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Ed Sheeran is 'one of the messiest' people

April 11th, 2014 9:20pm EDT
Ed Sheeran
Johnny McDaid says Ed Sheeran is "one of the messiest" people he knows.
The Snow Patrol frontman, who recently moved in with girlfriend Courteney Cox, lived with the 'Lego House' hitmaker in Nashville and Los Angeles in the past, and despite being close friends he is glad they no longer live together.
The 37-year-old rocker told The Hollywood Reporter: "Ed is one of my favorite human beings in the world, and he is quite certainly a genius, but he's also one of the messiest human beings I've ever met in my life. But I think part of that is because he was working so hard."
He added: "He was o...

Johnny McDaid moves into Courteney Cox's Malibu mansion

April 3rd, 2014 2:20am EDT
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid are living together.
The 49-year-old actress was introduced to the Snow Patrol guitarist by Ed Sheeran - who stayed at the 'Friends' actress' house rent-free last year - and they began dating last December.
Since then the romance between the pair has hotted up, they "couldn't be happier", and Johnny has moved into Courteney's Malibu mansion.
Ed told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I'm not sure that it's public knowledge, so maybe I shouldn't have said anything - but, yes, they're already living together.
"Things are moving fast. He moved in and, judging by the ...

Courteney Cox wants more kids

March 29th, 2014 5:20am EDT
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox is reportedly keen to have another child.
The 49-year-old actress - who will celebrate her 50th birthday in June - already has nine-year-old daughter Coco with ex-husband David Arquette, but now that she's fallen for Snow Patrol star Johnny McDaid, she's said to thinking about trying for another child.
A source said: "For years Courteney said that she didn't want another baby and that Coco was perfect so she couldn't see why she'd put herself through the trauma of having another child.
"Now she's met Johnny, she feels that having a baby together would be an amazing way to put ...

24 Celebrities Who Worked Together Before Dating

March 25th, 2014 3:03pm EDT
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
By know you've heard Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged and already expecting their first child, after playing girlfriend and boyfriend in That 70s Show. However, they aren't the only celebrities who dated after working together. Check out the celebrities who fell in love on the set - you may be surprised!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt infamously met on the set of Mr. And Mrs. Smith while Pitt was still with Jennifer Aniston. While Jolie admits she fell in love with Pitt on the set, she's adamant that he didn't cheat on Aniston with her.

Despite being 20 years apart in age, ...

Courteney Cox's daughter loves singing

March 23rd, 2014 7:20pm EDT
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox's daughter Coco loves to sing.
The 'Friends' actress' nine-year-old daughter - who she has with her ex-husband David Arquette - could reportedly follow in her famous parents' footsteps and carve out a showbiz career as a pop star.
The New York Post's Page Six claims that Courtney was discussing Coco's new-found talent at a Tribeca Film Festival reception in Los Angeles last week.
A guest at the Stardust Penthouse at the Beverly Hilton told the paper: "She was saying that Coco is interested in singing and has a good voice."
And musically-inclined Coco will no doubt be getting ...

Sexy Celebrities In Glasses

March 21st, 2014 9:00pm EDT
Sexy Celebrities In Glasses
These stars like to make spectacles of themselves - in glasses! Although many of these celebs only wear their eyewear occasionally, we think they look great in their stylish frames.

Jennifer Aniston, above, has opted for dark rimmed glasses, and they definitely don't detract from her pretty face.

Let's give it up for the four-eyed stars!

Check out more sexy celebs in glasses...

Johnny Depp

Anne Hathaway

Jessica Alba

Rashida Jones

Robert Downey Jr.

Zoe Saldana

Matt Damon

Courteney Cox

Jenny McCarthy

Jennifer Garner

Julie Bowen


Jennifer Aniston wants to elope

March 20th, 2014 4:20pm EDT
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston wants to elope with Justin Theroux.
The former 'Friends' star is reportedly fed up of trying to plan a lavish affair and is eager to tie the knot with her fiancé in front of a few close friends as soon as possible.
A source told Us Weekly magazine: "Justin and Jen might be eloping. She would love for her big day to be this spring."
The 45-year-old actress is a frequent visitor to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico so it's no surprise it tops her list of potential locations for their nuptials.
The actress doesn't want their wedding to be "too stuffy, something casual," and the source ...

Matt LeBlanc looked 'feral'

February 26th, 2014 6:20am EST
Matt LeBlanc
Matt LeBlanc looked like a "feral" man when he took a break from acting.
The 46-year-old actor - who has 10-year-old daughter Marina with ex-wife Melissa McKnight - retreated from the spotlight for five years from 2006 and was so reluctant to leave his Santa Barbara ranch, he even resorted to cutting his own hair, which once resulted in a disastrous Mohawk.
He said: "I looked like a feral man with his kid. I'm glad child services doesn't have a picture of that one."
However, Matt admits the scrutiny he was under at the height of his fame from sitcom 'Friends' had some unexpected benefits; s...

