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2013-05-09 Michelle Rodriguez Dazzles at Fast and Furious 6 London World Premiere
2013-05-08 MMA Fighter Gina Carano Dating 'Man Of Steel'
2013-01-11 MMA Fighter Gina Carano Signs On To Female Version Of 'Expendables'
2012-09-26 Top Athlete Daughters: Gretzky, Gastineau, Hogan and Sparks
2012-09-22 Star Wars Vs. Star Trek - Celebrity Picks
2012-09-04 Haywire Cast Interview
2012-08-23 Haywire Movie Review for Parents
2012-08-16 Ewan McGregor Talks About Working With Gina Carano on "Haywire"
2012-06-27 Gina Carano Talks About Acting For the First Time For "Haywire"
2012-06-21 The Movie Show: New Year's Eve, Joyful Noise
2012-06-05 Gina Carano Talks "Haywire"
2012-02-01 Movie Review: Haywire
2012-01-20 Exclusive: Channing Tatum Goes 'Haywire'
2012-01-13 Haywire - Clip No. 1
2012-01-12 Mel Brooks Says What?
2012-01-12 Super Soldier Seeks Payback in Haywire Trailer
2012-01-08 Haywire Stars Walk the Red Carpet