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Now Playing: Deena Nicole Cortese Kitson 011311 YT JWOWW, Deena and Sammi Name the 'Jersey Shore' Quotes
2012-11-20 "Jersey Shore" Season 6 Cast Member Salaries Revealed
2012-11-14 Will Nicki and Mariah's Feud Bring Big Ratings for 'Idol'?
2012-11-12 Jersey Shore: A Reality TV Retrospective
2011-11-23 Jersey Shore's Snooki on the Cast and the New Season
2011-09-12 Deena Nicole Cortese Kitson 011311 YT
2011-01-14 Deena Nicole Cortese Hemingway Lounge 011211 YT
2011-01-13 Deena Nicole Cortese Supperclub 011211 YT
2011-01-13 Jersey Shore Cast On Season 3, Dancing With The Stars
2010-09-16 Lindsay Lohan's Comeback?
2010-09-16 Jersey Shore Cast Fight Back Rumors
2010-09-14 Jersey Shore Cast Fights Back Rumors

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