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Ali Fedotowsky Ready To Get Pregnant!

9/24/2015 4:43pm EDT
Ali Fedotowsky
Ali Fedotowsky may not have found love on The Bachelorette, but she is learning that she doesn’t need a reality show to find love. Ali got engaged to Roberto on the show, but the two split because they clearly wanted different things. Ali moved away and started a career in front of the cameras, working as a host with E! News. And she found love again with Kevin Manno. They got engaged earlier this summer, and it sounds like Ali wants to get married sooner rather than later so she can get pregnant.

According to a new report, Ali Fedotowsky is now revealing that she would love to get married...

Ali Fedotowsky Is Engaged!

9/3/2015 9:24pm EDT
Ali Fedotowsky Is Engaged! Former 'Bachelorette' Set To Wed Kevi
Ali Fedotowsky is engaged! The former Bachelorette has found love again, and is ready to wed her beau, Kevin Manno. According to Us Weekly, Ali took to social media to share the exciting news.

"So excited to share that Kevin asked me to be his wife and I said YES!!! No actually, I screamed yes. Ha! He proposed yesterday and we had the most beautiful, magical day with our closest friends and can't wait to celebrate with family back home. Love, the future Mrs. Manno," she wrote. Ali posted the photo below along with the message.

A photo posted by Ali Fedotowsky (@alifedotowsky) on Sep 3, ...

Is Ben Higgins Already Boring America? Former 'Bachelorette' Speaks Out!

7/17/2015 1:09pm EDT
Ali Fedotowsky
It is rumored that Ben Higgins will most likely be The Bachelor for the upcoming season, as his heart was completely broken by Kaitlyn Bristowe on this week’s episode. Ben had truly hoped that he would be one of the final two, but Kaitlyn felt more of a connection with Nick Viall and Shawn Booth. And while there are many rumors in regards to Higgins being the next Bachelor, some people are worried he could be boring to watch.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowky feels that Ben Higgins could be boring to watch, even though she adores him as a p...

Which Former 'Bachelorette' Just Quit Her Job?

6/16/2015 7:35pm EDT
Ali Fedotowsky
Ali Fedotowsky is saying goodbye to E! News. According to Us Weekly, the former "Bachelorette" turned news correspondent will be giving up her post on the entertainment channel. “Ali is not going to be returning to E! News in the fall,” Fedotowsky's representative said to Us Weekly. “It was a mutual decision.”

After her stint on "The Bachelorette," Fedotowsky made a few appearances on E! News, as a guest co-host and correspondent. In August of 2013, she joined the network full-time, hosting "Live From E!," covering events from the red carpet and doing plenty of heavy lifting on the program...

Rob Kardashian And Joe Jonas To Judge Miss USA Pageant

5/25/2012 12:44pm EDT
Joe Jonas
Rob Kardashian and Joe Jonas are among the celebrity judges that will decide who will be Miss USA for the 61st pageant on June 3.

Donald Trump has also chosen Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and Fashion Police host George Kotsiopoulos to be on the panel to judge the contestants on swimsuit, evening gown, and interview categories. The winner of Miss USA goes on to represent the country in the Miss Universe competition.

Reality stars Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic will host the competition in Las Vegas.

Black & White Dress Battle: Michelle Williams Vs. Ali Fedotowsky

2/25/2012 8:00am EST
Michelle Williams & Ali Fedotowsky
Oscar nominee Michelle Williams and "Bachelorette" star Ali Fedotowsky wore nearly identical dresses earlier this week; fortunately the ladies avoided any awkwardness by attending different events.

"My Week With Marilyn" star Michelle wore her version to the "Oscar Wilde: Honoring The Irish In Film" pre-Academy Awards event on Thursday. She paired the dress with black pumps and a matching Nancy Gonzalez crocodile box clutch.

Ali attended the QVC Buzz on the Red Carpet Oscar Party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. She jazzed up her ensemble with strappy orange shoes and a yellow cl...

OK! Magazine's Pre Grammy Party Highlights

2/13/2012 10:24am EST
Melissa Rycroft and husband, Tye Strickland
Flo Rida hosted OK! Magazine's Pre Grammy party Friday night at Tru Hollywood nightclub and the reality television stars dominated the red carpet. The Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky (who was recently seen looking chummy with the new Bachelorette, Emily Maynard, seemed a bit shy and was in no mood to answer any questions. Perhaps she is still tight lipped about her breakup with Roberto Martinez, who apparently has a new squeeze in his life. Former contestant on The Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft, and her husband Tye Strickland left their one year old baby girl, Ava at home while they partied the n...

'Bachelorette' Break-up: Why Ali Fedotowsky Left Roberto Martinez

12/4/2011 9:00am EST
Ali Fedotowsky PEOPLE
After an 18-month engagement filled with fighting over everything from their wedding date to their weekend plans, former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky reveals exclusively to through (many) tears in her first interview since the split, just days after moving out of their San Diego apartment. "We definitely had been having problems. But I had always believed that we could work it out." For his part, Roberto, 28, "kept believing and hoping that they'd find a way," says a source. "He's still in shock that it's really over."

