouldn’t know what to put on his grocery list if he didn’t know what was available. Their chat is interrupted when a gorgeous British woman named Zoe asks Walden a question. Walden asks her for a date after being prompted by Jake.

Back at the Beach house, Alan is poring over his bills and credit cards, hoping to balance his budget by paying the Visa with the AmEx, the AmEx...

Two And A Half Men – Alan’s Not So Wonderful Life

11/15/2011 11:28am EST
Two And A Half Men
It’s 28 days after Alan’s break from reality, and he is ready to leave the hospital, a new man. Well, actually, an old man – he’s lost his ‘Charlie’ persona and is back to being good old Alan, the leech. His nurse is less than supportive – there have been bets on when he’d be toilet trained, and another that says he’ll be back before Christmas. Is Alan ready to step back into the world, even with medication and the new tools he has learned for coping?

First things first – a warm goodbye from his loony bin roommate, Gary Busey. “"Hope you weren't planning on leaving before you gave your ol...

'Two And A Half Men' – Alan Totally Loses It But 'Thanks You For The Intercourse'

11/8/2011 11:20am EST
Thank You For The Intercourse
You know how sometimes, you’re so looking forward to watching a TV show, and you almost feel sick with excitement, ‘cause you’re so hyped to see what they’ll do, so you have to lie down and deep breathe until you’ve calmed down a bit? Yeah, that didn’t happen to me at all last night.

The show opened with Walden getting jazzed over finding a box of ‘Maple Loops’ in the cupboard for breakfast. He broke into the jingle for the cereal, while Alan looked sadly into space. Turns out, Charlie wrote that jingle, as well as many others, all of which Walden knows and sings. Walden’s impressed, and ...

'Two And A Half Men' - Season 9 Episode 7 - Those Fancy Japanese Toilets

11/1/2011 9:16am EDT
Two And A Half Men
Alan’s mother Evelyn applauds his tenacity in remaining ensconced at the beach house. He’s like a human barnacle, she says. But it’s good that he has a skill. She’s come by to tell Alan that Charlie had a secret bank deposit box, and inside the box was Charlie’s journal. She claims that was all that was in the box, but she’s sporting a man’s Cartier watch. She thinks Charlie would have wanted Alan to have the journal. Mother and son almost have a touching moment.

Mom Evelyn spots Walden on the deck. He’s just returned from surfing, and waxes poetical about the wonders of the ocean – and th...

'Two And A Half Men' Keeps Getting Worse – 'Cinnamon's Buns And Master Baking' Recap

10/18/2011 10:25am EDT
Dang! It just keeps getting worse! Just when you thought Two and A Half Men had reached the nadir, it plummets even further. This episode pulled out all the lowest stops – we now know that Alan and Charlie were truly brothers, because Alan’s past behavior is pretty darn bad as well.

When Lyndsay turns down Alan’s request for ‘after expensive dinner’ sex, he takes his Viagra enhanced sex drive downstairs, opts for some porn channel surfing, and discovers that Lyndsay did a little acting in her youth. He’s both turned on and turned off, and is cool to her the next morning.

When he confronts...

'Two And A Half Men' - Season 9 Episode 4 - 'Nine Magic Fingers'

10/11/2011 2:45pm EDT
Two And A Half Men
This week on 'Two and A Half Men': Berta has a new lease on life, enjoying the beach house, and the Malibu sands. She’s even having a morning run – with or without Walden. Alan is in a good mood, because he’s going to have a second chance with old girlfriend, Lyndsey. Walden, however, can’t get over Bridget, and is dealing with his loneliness by ‘curling up in a ball.”

After a nice dinner with Lyndsey, Alan brings her home, to find Walden in a deep funk. Berta’s got her own date – she’s upstairs with Big Daddy, beer, a bucket of chicken and Big Daddy’s ‘nine magic fingers.’ Walden, skypi...

'Two And A Half Men' - Big Girls Don’t Throw Food: Is The 'No Charlie' Series Catching On Yet?

10/4/2011 11:40am EDT
Two and a Half Men
With Alan now safely back at the Beach House, and Jake arriving for his weekend with Dad, Two and A Half Men are … two and a half men again. Alan, worrying about his status as a ‘guest’ in the house, asks for permission for Jake to sleep over, despite the fact that Walden finds Jake peeing into a potted plant. Walden’s in a good mood, as he’s just received an email from ex, Bridget, inviting him to dinner.

The first stumbling block to Walden rekindling his romance with Bridget occurs when she expects him to pick the place where they will have dinner. Since she’s always picked the restauran...

'Two And A Half Men' - Life Without Charlie Episode 2 - 'People Who Love Peepholes'

9/27/2011 9:18am EDT
Two And A Half Men
The merriment continues with part two of the season’s premiere of Two and a Half Men. Now firmly ensconced in Charlie’s place, Walden continues to charm any woman in his vicinity, including Berta, who has developed an unnatural lust for the boy. The depth of Walden’s naiveté/stupidity is being revealed as he grapples with the bare necessities in life. Unable to cope even with his personal hygiene needs, he’s on the phone non-stop with ex-wife, Bridget, who is understandably annoyed at the constant requests.

It really begs the question: just how charming is a grown man who uses baby shampo...