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Lexa Doig Biography

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Birth Name: Lexa Doig
Born: 06/08/1973
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, CA

Lexa Doig became the object of much fan admiration as Rommie, the human-like avatar of an advanced spaceship in the science-fiction show "Andromeda" (Sci-Fi 2000-05). A veteran of genre television and movies, she got her start playing a computer hacker in "TekWar" (USA/Sci-Fi, 1994-96), a series that got very little respect from critics. But for Doig, who thought her audition went poorly, it was the breakthrough she was waiting for, and she spent much of her subsequent career revisiting the sci-fi well time and again.

Following "TekWar," Doig co-starred on the short-lived British action-drama "CI5: The New Professionals" (Sky1 1999), but had significantly more success in "Andromeda" playing Rommie, an android who frequently displayed very human behaviors. The embodiment of a heavily-armed warship's computer, she often exuded bravado despite her relatively slight appearance. Around this time, Doig and her "Andromeda" co-star Lisa Ryder also appeared together in the horror flick "Jason X" (2001), in which the notorious "Friday the 13th" serial murderer somehow ended up both in outer space and in the future. Though the film was hacked to death by reviewers, some found Doig's starring performance as a scientist named Rowan more intriguing than others.

With a higher profile than ever, Doig segued onto "Stargate: SG-1" (Showtime/Sci-Fi, 1997-2007), one of the more venerable sci-fi series being produced in her native Canada, and later guest-starred on the remake of early 1980s alien invasion thriller "V" (ABC 2009-2011). Back home, the series "Continuum" (Showcase, 2012- ) cast Doig as Sonya Valentine, part of a group of time-traveling rebels who escape to the past in hopes of preventing their own dystopian future.