To fans of the show, the bubbly, athletic blonde and her tall, dark and...

Another 'Bachelorette' Break Up: Ali Fedotowski And Roberto Martinez Split

11/22/2011 2:00pm EST
Ali Fedotowski and Roberto Martinez
Survivor can continue to boast that it has created more successful couples than The Bachelor series: Bachelorette couple Ali Fedotowski and Roberto Martinez have split following their reality engagement in 2010.

Representatives for the ex-couple told People that the wedding was off. Last month the magazine was told that the wedding was on hold, as they were having difficulty planning TV nuptials.

Only Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, the couple from the first Bachelorette season, are still married out of all of the other couples from both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

'Bachelor' Recap: Wife Material

3/1/2011 1:08pm EST
Last week’s hometown visits helped “The Bachelor” eliminate professional embalmer and future head of the funeral home, Shawntel N. Did anyone ever doubt that Brad would follow in the footsteps of previous “Bachelor (ette) s” (Jason Meznick and Ali Fedotowsky) who quickly ended their relationship with a contestant whose hometown visit included a brush with death (pet cemetery and taxidermy)? Cool as Shawntel was, she wasn’t making it out of the subsequent rose ceremony alive.

This week was a bit trickier to determine. We’ve seen Brad have his ups and downs with all three potential brides-t...

Celeb Be-Gone! Stars We'd Like To See Fade Away In 2011

1/18/2011 10:00am EST
We’re not sure why or how certain reality stars extend their fifteen minutes of fame into an entire year, but sometimes it happens as much as we’d like to see the disappear. Then there are those actresses whose careers keep falling and falling as we try to save them and give them chance after chance for redemption but alas we must let them fade away as well. Not everyone has that lasting star power that puts the sparkle in Natalie Portman’s eyes, carries Johnny Depp on a pedestal or dots the “I”’s in Will Smith’s name. Here are a few celebs we think will lose their luster this year.

The ...

'Bachelor' Recap: Send In The Clowns

1/11/2011 2:13pm EST
THE BACHELOR Episode 1502
We knew Brad’s second outing as ‘The Bachelor’ was bound to become a freak show eventually, but we didn’t think it would happen this quickly – or literally. Right after move-in, Ashley the dentist scores the very first one-on-one date with Brad, and it’s (ta da!) a private carnival, complete with tents that advertise attractions like MIDGET HORSES and DADDY ISSUES.

Since he’s a changed man, the bachelor jumps right into tent #2 for some serious talk about commitment, abandonment, fear, and redemption. The date would be a total downer if not for the teddy bears, ferris wheels and wine. Lu...

'The Bachelor' Recap: Brad Is Back

1/4/2011 1:42pm EST
The Bachelor 1501
“The Bachelor” had plenty of cringe-worthy moments in 2010. There was the dude who wanted to “guard and protect” Ali’s heart so much, he ran out and got a tattoo. Then, we were treated to the ewww-fest/spin-off known as “Bachelor Pad,” a gruesome display if ever there was one. Still, it’s a new year and the franchise seems to be courting a new low, trotting out a commitment-phobic former “Bachelor” whose introduction includes references to intense therapy and panic attacks. Here’s hoping the 21st season will be the next ‘Most Dramatic Season Yet!’

So without further ado…. Once again, it’s...

'Bachelor Pad' Recap: The Most Dramatic Guilty Pleasure Ever

8/11/2010 9:42am EDT
Bachelor Pad
After 20 seasons, “The Bachelor” franchise decided to do away with the flimsy pretense that it has anything to do with love, marriage, or common decency. What we’re left with is “Bachelor Pad,” a tasteless and classless version of a show that was never particularly tasteful or classy to begin with --in other words, a ‘Jersey Shore’-caliber guilty pleasure.

An extended opening montage features a lot of horribly annoying people being horribly annoying, and the guilty part of guilty pleasure kicks in. I recognize all of these horrible people. I hate all of them. I hate myself for knowing ...

'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky And Roberto Martinez Planning Summer Wedding (Video)

8/5/2010 1:27pm EDT
Ali and Roberto Bachelorette
Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and the man she picked, Roberto Martinez, are excited to tie the knot. But they are still going to take things slow and are planning to have their wedding in 2011.

She told Hollyscoop, "Maybe next summer. That would be exciting, we have so much to do and figure out."

Apparently Roberto is starting an insurance agency, and Ali says "That is going to take a lot of time, dedication and effort. We have a lot going on." The company is planned to start up in San Diego. "We wanted to be somewhat near LA I guess, we know we will be up here a lot but wanted to be remove...

