Linda Cardellini Videos

Now Playing: Brokeback Mountain - Clip - A Sweet Life Linda Cardellini On Keeping The 'Mad Men' Secret
2013-06-19 Linda Cardellini Talks To 'Freaks & Geeks' Co-Stars 'All The Time'
2013-06-19 Linda Cardellini Of 'Mad Men' Talks Engagement To Childhood Friend
2013-06-19 Linda Cardellini Reveals How Sexy 'Mad Men' Scene Was Shot
2013-06-19 American Gun - Trailer 01
2012-12-06 Anna Kendrick, Common, Zoe Saldana Announce Independent Spirit Award Nominees
2012-11-29 VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Snakkle Catches Up With Linda Cardellini of Freaks and Geeks
2012-03-20 The Cast of "Freaks and Geeks" Where Are They Now?
2012-03-20 Linda Cardellini On 'Return'

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