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Now Playing: Amanda Bynes Wants People To Leave Her Alone Because She Is 'Retired' Amanda Bynes Is Back In The Driver's Seat! She's Reached Another Milestone Marker On Her Way To Reco...
2014-04-24 Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter
2014-04-24 Amanda Bynes Is Back In The Driver's Seat! She's Reached Another Milestone Marker On Her Way To Recovery!
2014-04-24 Is Amanda Bynes in Danger of Relapsing?
2014-04-13 WTF Moments: Demi Lovato, Amanda Bynes, Rob Lowe
2014-04-11 Amanda Bynes Slams Schizophrenia & Drug Rumors
2014-04-10 Amanda Bynes' Mom Lying About Schizophrenia and Marijuana Use?
2014-04-10 Amanda Bynes' Lawyer Is Coming Clean On Her Behalf About The Schizophrenia Rumors&Her Current ...
2014-04-09 Amanda Bynes Denies Schizophrenia Diagnosis
2014-04-09 Hollywood's Biggest Breakdowns and Comebacks
2014-04-08 Amanda Bynes Posts Bikini Photos During Family Vacation
2014-04-07 Amanda Bynes Shares Bikini Pics On Twitter, Thanks Fans For Birthday Wishes
2014-04-06 Amanda Bynes' Craziest Tweets: A Dramatic Reading - Popoholics Ep. 38
2014-03-27 Amanda Bynes: How Is She Doing Now?
2014-03-24 Homeless Woman Sues Halle Berry&Amanda Bynes To Get Their Attention
2014-03-24 Amanda Bynes&Other Ridiculous Celebs on Twitter: An Interactive Quiz - ISHlist 75
2014-03-21 Amanda Bynes' Ugly List: 7 Predictions of Who She'll Call Ugly Next! - ISHlist 69
2014-03-21 Amanda Bynes' Secret Twitter Account?
2014-03-12 Amanda Bynes Sketches a Self-Portrait
2014-03-11 Amanda Bynes is So Embarrassed Over That Drake Tweet Now
2014-02-26 Amanda Bynes 'Mortified' by Drake Tweet
2014-02-26 Amanda Bynes Gets Probation
2014-02-24 Amanda Bynes' Mother Told She is Doing a Good Job by Judge
2014-02-11 Amanda Bynes Has Gained Back Independence at Fashion School
2014-01-29 Amanda Bynes Getting Angel WIng Tattoo Removed
2014-01-28 Amanda Bynes Recovering at $3K-a-Week Wellness Spa
2014-01-23 Amanda Bynes Excelling at Fitness Retreat
2014-01-24 More Confusing Shia LaBeouf Twitter Rants
2014-01-23 Amanda Bynes Mad That Parents Won't Let Her Hang with New Friends
2014-01-16 Amanda Bynes Attends First Day at Fashion School
2014-01-15 Why Amanda Bynes is Mad at Her Parents
2014-01-15 Inside Amanda Bynes' First Day at Fashion School
2014-01-15 Amanda Bynes Criminal Charges Likely to Disappear
2014-01-10 Amanda Bynes Victorious in Alleged Bong-Throwing Case
2014-01-10 Father of Amanda Bynes Gets Rid of Her Old Clothes
2014-01-06 Biggest Celebrity Stories of the Year: 2013
2014-01-02 Miley Cyrus' Best Twitter Moments 2013
2013-12-31 Top Trending Actresses of 2013
2013-12-30 The Biggest Hollywood Stories of 2013
2013-12-23 Amanda Bynes Think People See Her as a 'Freak'
2013-12-17 Somebody Needs To Step In And Do The Right Thing Here
2013-12-12 Amanda Bynes Spotted After Rehab
2013-12-08 Amanda Bynes Already a Student at Fashion College
2013-12-06 Amanda Bynes Enrolls in Fashion School after Rehab
2013-12-06 Amanda Bynes Hospitalized Thanks to Parents' Media Manipulation
2013-12-06 Amanda Bynes' First Interview in Five Months
2013-12-06 Amanda Bynes Walks Dogs With Parents After Leaving Rehab
2013-12-06 Amanda Bynes Is Out Of Rehab: What's Next?
