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Ziah Colόn I can't stop watching these two!

Keone & Mari :: "Happy" by C2C (Choreography) :: Urban Dance Camp
Presented by http://www.theUrbanDanceCamp.com • FB : http://facebook.com/theUrbanDanceCamp • YT : http://youtube.com/UrbanDanceCamp • CHOREOGRAPHY BY : Keone...
Monday 28th of April 2014 01:12:15 AM
Ziah Colόn Wishing you all a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!xoxoxoxoxo!!!!!
Tuesday 31st of December 2013 09:31:43 PM
Ziah Colόn This just became my favorite commercial! so cool. #GIRLS

GoldieBlox, Rube Goldberg, & Beastie Boys "Princess Machine" (a concert for little girls)
http://bit.ly/HWNb4S -- check out the toys and behind the scenes. We're GoldieBlox, a toy company out to show the world that girls deserve more choices than ...
Thursday 21st of November 2013 04:15:46 PM
Ziah Colόn one of those no make-up hair in a bun kind of days :p
Thursday 9th of May 2013 06:20:42 PM
Ziah Colόn It's Official guys I'm on "Jacked Up."
Tuesday 5th of March 2013 02:33:23 PM
Ziah Colόn Hi I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! xoxo
Tuesday 19th of February 2013 04:15:16 AM
Tuesday 1st of January 2013 11:37:56 AM
Ziah Colόn I had my first 5 speed driving lesson...lets just say I'm not a natural hahahaha! how long did it take you to learn how to drive a stick?
Monday 3rd of December 2012 02:01:00 PM
Ziah Colόn In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, comics, paintings, professional photos and videos, etc. (as a result of the Berner Convention). For commercial use of the above my written consent is needed at all times. (Anyone reading this can copy this text and paste it on their Facebook Wall. This will place them under protection of copyright laws By the present communiqué, I notify Facebook that it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, disseminate, or take any other action against me on the basis of this profile and/or its contents. The aforementioned prohibited actions also apply to employees, students, agents and/or any staff under Facebook's direction or control. The content of this profile is private and confidential information. The violation of my privacy is punished by law (UCC 1 1-308-308 1-103 and the Rome Statute). Facebook is now an open capital entity. All members are recommended to publish a notice like this, or if you prefer, you may copy and paste this version. If you do not publish a statement at least once, you will be tacitly allowing the use of elements such as your photos as well as the information contained in your profile status updates
Monday 26th of November 2012 03:39:30 PM
Ziah Colόn I need some new music in my life. Any suggestions?
Sunday 14th of October 2012 07:27:50 PM
Ziah Colόn Hello Everyone!! I just want to say thank you so much for following me and I hope you are all having a wonderful day!!!! xoxoxoxo!!! <3 Z
Wednesday 26th of September 2012 02:04:56 PM
Ziah Colόn My heart goes out to Aurora Colorado. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Friday 20th of July 2012 12:53:45 PM
Ziah Colόn This is the indie i was telling you guys about :)

Counterpunch - Feature Film Trailer
Counterpunch is based on the true story of a Cuban golden gloves boxer out of Miami who suffers from Bi-Polar 2. This is Kenneth Castillo's fifth feature film and it was co-written with Alvaro Orlando.
Sunday 29th of April 2012 11:43:16 PM
Ziah Colόn Hi guys! Well, I told you I would keep you posted on my acting careers journey, so here's the update...I've been in L.A. a year now. Since Footloose I've had cameos in Joyful Noise and in Counterpunch starring Danny Trejo, and now I'm finishing up my first pilot season in L.A. Pilot season has been pretty good to me (which means I went out on A LOT of auditions). I'll keep you guys posted on how the rest of it goes. Xoxo! <3 Z
Wednesday 18th of April 2012 05:05:46 AM
Ziah Colόn ...also thank you so much for all of the Footloose dvd love :) you guys rock! Xoxo! <3
Thursday 8th of March 2012 02:47:11 AM

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