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Now Playing: Amanda Bynes, Is That You?! #TBT Ask Ashley Amanda Bynes, Is That You?! #TBT Ask Ashley
2015-07-30 Amanda Bynes Makes Rare Appearance At Fashion Party
2015-07-24 5 Weird Ways Celebs Avoid Paparazzi
2015-04-05 Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter with Pencil Sketch
2015-03-19 Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter and Shares a New Self-Portrait
2015-03-17 Amanda Bynes -- Stable, Lucid and Off Meds
2014-12-25 10 Celebrities Who Got Arrested In 2014
2014-12-23 Amanda Bynes Wants to Be a USC Psychology Major
2014-12-19 Amanda Bynes Is Back Online and Showing Off Her Slim Figure
2014-12-07 Amanda Bynes' Fake Instagram Account Closed After Celebs Fire Back
2014-11-20 8 Worryingly Real Amanda Bynes Tweets
2014-11-17 Amanda Bynes Reportedly Threatened to Murder Her Family
2014-11-17 Amanda Bynes' Lawyer Blasts TMZ Over Audio: They Invaded Her Privacy
2014-11-16 Amanda Bynes Restaurant Hops Before Clubbing at Hollywood Hot Spot
2014-11-15 Amanda Bynes Clears Up Engagement Rumors: I’m Marrying a Different Guy Named Caleb
2014-11-14 Amanda Bynes -- Nightclub's Freak Show
2014-11-14 Amanda Bynes Adds Blue Hue to Lavender Hair
2014-11-13 Nicki Minaj's 'Only' Music Video Slammed for Nazi Imagery
2014-11-11 Amanda Bynes' Parents Give Up, Forfeit Conservatorship
2014-11-07 Amanda Bynes' Parents Surrendering Conservatorship
2014-11-06 Amanda Bynes' Parents to Transfer Conservatorship
2014-11-06 Amanda Bynes Living Off $50 Gift Cards From Her Parents
2014-11-05 Amanda Bynes Is Living Off Gift Cards
2014-11-04 Judi Dench and Robert Downey Jr. Honored.
2014-11-01 Amanda Bynes Reportedly Released From Psychiatric Hold, Spotted On Sunset Boulevard
2014-10-31 Amanda Bynes -- RELEASED From Mental Facility ... Roaming Sunset Strip
2014-10-31 Amanda Bynes Released, Seen Wandering Sunset Strip Acting Bizarre
2014-10-31 Amanda Bynes’ Parents Get Conservatorship
2014-10-29 Amanda Bynes' Parents Obtain Conservatorship for Second Time
2014-10-29 Khloé Kardashian Gushes Over Ex French Montana
2014-10-29 'The Doctors' Report on Amanda Bynes' Condition
2014-10-26 Amanda Bynes' Very Own Show Premiered 15 Years Ago
2014-10-16 Amanda Bynes Faces Involuntary Confinement For Up To 1 Year
2014-10-15 Amanda Bynes Could Be Confined for a Year
2014-10-15 Amanda Bynes' Psych Hold Extended to 2 Weeks, Hit 'Breaking Point' With Abuse Allegations
2014-10-14 Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Support For Amanda Bynes: "I Want To Bring Her Back"
2014-10-14 Amanda Bynes Feels Betrayed by Parents for Deceiving Her
2014-10-14 Sunday's Showbiz Round-Up: Amanda Bynes in Psychiatric Care and More
2014-10-12 Amanda Bynes Hospitalized, Placed On Psychiatric Hold
2014-10-11 Amanda Bynes Placed on Psychiatric Hold After Twitter Rant
2014-10-11 Actress Amanda Bynes Placed In Psychiatric Care: Family Lawyer
2014-10-11 Amanda Bynes -- Shoplifting Video
2014-10-10 Amanda Bynes Is Engaged
2014-10-07 Amanda Bynes Demands Partygoer Deletes Her Pic During Surprise Appearance At NYLON's It Girl Prom
2014-10-07 Showbiz Round-Up: Holly Willoughby Has a Baby Boy and More
2014-10-01 Amanda Bynes -- Kicked Out Of Fashion School For Weed, Bizarre Conduct
2014-10-01 Amanda Bynes’ Parents Probably Don’t Know That She Was Kicked Out Of Fashion School For Cheating, Weed
2014-10-01 Just How Bad Are Things with Amanda Bynes?
2014-10-01 Amanda Bynes Arrested for Drugs - Again
2014-09-30 Celebrity Scoop News: Liv Tyler, Demi Lovato and Amanda Bynes
2014-09-30 Amanda Bynes -- Parents Knew Nothing Of Arrest ... No Idea Where She Is Now
2014-09-30 Ingrid Nilsen Takes Us Back to 2003
2014-09-10 All the Celebs Lorde Has Dissed (So Far)
2014-05-11 Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter
2014-04-24 Amanda Bynes Is Back In The Driver's Seat! She's Reached Another Milestone Marker On Her Way To Recovery!
2014-04-24 Is Amanda Bynes in Danger of Relapsing?
2014-04-13 Amanda Bynes Slams Schizophrenia & Drug Rumors
2014-04-10 Amanda Bynes' Mom Lying About Schizophrenia and Marijuana Use?
2014-04-10 Amanda Bynes Denies Schizophrenia Diagnosis
2014-04-09 Hollywood's Biggest Breakdowns and Comebacks
2014-04-08 Amanda Bynes Posts Bikini Photos During Family Vacation
2014-04-07 Amanda Bynes Shares Bikini Pics On Twitter, Thanks Fans For Birthday Wishes
2014-04-06 Amanda Bynes' Secret Twitter Account?
2014-03-12 Amanda Bynes 'Mortified' by Drake Tweet
2014-02-26 Amanda Bynes Recovering at $3K-a-Week Wellness Spa
2014-01-24 Amanda Bynes Excelling at Fitness Retreat
2014-01-24 Amanda Bynes Mad That Parents Won't Let Her Hang with New Friends
2014-01-16 Inside Amanda Bynes' First Day at Fashion School
2014-01-15 Amanda Bynes Victorious in Alleged Bong-Throwing Case
2014-01-10 Amanda Bynes Spotted After Rehab
2013-12-08 Amanda Bynes' First Interview in Five Months
2013-12-06 Amanda Bynes Walks Dogs With Parents After Leaving Rehab
2013-12-06 Amanda Bynes Is Out Of Rehab: What's Next?
2013-12-06 Amanda Bynes Enrolls in Fashion School After Rehab
2013-12-06 See Amanda Bynes For the First Time Since Treatment