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Now Playing: Green Hornet Video Interviews Stars Descend Into LA for the Sex Tape Premiere
2014-07-11 Cameron Diaz Is a Bikini Babe
2014-07-09 Is Sofia Vergara Really Dating Joe Manganiello?
2014-07-09 Sex Tape - Clip No. 1
2014-07-08 'Sex Tape': I Was Thinking Clip
2014-07-06 Cameron Diaz Reveals Why She Never Had Kids
2014-07-02 Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Take the Plunge
2014-07-02 Who Is Harry Styles' Mystery London Lady?
2014-06-25 Benji Madden Sorta Confirms Cameron Diaz Relationship: I'm A "Lucky" Guy!
2014-06-25 Cameron Diaz And Benji Madden Are "Totally Into Each Other"
2014-06-05 Ari Graynor Claims She Was the Perfect Child
2014-05-29 'Annie': Moviebites
2014-05-25 Rumored Celebrity Hook-Ups: What Should We Believe?
2014-05-20 'Sex Tape' Trailer
2014-05-01 'The Other Woman' Kicks 'Captain America' Out of the No.1 Spot
2014-04-29 "The Other Woman" Hot Women On GMA
2014-04-27 Seth Meyers Career Is On Fire As Are These Influential Celebs
2014-04-27 Dating Tips and Flirting Secrets Straight from Cameron Diaz
2014-04-25 Leslie Mann's Real Life Cheating Revenge
2014-04-25 So, Here's Everything Nicki Minaj Does In "The Other Woman"
2014-04-25 Sexy Stars of "The Other Woman" Come Out For Premiere
2014-04-24 Why We Love Cameron Diaz and Her New Movie 'Sex Tape'
2014-04-24 Cameron Diaz Sets The Record Straight On Monogamy
2014-04-24 Lake Bell Is Pregnant
2014-04-24 Cameron Diaz: 'I Can't Wait to Prank Drew Barrymore's Baby'
2014-04-24 'The Other Woman' Cast Interview
2014-04-23 Diaz and Company Glam Up for Premiere
2014-04-22 Nicki Minaj Looks Downright Demure At ‘The Other Woman’ Premiere In Los Angeles
2014-04-22 Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann Talk The Other Woman
2014-04-21 'The Other Woman' Unscripted- The Weirdest Place I've Been Recognized Is...
2014-04-20 'The Other Woman' Unscripted - Cameron Diaz on Pheromones
2014-04-20 'The Other Woman' Unscripted - Kate Upton on the Worst Pickup Line
2014-04-20 'The Other Woman' Unscripted - Kate Upton on Her Tattoo
2014-04-20 'The Other Woman' Unscripted - Leslie Mann's Dating Advice
2014-04-20 'The Other Woman' Unscripted
2014-04-20 Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton 'Great Friends'
2014-04-19 'Annie' Trailer
2014-04-17 Best Moments from MTV's Movie Awards
2014-04-15 Drew Barrymore Enjoys Her Baby Shower
2014-04-15 The Other Women Head Down Under
2014-04-15 Watch Out Pharrell, Grumpy Cat Has Got Your Hat
2014-04-14 Kate Upton In A Bikini in "The Other Woman" Clip
2014-04-09 The Other Woman - Clip No. 2
2014-04-09 'Sex Tape' Trailer
2014-04-06 Top 5 Summer Date Movies for 2014
2014-04-06 2014 MTV Movie Awards Predictions
2014-04-06 Nicki Minaj Never Remembered Leslie Mann's Name
2014-04-04 Upton and Diaz Bring Girl Power to 'The Other Woman' Premiere
2014-04-03 The Other Woman: Exclusive UK Gala Premiere Report
2014-04-03 Girls' Night Out at 'The Other Woman' Premiere
2014-04-03 Cameron Steels the Limelight at The Other Woman UK Premiere
2014-04-03 Girls' Night Out at UK Premiere of "The Other Woman"
2014-04-03 Cameron Diaz Is On A Little Black Dress Streak
2014-04-03 'The Other Woman': Clip - I Married a Monster
2014-04-01 Cameron Diaz: Everybody's Been Cheated On
2014-03-28 Cameron Diaz Says All Women Have "Lesbian Tendencies"
2014-03-28 Cameron Diaz Opens Up About Paltrow's Split From Chris Martin
2014-03-28 Gwyneth Paltrow, Friends Open Up About Chris Martin Split
2014-03-28 'The Other Woman' Appeals MPAA's R Rating
2014-03-27 'The Other Woman' Exclusive Preview - Kate Upton Smells Amazing
2014-03-26 Nicki Minaj's Acting Debut in 'The Other Woman'
2014-03-23 'The Other Woman': He's Married Clip
2014-03-23 Cameron Diaz and Sharon Stone: Aging Gracefully - First Look
2014-03-10 'Annie' Trailer
2014-03-09 Rose Byrne, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx in "Annie" First Trailer
2014-03-07 Cameron Diaz Collaborates on a Designer Shoe Line
2014-02-05 Cameron Diaz Is Out Selling Expensive Watches
2014-01-31 'Bad Teacher' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-26 Drew Barrymore Inspires Her Famous Friends With Her New Book
2014-01-15 Cameron Diaz Battled Acne, Binged On Greasy Food
2014-01-10 Cameron Diaz Slams Anti-Aging Products
2014-01-10 Cameron Diaz Admits to Having Work on Her Face
2014-01-08 In Her New Book, Cameron Diaz Encourages Women to Keep Their Pubic Hair
2014-01-03 The Other Woman - Trailer No. 1
2013-12-21 Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton in "The Other Woman" First Trailer

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