2013-12-06 Amanda Bynes Enrolls in Fashion School After Rehab
2013-12-06 See Amanda Bynes For the First Time Since Treatment
2013-12-06 Amanda Bynes Leaves Treatment, Returns Home With Her Parents
2013-12-05 Amanda Bynes Looking at Colleges Following Rehab Exit
2013-12-05 Amanda Bynes Returns Home for Holidays
2013-12-05 Amanda Bynes Looking at Colleges Post-Rehab
2013-12-05 Beyonce Beats Kim Kardashian As Bing's Most Searched Celebrity In 2013
2013-12-04 Amanda Bynes Found Competent to Stand Trial
2013-11-21 Amanda Bynes to Be Released from Rehab for Christmas
2013-11-05 Amanda Bynes to Be Released by Christmas
2013-11-05 Amanda Bynes' Mother Addresses Schizophrenia Rumors
2013-10-03 Amanda Bynes' Mother: 'Take Everything You Read With A Grain Of Salt'
2013-10-03 Entertainment News: Amanda Bynes' Mom Speaks Out
2013-10-03 Amanda Bynes Formally Diagnosed as Schizophrenic and Bipolar
2013-10-02 Amanda Bynes' Parents Speak Out
2013-10-01 Amanda Bynes Diagnosed With Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
2013-10-01 Amanda Bynes Moves To Celebrity Rehab Center
2013-10-01 Amanda Bynes Moves to Rehab Center
2013-09-30 Amanda Bynes Moves Treatment Facilities
2013-09-30 Amanda Bynes Leaves Hospital, Enters Rehab
2013-09-30 Amanda Bynes Is 'Mentally Unfit To Stand Trial' For DUI Case
2013-09-25 Amanda Bynes Mentally Unfit to Stand Trial For DUI
2013-09-24 Amanda Bynes 'Mentally Unfit to Stand Trial'
2013-09-24 Amanda Bynes Thankful For Arrest
2013-09-03 Amanda Bynes' Doctors Want Long-Term Hospitalization
2013-08-29 Amanda Bynes Unsure of Her Sexuality?
2013-08-20 Amanda Bynes' Bizarre Texts Revealed
2013-08-16 Amanda Bynes Has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
2013-08-13 Amanda Bynes Cries, Has Breakthrough
2013-08-12 Amanda Bynes' Rumored Puppy Therapy Might Be Just What the Doctor Ordered
2013-08-11 Drake Reacts To Amanda Bynes' Twitter Messages: "It's A Little Weird"
2013-08-09 Drake Calls Amanda Bynes Tweets About Him Weird and Disturbing
2013-08-08 Amanda Bynes Denied in Bid to Leave Hospital
2013-08-02 Amanda Bynes Denied Hospital Request
2013-08-02 Amanda Bynes Showing Signs Of Recovery After 'Cocktail' of Meds
2013-08-01 Amanda Bynes & More: 5 Memorable Celebrity Meltdowns
2013-08-01 Nick Cannon Begs To Help Amanda Bynes In Open Letter
2013-08-01 Amanda Bynes Cooperates With Doctors, Admits She Needs Help
2013-07-31 Kim Kardashian Is "Obsessed" With Amanda Bynes
2013-07-30 Amanda Bynes 'Befriended' By Britney Spears' Troublesome Ex-Manager
2013-07-30 Amanda Bynes Is Paranoid and Running Out of Money
2013-07-29 Amanda Bynes Through The Years
2013-07-29 Judge Orders Two Weeks of Psych Evaluation for Amanda Bynes
2013-07-29 Judge Delays Conservatorship Ruling for Actress Amanda Bynes
2013-07-27 Amanda Bynes Displaying Two Personalities, 5150 Hold Extended
2013-07-26 Ashley Benson Apologizes For Making Fun Of Amanda Bynes
2013-07-26 Amanda Bynes' Meltdown Means Up to Two Weeks on Psychiatric Hold
2013-07-25 Metta World Peace On Amanda Bynes: "It's Normal to Be Bi-Polar"
2013-07-25 Amanda Bynes Parents Visit Hospital, Try To Get Conservatorship
2013-07-25 Ashley Benson's Backlash For Making Fun of Amanda Bynes
2013-07-25 Amanda Bynes 911: Caller Describes Makeshift Gas Bomb
2013-07-24 Amanda Bynes Put on Psychiatric Hold After Fire

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