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Farrah Fawcett's Son Wanted By Police?

5/18/2015 3:55pm EDT
Arrest Warrant Issued for Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal's Son
Redmond O'Neal, the often troubled son of Ryan O'Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett, finds himself on the wrong side of the law again.

O'Neal had his probation revoked by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith L. Schwartz and a bench warrant issued for his arrest last month after a probation violation was reported by O'Neal's probation officer.

People obtained the court documents that showed that Redmond did not obey all of the requirements of the probation, including using drugs and not maintaining his doctor appointments.

The development is a setback for O'Neal, who many had thought was ...

20 Incredible David Letterman Moments That Kept Us Watching

4/28/2014 6:00pm EDT
20 Incredible David Letterman Moments That Kept Us Watching
The landscape of late night TV has changed dramatically over the last year. Jay Leno retired, for good this time, and was replaced by Jimmy Fallon. Seth Meyers was brought in from SNL to take Fallon's old slot. And then just when everyone thought things were settling down... the best late night talk show host since Johnny Carson dropped a bomb.

David Letterman's announcement that he will retire in 2015, followed by the quick naming of Stephen Colbert as his replacement by CBS sent shockwaves through the industry. Jay Leno may have been ahead in the ratings when he left but ask most comedy ...

Ryan O'Neal To Keep Andy Warhol Painting Of Late Partner Farrah Fawcett

12/20/2013 12:59am EST
Ryan O'Neal
Actor Ryan O'Neal will be allowed to keep a portrait of late actress and longtime girlfriend Farrah Fawcett that was painted by Andy Warhol.

O'Neal had been fighting a claim from the University of Texas over who held the rightful ownership of the silkscreened print, as Fawcett had left her art collection to the school in her will.

The actor had taken the painting from Fawcett's home after she died in 2009 on the grounds that Warhol personally gave it to him.

The painting is highly coveted by the actor, who claims he talks to it an feels the presence of Fawcett, who he had long-term relat...

Jaclyn Smith Supports Ryan O'Neal In Farrah Fawcett Portrait Trial

12/18/2013 1:10pm EST
Jaclyn Smith
Jaclyn Smith has delved into the argument over the ownership of a portrait of her former Charlie's Angels co-star Farrah Fawcett.

Fawcett's former boyfriend Ryan O'Neal is entangled in a legal battle with the University of Texas over the ownership of an Andy Warhol silkscreen image of the actress, with university bosses insisting she left the artwork to them following her death.

Smith attended court in Los Angeles to hear the closing statements in the civil trial and insisted her former co-star would want the portrait to stay with O'Neal as he was the love of Fawcett's life.

She said,...

Blu-ray Review: 'Saturn 3'

12/4/2013 12:00pm EST
Saturn 3
Ready to go toe to toe with a headless robot and an odd voiced Harvey Keitel?  Then follow us as we check out the new to Blu-ray sci-fi flick "Saturn 3" out now from Shout! Factory’s genre division Scream Factory.  The thrills and metallic chills get reviewed below!



   Title: "Saturn 3"

   Grade: 3

   Cast: Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett, Harvey Keitel

   Director: Stanley Donen

   Rating: R

   Runtime: 88 minutes

   Release Company: Shout! Factory Home Entertainment



The Flick: There’s both good and bad in this 1980 sci-fi flick.  O...

Ryan O'Neal Says Andy Warhol Painting Of Farrah Portrait Is Legally His

12/3/2013 10:26pm EST
Ryan O'Neal
Ryan O'Neal claimed in court on Monday that an Andy Warhol portrait that he took from late girlfriend Farrah Fawcett's home following her death in 2009 is legally his.

"I'm going to give it to her son. Our son," the actor told the court.

O'Neal is fighting to keep the painting of Fawcett, while officials at the actress's alma mater the University of Texas at Austin insist she left the silkscreen to them in a living trust, along with the rest of her art collection.

The university already owns the painting's twin, and the portrait could be worth as much as $30 million.

The art trial conti...

Jenny McCarthy Joins Elite Club Of 40 And Over Celebrities To Pose Nude For Playboy

5/19/2012 11:30am EDT
Jenny McCarthy
By the age of 28 if you haven't been asked to pose nude for Playboy, chances are you won't. Just a few days ago it was just announced that Jenny McCarthy will be baring it all again for Playboy. It's been some 20 years since her last appearance in the magazine, where she was its 1993 Playmate of the year. She'll be appearing in the July 2012 issue of the magazine to celebrate her 40th birthday.

We did a little research, and while some 40 year olds and over have appeared on covers, there are very few women that have barred it all on the inside of the publication. The oldest women ever to po...