Ali Fedotowsky Was Thinking With Her Hooha; Chris Can Expect Lots Of Lovin' Coming His Way

8/5/2010 7:06am EDT
The Bachelorette
An open letter to Chris (the bachelor not the host) from this season's "The Bachelorette":

Dear Chris,

I'm sorry Ali didn't pick you. It looks like it's a case of a woman thinking with her hoo-ha because Roberto is better looking and maybe better in the sack. However, it could also be a case of meeting two great guys at once, wanting desperately to feel something more for the one that you hit it off with more in terms of laughing and spending time together, but that spark just isn't there. In any case, one thing is for sure: this is a case of it's none of my flipping business, and who ...

In Case You Missed It: Watch 'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky Pick Roberto!

8/3/2010 1:55pm EDT
Bachelorette Ali and Roberto
Ali Fedotowsky picked her man last night, and she certainly did it her own way. For the first time in Bachelorette history, there was only one man left standing for the final selection. Ali took the other contestant Chris aside and told him that she was "in love with someone else."

That someone else was Roberto, and she told him that he was the only man for the final ceremony. Roberto then dropped to one knee and proposed. The two showed up on talk shows and after the finale, confirming that they were still together - quite a feat, considering that the previous four Bachelorettes are no...

'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky Steps Out With Fiance Roberto Martinez

8/3/2010 8:40am EDT
Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez
Ali Fedotowsky is no longer "The Bachelorette." We spotted her out in Hollywood last night with her new fiance, Roberto.

Ali, 25, became engaged to insurance agent Roberto Martinez, 26, after accepting his proposal at the end of the hit series.

On the series finale, which aired last night, Ali explained, "I’m 100 percent certain with all of my heart that Roberto is the man for me. I can only hope that he feels the same way."

Fortunately, her love was reciprocated.

Roberto said, "You told me how important it was for your husband to love you unconditionally and to always be by your side n...

Why 'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky Broke The Rules - In This Week's People

7/29/2010 6:40pm EDT
People Ali Fedotowsky
Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky opens up to PEOPLE about choosing between two men and risking everything for love. With the season finale of the hit reality show set to air on August 2nd, millions of viewers are wondering if the 25-year-old former Facebook employee picked down-to-earth landscaper Chris Lambton, 33, or sexy insurance salesman Roberto Martinez, 26 - or if, as some rumors have suggested, she simply walked away solo. Ali had been doing a good job of keeping the answers to herself - until, finally, she cracked.

"It was seriously killing me inside!" Ali tells PEOPLE, confessing th...

'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky Shows Off Her Banging Bikini Body (Video)

7/21/2010 3:30pm EDT
Ali Fedotowsky
Ali Fedotowsky shows off her banging bikini body after her weight fluctuated while filming "The Bachelorette." The reality star packed on 10 pounds.

She told OK magazine, "I was always hungry. I didn't think much of it, but everyone noticed."

How did she get back into shape again? She went on a low-calorie, high protein diet and started running every day. Weeks later she dropped some of the weight and is now showing the results!

If only it was that easy for the rest of us!

'Bachelorette' Recap: If His Dad's Into Taxidermy... That's A Dealbreaker!

7/13/2010 1:36pm EDT
The Bachelorette is back in the USA and down to the final four. This week, she goes home with the guys and meets all her potential in-laws. First up… Roberto.

What a Feeling

Ali is really into Roberto. Like REALLY into Roberto. No one else elicits more high-pitched squeals and giggle fits than Roberto does on an average day, and the frequency is only amplified on the oh-so-important-in-Bachelor-land hometown date. If you tend to find Ali’s symphony of sound effects grating, turn the volume down as soon as you see a baseball uniform. There is NOTHING Ali loves more than a guy in a basebal...

Celebrity Summer Cocktails

7/4/2010 10:30am EDT
Everything is better in the summer with a cool, refreshing alcoholic beverage in hand, right? Beach barbecues, baseball games, picnics or fireworks on the Fourth of July. Everyone has their favorite summer cocktail, whether it is a refreshing Mojito while lunching al fresco with the girls in Malibu, an early morning mimosa at a quaint bed and breakfast on the Cape, or a gin on the rocks nightcap while watching a thunderstorm with the guys. Here is a list of a few celebrity inspired cocktails that we think the hottest celebs should be enjoying this summer.

Angelina Jolie - The hot action s...

Jennifer Love Hewitt & 'Bachelorette' Star Ali Fedotowsky Look Wasted

6/27/2010 11:05am EDT
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Single ladies Jennifer Love Hewitt and 'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky bumped into each other after leaving a bingo night at Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood earlier this week.

Ali was having a particularly good evening out with the girls. She won the bingo, ran into Love Hewitt and even managed to get a red rose from a fan as she walked back to her car.

People magazine recently celebrated the "50 Most Amazing Bodies" with Zac Efron and J. Love leading the pack. "Ghost Whisperer" star Hewitt, 31, showed off her amazing bikini body in exclusive photos.

When asked if she ever contemplated ...