David Arquette unsure about remarriage

February 25th, 2014 10:20am EST
David Arquette
David Arquette doesn't know if he'll marry again.
The 42-year-old actor is "madly in love" with partner Christina McLarty - who is pregnant with his second child - but is hesitant to walk down the aisle because his divorce from Courteney Cox in 2012, almost two years after they separated, left him heartbroken.
He said: "The divorce, that broke my heart a lot, you know, and changed my approach to it all too."
Asked on 'Piers Morgan Live' if he will marry again, he added: "I don't know. It has definitely changed that, you know, that experience changed it for me, but you know, I'm madly in lo...

Courteney Cox asks boyfriend to move in

February 15th, 2014 4:20am EST
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox has asked her boyfriend to move in with her.
The former 'Friends' actress spent time away from Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid - who currently resides in a guesthouse within the grounds of her home with friend Ed Sheeran - over the festive season and the break made her realize how much the musician means to her.
A source said: "Johnny went home to Ireland over the new year, while Courteney headed to Mexico with Jennifer Aniston.
"The time apart made her realize how serious she is about him and as soon as he got home she asked him to live with her. This is the happiest Courte...

Jennifer Aniston loves Courteney Cox

January 28th, 2014 6:20pm EST
Jennifer Aniston
Courteney Cox is still one of Jennifer Aniston's closest friends.
The 'We're the Millers' actress, who split from Brad Pitt in 2005 after five years of marriage and is currently engaged to Justin Theroux, has regularly sought refuge at her former 'Friends' co-star's house in Los Angeles during difficult times in the past.
Speaking about their 20-year friendship, the 44-year-old star told More magazine: "There's absolutely no judgment in Court. You'll never feel scolded. She's extremely fair, ridiculously loyal and fiercely loving."
She added: "I've slept in her guest bedroom a lot. Without ...

Courteney Cox wants David Arquette to be happy

January 27th, 2014 9:20pm EST
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox wants David Arquette to be happy.
The 'Cougar Town' actress split from her husband in 2010 and they divorced in May 2013, but she still wishes the best for him.
She told the US edition of More magazine: "When you love someone, you want them to be happy, even if it's not with you.
"In divorce you always have regrets. We were married for a long time, so it's not like we didn't try."
Courteney and David remain on good terms and are both committed to doing the best thing for their daughter, Coco, nine, so still spent lots of time together.
She added: "Obviously, kids always want...

David Arquette's ex-girlfriend Jasmine Waltz voted off U.K. reality show

January 16th, 2014 3:20am EST
David Arquette
U.S. actress Jasmine Waltz has been kicked out of British TV's Celebrity Big Brother house.

She became the second person to be voted off the show on Wednesday (15Jan14), following former boxer Evander Holyfield out of the door, but she may have found romance on the programme.

Waltz, who briefly dated David Arquette after he split from Courteney Cox, grew close to fellow Big Brother contestant Blue star Lee Ryan on the show, telling another housemate, rapper Dappy, "To me, I look at him and see a perfect man. I think he's great. I love being around him, he makes me feel good and happy."


David Arquette an 'instinctive' father

January 14th, 2014 3:20pm EST
David Arquette
David Arquette is an "instinctive" father.
The 'Scream 4' actor worried about how he'd cope after the birth of his first child Coco, now nine - from his marriage to Courteney Cox - but he is much more relaxed about the prospect of fatherhood the second time around with girlfriend Christina McLarty.
He told "Animals across the world have babies and they know how to take care of them instinctually. Us humans get so in our heads about it all but as soon as the baby comes it is just instinct.
"I know I've done it once so there's not that fear that a first-time parent has because yo...

Courteney Cox grateful for Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran's support

January 14th, 2014 10:20am EST
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox is grateful to Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran for their support.
The 49-year-old actress was nominated in the Favorite Cable TV Actress category for her role 'Cougar Town' at the People's Choice Awards earlier this month and was delighted that her young friends took to twitter to ask their fans to vote for her.
Courteney told TV host Conan O'Brien on his show 'Conan' last night (01.13.14): "It was really nice. Harry Styles tweeted for me and so did Ed Sheeran. He was so sweet to do it, and so was Ed."
However, Courteney - who lost out on the prize to 'Pretty Little Liars' actress...

