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Birth Name: Brooke Bundy

A striking young actress, Brooke Bundy had her start in a pair of short films, "Strangers in the Snow" (2010) and "Erica Wexler is Online" (2010) before landing a supporting role in the indie drama "Without" (2011). Bundy took a larger role in the road trip comedy "Fresh Starts 4 Stale People" (2011) and finally broke through to the mainstream with a juicy but important bit part in the eagerly anticipated dystopian thriller "The Hunger Games" (2012), based on the popular trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Bundy played Octavia, one of the style team members for Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), charged with preparing her to compete in the titular televised fight-to-the-death against 23 other young men and women. Although seemingly vapid and beauty-obsessed, Bundy's Octavia reveals more depth and a sincere emotional attachment to Katniss, adding another layer of complexity to the film's layered social commentary.