Ryan O'Neal Has Three Cancers & Doesn't Care If He Lives Or Dies

5/2/2012 10:10am EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Ryan O'Neal just revealed he's battling three different cancers and he's ready to die if that's his destiny.

The star has delayed vital treatment on his stage two prostate cancer so he can promote his new memoir about his life with late girlfriend Farrah Fawcett - and he accepts the decision could be deadly.

In a candid interview with news show "Access Hollywood" on Tuesday, O'Neal said, "The book cried out to be sold and so I decided to do that first and then I'll address my cancers...I feel fine."

Asked by host Billy Bush if he cares whether he lives or dies, O'Neal stated, "I don't, f...

Ryan O'Neal Postpones Cancer Treatment Until After His Book Tour

5/1/2012 3:31pm EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Embattled actor Ryan O'Neal has delayed plans to undergo cancer treatment until after he has completed a promotional tour for his new memoir.

The Love Story star revealed he had been diagnosed with stage two prostate cancer last month, but assured fans he would bounce back from the health crisis as the disease had been "detected early" and the prognosis was "positive for a full recovery."

He was due to appear on Today on Monday to advertise his new tell-all tome about his longtime love affair with Farrah Fawcett, Both Of Us: My Life With Farrah, but O'Neal had to pull out at the last mi...

Ryan O'Neal Cancels 'The Today Show' Appearance, Causes Concern

4/30/2012 9:40pm EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Ryan O'Neal who was set to appear on 'The Today' show Monday morning but fell sick and was forced to cancel last minute. This raised fears about the actor's health, due to his recent diagnoses of stage-two prostate cancer as well as being treated for skin cancer.

O'Neal assures fans he is doing fine and that his recent skin cancer treatment was a success. "They did this treatment. And it's 22 stitches later," he told USA Today, "they keep scraping until they don't see any more bad cells. One down, two to go."

Leaving one final message O'Neal stated, "I'm not defeated," and will begin tre...

Ryan O'Neal: 'Farrah Fawcett Died In My Arms'

4/30/2012 10:48am EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Actor Ryan O'Neal has told how he cradled his dying lover Farrah Fawcett for hours on her deathbed before she finally succumbed to cancer.

The Charlie's Angels star was struck down with anal cancer in 2006 and O'Neal was a constant presence at her side as her condition deteriorated.

The Love Story star, who is fighting stage two prostate cancer, detailed his heartbreak over Fawcett's failing health in his diaries, which have been made into a new book, Both Of Us: My Life With Farrah, and serialised in Britain's Mail on Sunday.

In the tome, O'Neal tells how he planned to marry Fawcett in ...

Madonna, Lady Gaga & Michael Jackson Make Fashion Icon List

4/4/2012 9:15am EDT
Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and The Beatles have been named among the "All-Time 100 Fashion Icons" by Time magazine editors.

The extensive list features the "most influential fashion icons since 1923", the year the publication was born, and is split into six categories - Designers & Brands, Models, Muses, Photographers, Editors & Stylists and Style & Design.

The artists have all made the list as Muses, alongside rocker David Bowie, actors James Dean, Brigitte Bardot, Farrah Fawcett, Audrey Hepburn, late British royal Diana, Princess of Wales and U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama.


Fall TV Progress Report: Grading 10 New And Returning Shows

10/14/2011 1:00pm EDT
dennings, behrs
Fall is one of my favorite times of year, and it’s not because of everything from, lattes to cakes, is pumpkin-flavored and stores are stuffed with caramel apples. It’s because there is a fresh, shiny crop of new and returning shows to devour. Most shows are at least three episodes in, so it’s time to grade 10 new and returning shows to gauge their progress in this burgeoning season.


“2 Broke Girls” CBS Mondays 8:30 P.M. EST

“2 Broke Girls” is a snappy, odd couple sitcom about Max (“Thor’s” Kat Dennings), an uber-sarcastic and cynical waitress who takes in Caroline (Bet...

Farrah Fawcett Foundation Investigated For Fraud

9/26/2011 8:32am EDT
Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett's cancer research foundation is under investigation for fraud, according to a report.

Officials at the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, established after the actress' death in 2009, have been asked to turn over financial records as part of the investigation for potential mismanagement of funds, diversion of assets, and fraud, according to ABC News.

Authorities at the California Attorney General's Office of Charitable Trust have reportedly been interviewing the former "Charlie's Angels" star's business associates and beneficiaries since July.

Fawcett's pal Alana Stewart, presiden...

Ryan O'Neal's Son Redmond Faces Jail Time For Using Meth

9/16/2011 10:06am EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett's troubled son faces another stint behind bars after he was caught using methamphetamine at a live-in drug rehabilitation facility.

O'Neal avoided jail time last month after he pleaded no contest to two felony counts, including heroin and firearms possession - because the judge sentencing him felt he'd be better served in rehab.