David Arquette's son won't have quirky name

January 12th, 2014 6:20pm EST
David Arquette
David Arquette says his unborn son's name won't be "too quirky."
The 'Scream' actor, who has a nine-year-old daughter, Coco, with his ex-wife Courteney Cox, is thrilled that his girlfriend Christina McLarty is expecting a baby boy and isn't planning to shock people by choosing an unusual moniker.
The 42-year-old actor told at The Art of Elysium's 7th Annual HEAVEN Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday night (01.11.14): "I think we will go with something a little more traditional."
He also told E! News: "I've been a bit cryptic about it. It's going to be the name of my grandfather u...

David Arquette set to welcome a son

January 7th, 2014 9:20pm EST
David Arquette
David Arquette's girlfriend Christina McLarty is expecting a baby boy.
The 'Scream' actor's ex-wife Courteney Cox, with whom he has a nine-year-old daughter, Coco, confirmed that the couple will welcome a son into the world later this year.
The 49-year-old 'Cougar Town' star told 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Tuesday (01.07.14): "They're going to have a baby boy. I hope I'm allowed to say that."
'Entertainment Tonight' host Christina has been tight-lipped about her first pregnancy to date but is rumored to be preparing to give birth in March.
David hailed Christina to be the love of his lif...

Courteney Cox opens up about star-studded New Year getaway

January 7th, 2014 8:30pm EST
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox felt out of place ringing in 2014 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with best pal Jennifer Aniston, her fiance Justin Theroux, Howard Stern and comedian Jimmy Kimmel - because she was the only single member of the party.

The actress recalled the holiday get together when she became the first guest of the new year on Kimmel's U.S. late night show on Monday (06Jan14).

Cox explained, "We had the greatest time. I loved every minute of it. I really did. It was so much fun. All of you were so fun and funny... It was a memorable trip... It's something I will never forget."

But the Scream ...

Courteney Cox's daughter nervous about becoming a sister

January 7th, 2014 3:20pm EST
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox's daughter, Coco, is "nervous" about becoming a sister.
The 'Friends' actress' ex-husband, David Arquette, is set to have a baby with his girlfriend Christina McLarty later this year, and while Courtney and their nine-year-old daughter were initially shocked, they're now excited by the news.
Speaking to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, Courteney said: "At first she was nervous because it's a big deal. At first, I was nervous! I was like, 'Woo, heavy.' Now it's great."
Although Courteney and David split in 2010, they have remained committed to raising their daughter together, a...

Celebrities That Turn 50 In 2014

January 2nd, 2014 11:00am EST
Sandra Bullock
Welcome to day two of 2014! Looking back in time 50 years ago, the year was 1964. Major events of that year included President Johnson being re-elected by a landslide over Barry Goldwater. The investigation of John F. Kennedy's assassination by the Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the killing of the President. In the civil rights movement, three workers were murdered in Mississippi during the "Freedom Summer," and Anchorage, Alaska was hit by a massive earthquake.

In pop culture, Beatlemania had officially hit North America and on February 9 of that year, s...

Jennifer Aniston holidays with Courteney Cox

December 29th, 2013 12:20pm EST
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox's friendship appears to be firmly back on track.
The pair, whose relationship reportedly became "strained" last year when Jennifer moved in with her fiancé, Justin Theroux, were spotted soaking up the sun in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico together on Saturday (12.28.13), after jetting there with a large group of mutual friends to ring in the New Year on Tuesday (12.31.13).
Justin, US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, and outspoken radio star Howard Stern were among the other celebrities spotted hanging out with the former 'Friends' stars, according to the MailOnline we...

Jennifer Aniston being talked into Friends 2014

December 22nd, 2013 4:20am EST
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is being "slowly convinced" into a 'Friends' reunion next year.
The 'We're the Millers' actress has enjoyed a huge movie career since the sitcom ended in 2004, but producers are keen for her to reunite with castmates Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer in 2014.
A source told America's OK! magazine: "Since the show ended in 2004 it's been rare for all six of them to appear in public together. But with next year's 20th anniversary [of the show's launch] it will be unavoidable for them to do something together. It's the perfect excuse to...

Courteney Cox's two-month romance with Snow Patrol star

December 18th, 2013 1:20am EST
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid have been dating for two months.
The 'Cougar Town' actress and the Snow Patrol rocker went public with their romance last week at her friend Jennifer Aniston's annual Christmas party, but they have reportedly been secretly going out for a while after meeting through mutual friend Ed Sheeran, who has been staying with the former 'Friends' star in Malibu, California, while working on his new album.
A source told Grazia magazine: "Ed decided to set them up. They got on amazingly and have been dating ever since."
Friends are delighted for the actress, as they say...

