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2014-12-29 Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly Share the Rules for Filmmaking While Married
2014-09-08 Jennifer Connelly Joins Ewan McGregor in 'American Pastoral'
2014-09-02 Jennifer Connelly on 'Noah' Controversey
2014-08-11 Noah- DVD Clip No. 1
2014-07-29 Jennifer Connelly: Paul Bettany Is an Extraordinary Director
2014-04-05 'Noah 2014': Exclusive Cast Interview
2014-04-03 Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Connelly Talk 'Noah'
2014-04-02 Fans Flood to See the Stars at 'Noah' Premiere
2014-04-01 The Making of Noah's Ark
2014-04-01 Behind the Scenes of 'Noah'
2014-04-01 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Noah'
2014-03-30 'Noah' Makers Controlled an Epic Rain-Making System with a Single App
2014-03-30 Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Connelly Talk Physical Challenges in 'Noah’
2014-03-30 Russell Crowe Braces for Criticism
2014-03-27 'Noah' Stars Talk 'Irrational Criticism' in NY
2014-03-27 'Noah': It Begins Clip
2014-03-20 'Noah': The Ark Featurette
2014-03-20 Claudia Llosa Shows 1st English Film In Berlin
2014-02-12 Colin Farrell Gushes Over Jessica Brown Findlay
2014-02-10 Emma Watson, Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins in "Noah" First Trailer
2013-11-16 Epic 'Noah' Trailer Leaks Online After Reports of Trouble
2013-10-23 Jennifer Connelly – Real Stomach or Prosthetic?
2013-10-09 Stars Add Dramatic Flair With Dark Lipstick
2012-05-23 Jennifer Connelly Welcomes Daughter
2011-06-08 SNTV - Jennifer Connelly is expecting!