He was also placed on five years' probation but warned he faced a three-year state prison sentence if he violated the court's terms.

On Thursday, his probation was revoked and Redmond has been taken into custody after confessing to ...

Ryan O'Neal Upset With Oprah For Not Helping His Reality Show

9/14/2011 7:31pm EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Ryan O'Neal has blasted TV titan Oprah Winfrey for not getting more involved in the reality show aimed at bringing himself and estranged daughter Tatum closer together.

The actor has revealed Ryan & Tatum: The O'Neals, which aired on Oprah's OWN network, didn't end well for father and daughter and they haven't spoken for two months - since filming wrapped - but he insists it could have been a lot different if Winfrey had been a part of the series.

He tells Access Hollywood Live, "We never saw her, never spoke to her, not a note, not a line, not a word... I don't think she was even in Los ...

Redmond O'Neal Charged With 2 Felonies

8/5/2011 8:59am EDT
Ryan ONeal
Ryan O'Neal's son Redmond has been charged with two felonies following his arrest for drug possession on Tuesday.

The troubled 26 year old was pulled over by cops in Santa Monica after he ran through a red light. The authorities discovered heroin and a loaded handgun in the vehicle during a routine search.

O'Neal, the actor's son with the late Farrah Fawcett, was charged on Thursday with felony heroin possession and illegally possessing a firearm.

Redmond was jailed without bail after his arrest. He will remain in custody until a hearing on August 24. O'Neal has a string of previous drug...

Ryan O'Neal's Son Redmond Arrested For Heroin Possession

8/2/2011 8:30pm EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett's troubled son Redmond has been arrested on suspicion of drug possession and violating probation after a police officer allegedly found heroin in his car.

The 26 year old's vehicle was pulled over by a Santa Monica cop early on Tuesday when O'Neal ran a red light.

Heroin was reportedly found during a routine search of the car.

As WENN went to press, the troubled Hollywood offspring was being held without bail, pending a court appearance.

O'Neal has battled drug addiction since his teens and has been in and out of jail and rehab clinics numerous times f...

Farrah Fawcett Barbie Doll To Raise Funds For Cancer Charity

7/30/2011 9:52pm EDT
Farrah Fawcett
A Barbie doll bearing the likeness of late actress Farrah Fawcett has been created to raise funds for the star's cancer research foundation.

The Charlie's Angels icon set up her own charity organization, the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, several years before she lost her battle with cancer in 2009 at the age of 62..

And now the actress' best pal Alana Stewart, who is president of the firm, has signed a deal with doll makers Mattel to create a figure based on Fawcett's most iconic 1976 poster, in which she is seen wearing a sexy red swimsuit.

Stewart says she always asks herself, "What wo...

Kourtney Kardashian Channels The 1970s In A Yellow Jumpsuit

7/12/2011 11:00am EDT
Kourtney Kardashian
We spotted Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick out and about in Manhattan yesterday. The reality star wore a yellow jumpsuit accented with silver trimmings.

Somehow we think Farrah Fawcett could have pulled this off better in the 1970s. What do you think?

Kourtney and her sisters are currently starring in season six of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

Ryan O'Neal Sued Over Warhol's Farrah Fawcett Portrait

7/11/2011 9:47am EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Ryan O'Neal is facing legal action over an Andy Warhol portrait of his late partner Farrah Fawcett.

Lawyers for the University of Texas have filed papers asking a judge to order the Love Story star to hand over the painting, which is worth an estimated $30 million. Fawcett is said to have left her entire art collection to her alma mater, which she attended in the 1960s.

However, a spokesperson for O'Neal has dismissed the lawsuit as "completely ridiculous," alleging the piece is one of two that Warhol produced of the Charlie's Angels beauty in 1979.

The rep says, "Ryan O'Neal's friend...

LA Medical Center To Pay $860,000 Over Celebrity Snooping Scandal

7/9/2011 12:00pm EDT
Britney Spears
Bosses at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles have agreed to pay over $860,000 as part of a settlement with federal regulators over a celebrity snooping scandal.

UCLA Health System officials have accepted hospital employees broke the law and reviewed the medical records of two celebrity patients without authorisation.

The identities of the stars have not been revealed but the complaints cover a period between 2005 and 2009, when hospital employees were repeatedly caught and fired for rifling through the medical files of celebrities like Britney Spears and the late Farrah Fawcett.


Missing Andy Warhol Painting Of Farrah Fawcett Found In Ryan O'Neal's Home

6/23/2011 11:47pm EDT
Ryan O'Neal
A missing Andy Warhol portrait of late actress Farrah Fawcett has been found hanging above longtime partner Ryan O'Neal's bed.