David Arquette to celebrate New Year's at new club

December 13th, 2013 9:20pm EST
David Arquette
David Arquette is set to ring in the New Year at his new nightclub.
The 42-year-old actor, whose girlfriend, Christina McLarty, is four-months pregnant with their first child, is expanding his Hollywood chain, Bootsy Bellows, and opening a nightclub on the snowy slopes of Aspen, Colorado.
And a source told BANG Showbiz that the 'Scream' star and his business partners, John Terzian, Brian Toll and Markus Molinari, are planning to throw a huge bash at the club on December 31.
The group, who also hosted a pop up version of the popular hotspot in Paris for Fashion Week earlier this year, have d...

Ed Sheeran passed out drunk at Jennifer Aniston's party

December 13th, 2013 3:20pm EST
Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran passed out beside Jennifer Aniston's swimming pool.
The 'Give Me Love' singer, 22, has confessed he got very drunk at the 'We're the Millers' star's Thanksgiving bash last month - which he was invited to after successfully setting up Jennifer's 'Friends' pal, Courteney Cox, with his best friend, Snow Patrol frontman Johnny McDaid, who are now "crazy" about each other - and fell asleep at her house.
The British star told Yahoo's omg!: "I wasn't allowed to talk about this, actually, but it's just gone public so... My housemate [Johnny], who I have lived with for a year, I introduce...

Courteney Cox dating Snow Patrol star

December 10th, 2013 6:20am EST
Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox is reportedly dating Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid.
The 'Cougar Town' actress was accompanied to her friend Jennifer Aniston's Christmas party on Sunday (08.12.13) by the pianist-and-guitarist and onlookers at the bash say they were inseparable for the entire evening.
One source told Life & Style magazine "They arrived around 7pm and left together about three hours later. She drove and he sat in the passenger seat."
Another source added: "Courteney definitely looked like she was on a date! They were holding hands during the party."
While it is unclear how the 49-year-old ...

Jennifer Aniston throws star-studded Christmas party

December 9th, 2013 10:20am EST
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston hosted a star-studded Christmas party this weekend.
The 44-year-old actress had an A-list guest list which included Gwyneth Paltrow - who dated Jennifer's ex-husband Brad Pitt between 1994 until 1997 - and her spouse, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, to her Bel Air mansion on Sunday night (12.08.13).
Their mutual pal Chelsea Handler and Jennifer's former 'Friends' co-star Courteney Cox - who was seen driving to the bash alongside a mystery man - were also in attendance.
In addition, Robert Downey Jr. - who stars with Gwyneth in the 'Iron Man' films - and his wife Susan, 'A...

Ed Sheeran and Sacha Baron Cohen do Arabic rap

December 4th, 2013 4:20am EST
Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran and Sacha Baron Cohen teamed up to sing an Arabic rap on Thanksgiving (28.12.13).
The 'Everything Has Changed' hitmaker celebrated the holiday at a party hosted by actress Courteney Cox, and he had a great time entertaining the guest, especially when the comedian joined him on stage.
Ed told E! News: "Courteney set up like a PA system and I did a show there. It was very random. One of my all time favorite actors and comedians, Sacha Baron Cohen, was there and we ended up jamming and he did a rap in Arabic and stuff. It was very funny."
The 22-year-old singer ended up havin...

Ed Sheeran spent Thanksgiving with Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox

December 4th, 2013 3:10am EST
Jennifer Aniston
Singer Ed Sheeran spent the Thanksgiving holiday drinking with Jennifer Aniston and staging an impromptu concert at Courteney Cox's Malibu beach house.

The Brit has been in Los Angeles recording his upcoming album and during the American holiday last week (28Nov13), Sheeran enjoyed Friends-filled Thanksgiving.

Sheeran, who has been staying at Cox's home while in the U.S., tells E! News that his first meal hosted by his pal involved an off-the-cuff show featuring another Brit.

He explains, "Courteney set up like a PA system and I did a show there. It was very random. One of my all time fa...

Ed Sheeran didn't enjoy Jennifer Aniston's food

December 3rd, 2013 3:20pm EST
Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran wasn't impressed by Jennifer Aniston's Thanksgiving feast.
The 'We're the Millers' star invited the British 'Give Me Love' singer to celebrate the American holiday for the first time with her and other friends in Los Angeles last Thursday (11.28.13), and Ed, 22, admits he didn't enjoy all of the traditional food combinations.
The singer-songwriter told "I had turkey. I had stuffing. I had sweet potato, which you call a yam apparently, but there was a marshmallow in mine. Is that meant to happen? You shouldn't do that."
But he insists they had a "really nice" time toge...

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