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Now Playing: Tom Cruise's Birthday Roar Katie Holmes Tweets Throwback Photo Of Herself At Age 7, Looks Just Like Daughter Suri Cruise
2014-02-13 Katie Holmes Catches A Basketball During New York Knicks Game
2014-01-10 Katie Holmes Flaunts Her Bikini Body Sunbathing With Suri Cruise
2014-01-02 Katie Holmes Shows Off Her Bikini Body in Miami
2013-12-31 Weird Things Named After Celebrities
2013-11-14 The Truth Behind Tom Cruise's Afghanistan Remark
2013-11-12 Tom Cruise Confesses Scientology Issues with Katie Holmes
2013-11-11 Cruise Admits Scientology Contributed To Split With Holmes
2013-11-09 Guess the Parents of These Cool Celeb Kids
2013-11-07 ShowBiz Minute: Tilda Swinton, Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga
2013-11-06 Tom Cruise: 'I Have In No Way Cut Suri Out Of My Life'
2013-11-06 Tom Cruise Files $50 Million Lawsuit Against Tabloids
2013-11-06 Tom Cruise's Marriage With Nicole Kidman Couldn't Compete With Her Love With Keith Urban!
2013-11-05 Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Take South African Safari
2013-10-24 Katie Holmes Treats Suri Cruise to a Shopping Trip at Tiffany's
2013-09-30 Suri Cruise Rocks a Furry Pink Hat on School Run With Mother Katie Holmes
2013-09-19 Katie Holmes Treats Suri Cruise to a Girls' Day Out at the Nail Salon
2013-09-09 Suri Cruise Breaks Arm, Advised 'No Butt Smacking'
2013-09-05 Hottest Babies in Hollywood
2013-07-25 Celebrities Are Off to the Hamptons During Extreme Summer Temperatures
2013-07-25 Celebrities, Facing Summer Temperatures, Are Off to the Hamptons Again
2013-07-24 Katie Holmes Rocks a Creased Denim Dress
2013-07-24 Katie Holmes Looks Dotty in a Low-Cut Top
2013-07-16 Suri Cruise Called A 'B----' By Paparazzi
2013-07-12 Photographer Calls Suri Cruise 'A Brat'
2013-07-12 Photographer Calls Suri Cruise a 'Little Brat'
2013-07-12 Amanda Bynes Uses Dog As Paparazzi Shield
2013-07-11 Suri Cruise Called The 'B-word' By Paparazzo
2013-07-11 Suri Cruise Called The 'B-Word' By Paparazzo
2013-07-11 Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Spend Beach Day in Hamptons
2013-07-08 Tom Cruise Spends $50,000 A Week On Armed Bodyguards For Suri
2013-07-01 Katie Holmes Spending Half A Million To Give Suri A 'Traditional Midwest Upbringing'
2013-06-24 Katie Holmes To Give Suri A 'Traditional Midwest Upbringing"
2013-06-24 Katie Holmes Puts Romance on Hold to Focus on Daughter and Career
2013-06-20 Tom Cruise Uses Clever Disguise When He's Out With Suri
2013-06-19 Entertainment News Pop: Blake Shelton: The Truth About My Marriage
2013-06-02 Katie Holmes Looks Tired on Film Set as New Boyfriend Rumors Swirl
2013-05-31 Suri Cruise to Launch Her Own $2.3m Fashion Range
2013-05-10 Katie Holmes Shows Off Her Bony Frame in Odd Backless Dress at Met Ball
2013-05-07 Katie Holmes Takes Suri on a New York City Spa Day!
2013-04-22 Emma Stone Clings to Andrew Garfield as They Reunite
2013-04-17 SIGHting News - Andrew Garfield, Justin Bieber, Katie Holmes
2013-04-16 Tom Cruise's $7,000,000 Gift to Suri
2013-04-08 Katie Holmes Reportedly Dating a Jazz Musician
2013-04-02 Suri Cruise's Disney World Thrills
2013-04-01 Celebrity Moms and Their Mini-Mes
2013-03-28 Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Enjoy a Carousel Ride at Disney World
2013-03-26 Katie Holmes Reveals She's Open to Having More Kids
2013-03-19 Katie Holmes Talks Suri's Fashion Sense and Expanding Her Family
2013-03-19 Katie Holmes Wows in Unusual Netted Black Dress
2013-03-15 It May Surprise You How Tom Cruise Is Doing
2013-03-13 Tom Cruise's $50 Million Tabloid Lawsuit Moves To Private Mediation
2013-03-07 Tom Cruise's Lawyers Slams 'Bad Dad' Accusations
2013-03-01 Tom Cruise Has Suri Flown In Private Jet To See Him
2013-02-28 Katie Holmes Responds to Suri Cruise 'Body Double' Rumors
2013-02-26 How Many Ex-Wives Have Lived in Tom Cruise's Recently Sold Apartment?