When the Charlie's Angels star passed away in 2009, Fawcett specifically outlined in her will that any and all her artwork be left to her alma mater, the University of Texas.

When school officials realized her iconic Warhol painting was not among the works that showed up, they hired a private investigator to find the missing piece.

The mystery was solved when reality TV series Ryan & Tatum: The O'Neals debuted over the weekend - a quick camera pan of Ryan's room ...

Ryan O'Neal Blames Tatum For Causing Farrah Fawcett's Cancer

6/21/2011 8:30am EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Ryan O'Neal has put his reconciliation with estranged daughter Tatum at risk after blaming her for his longtime partner Farrah Fawcett's death in a new TV interview.

O'Neal tells British newsman Piers Morgan he thinks the actress, who lost her battle with cancer two years ago, would still be alive if it wasn't for his family's long-standing feuds.

Appearing in a pre-taped episode of Piers Morgan Tonight, which aired on Monday night on CNN, O'Neal said, "I just think that if she had never met us, would she still be alive today... because nobody knows what causes cancer, do they really? The...

New Photos Of 'Charlie's Angels' Filming In Miami - Can They Compete With The Original Cast?

3/15/2011 1:00pm EDT
Charlies Angels
We spotted the new "Charlie's Angles," Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh, filming in Miami for the upcoming remake of the popular 1970s TV series.

At one point, the actresses dove off the back of a boat into the ocean. During a break, Rachael walked with a large black umbrella while Minka and Annie laughed together while playing with Minka's dog Chewy.

Ramon Rodriguez has confirmed he'll be portraying Bosley in the upcoming TV revamp.

The original show starred Jaclyn Smith, Cherly Ladd, Kate Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. Can the new cast compete with the iconic stars of the pa...

2010 Year In Entertainment Review: January

1/1/2011 9:08am EST
Josh Duhamel
2010 was an incredible year in the world of showbiz, with the usual headline-grabbing antics, scandal, sleaze, celebrity births, star weddings, and bitter break-ups.

Here, WENN takes a look back at 2010...


Matthew McConaughey became the first new celebrity dad of 2010 when he and Camila Alves welcomed baby Vida into the world, but they weren't the only couple celebrating births. Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell experienced the joys of fatherhood all over again, while supermodel Claudia Schiffer and actress Monica Bellucci were bursting with excitement after announcing their pregnan...

Kate Jackson Settles Her 'Financial Ruin' Lawsuit

12/20/2010 8:28am EST
Kate Jackson
Charlie's Angels star Kate Jackson has settled a $3 million lawsuit with her late pal Farrah Fawcett's former business manager, after accusing the aide of leaving her in "financial ruin".

The actress claimed Richard B. Francis used her "extremely close relationship" with Fawcett to land her as a client, but let her down on a series of key issues.

Jackson alleged Francis made incorrect estimates about the size of her fortune, claiming she was worth $5.4 million when the actual figure was closer to $3 million and also claimed he urged her to buy an over-priced house in California which sh...

Kelly Brook To Star In 'Charlie's Angels' Remake?

11/22/2010 10:30am EST
Kelly Brook
British model/actress Kelly Brook has reportedly been lined up to star in a TV remake of "Charlie's Angels."

Plans are afoot to bring back the iconic show and producers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, who previously worked with Brook on hit series "Smallville," are keen for the busty beauty to take on a leading role.

A source tells Britain's Sunday Mirror, "Al and Miles know Kelly from their time on '­Smallville' and they think she is a star in the making.

"Rather than cast established stars, producers want to find less well-known ­actresses and turn them into household names - just like ...

Ryan & Tatum O'Neal Pitch Reality Show

8/5/2010 8:57am EDT
Tatum ONeal
Ryan O'Neal and his daughter Tatum are in talks to document their recent reconciliation for a new reality show, according to reports.

The pair was estranged for 20 years, and Tatum O'Neal infuriated her dad in 2004 with the release of her controversial autobiography "A Paper Life," detailing Ryan's alleged drug abuse and his reported physical and mental abuse of his children.

He denied all the accusations, and the two waged a bitter war of words in the press.

They reunited last year following the death of Ryan's longtime partner Farrah Fawcett and have since been rebuilding their relatio...

Farrah Fawcett To Be Remembered In Charity Ceremony

6/24/2010 12:02pm EDT
Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett's friends and family will mark the first anniversary of the actress' death on Friday by opening the new headquarters of the late star's charity.

The Charlie's Angels actress lost her battle with cancer last year, passing away on the same day as music legend Michael Jackson. Fawcett started up her own charity, the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, several years before her death, but was unable to focus her attentions on the organization as she battled cancer.

The charity, which funds research into alternative cancer treatments, has grown over the last year and will move into a ne...