2013-02-15 Tom Cruise's Tabloid Lawsuit
2013-02-15 Suri Cruise's Mental State In Question Over Tom Cruise $50 Million Lawsuit
2013-02-15 Katie Holmes Loves Being Single, Isn't Dating Yet
2013-02-14 Katie Holmes Still Damaged From Divorce, Worried To Date
2013-02-04 Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise Shop in New York
2013-02-03 Suri Cruise Is a Little Fashionista in Knee-High Leather Boots
2013-01-31 Check Out Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise's Matching Fashion Moments!
2013-01-15 Katie Holmes and Daughter Suri Wear Matching Hats
2013-01-07 Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise on the streets of New York
2013-01-05 Katie Holmes Returns To Work After Reportedly Spending Christmas Without Suri
2012-12-27 Celebrities That We Want To Spend The Holidays With
2012-12-21 Top WTF Moments: Lindsay Lohan Refuses Help, Suri Cruise 30k Gift, Kristen Stewart Anti-Apology
2012-12-20 Top WTF Moments: Lindsay Lohan Refuses Help, Suri Cruise Gets 30k Gift
2012-12-20 Did Six Year-Old Suri Cruise Get A House For Christmas?
2012-12-19 Tom Cruise Buys Suri $13.5 Million Mansion For Christmas?
2012-12-18 Katie Holmes Spends HOW MUCH On Suri's Christmas Presents?!
2012-12-17 Tom Cruise Gets Suri On Christmas, Katie Holmes Spending Holidays Alone
2012-12-11 Katie Holmes Gets Suri Cruise a Teddy Bear
2012-12-10 Suri Cruise Wears $315 Shoes
2012-12-10 Suri and Tom Cruise Reunited For Thanksgiving?
2012-11-23 Tabloid Talk: Hollywood Nannies Tell All
2012-11-22 Tabloid Talk: Back to Bachelor Life For Tom Cruise
2012-11-22 Katie Holmes Travels Alone to Ohio For Thanksgiving
2012-11-22 Katie Holmes: From Subservient Wife to Woman in Charge
2012-11-20 What Does Katie Holmes Call Suri Cruise in Public?
2012-11-14 Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen Suri In HOW Long?!
2012-10-18 Suri Cruise Organises Her Social Life on Her Mobile Phone
2012-10-16 Nicole Kidman Talks Cruise Divorce
2012-10-04 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Marriage Was Over Six Months Before Split
2012-10-03 Tom Cruise Having Suri Withdrawals
2012-09-26 Tabloid Roundup: Rob & Kristen, Kate Middleton, & Suri Cruise
2012-09-20 Suri Cruise's Tough Transition Since Kate and Tom Divorce
2012-09-20 Tabloid Roundup: Rob&Kristen, Kate Middleton,&Suri Cruise
2012-09-19 Tom Cruise Won't Stop Trying To Make Suri A Scientologist
2012-09-06 Suri Cruise's Classmates Pulled Out Of School Because Of Paparazzi
2012-09-04 Suri Gets Huge Trust Fund, Katie Holmes Keeps Expensive Jewelry
2012-08-28 Suri Cruise to Inherit Sizable Trust Fund
2012-08-28 Suri Cruises on a Bike in New York City
2012-08-27 Watch Katie Holmes Teach Suri How to Ride a Bike
2012-08-20 Single Katie Holmes Finally Gets To Let Suri Meet Her Side Of The Family
2012-08-17 What Is Tom Cruise Planning For Suri Cruise's First Day of School?
2012-08-15 Suri Cruise Is Happy and Well-Adjusted
2012-08-10 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Talking For Suri's Sake
2012-08-08 Katie Holmes Is Back to Playing the Doting Mother With Suri

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