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Connie Britton Videos

Now Playing: Jennifer Lawrence: The Next 'X-Men' Movie to Be Her Last Jennifer Lawrence: The Next 'X-Men' Movie to Be Her Last
2015-03-24 Connie Britton Has Good News for 'American Horror Story' Fans
2015-03-19 'Nashville': Sneak Peek: Rayna Reaches Out to Deacon
2015-03-13 'Nashville': Sneak Peek: Vince Gill Intros Rayna at the Grand Ole Opry
2015-03-13 'Nashville': Deacon Tells Rayna He Has Cancer
2015-03-13 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "The Rivers Between Us"
2015-03-13 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "Heart on Fire"
2015-03-13 'Nashville': Deacon Tells Rayna He Has Cancer
2015-03-05 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "Heart on Fire"
2015-03-05 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "The Rivers Between Us"
2015-03-05 'Nashville': Sneak Peek: Vince Gill Intros Rayna at the Grand Ole Opry
2015-03-04 'Nashville': Awkward Elevator Ride for Rayna and Luke
2015-02-26 'Nashville': Rayna Wants Layla at Highway 65
2015-02-26 'Nashville': Rayna Takes Maddie & Daphne from Teddy
2015-02-19 'Nashville': Sneak Peek: Rayna & Teddy Face Off
2015-02-18 'Nashville': Nashville Music: Real Life
2015-02-12 'Nashville': Rayna Remembers Her Past with Deacon
2015-02-12 'Nashville': Maddie's Upset with Deacon
2015-02-12 'Nashville': Rayna Loves Deacon!
2015-02-05 'Nashville': Rayna Tells Her Daughters the Wedding Is Off
2015-02-05 'Nashville': Rayna Tries to Talk to Luke
2015-02-05 'Nashville': Nashville Music: If I Drink This Beer
2015-02-05 'Nashville': Rayna Calls Off the Wedding
2014-12-11 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "We Got a Love"
2014-12-11 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "Baby It's Cold Outside"
2014-12-04 'Nashville': Rayna Needs Deacon to Move On
2014-12-04 Exclusive! 'Nashville' Sneak Peek: Deacon Is '10 Different Kinds of Pissed' At Rayna!
2014-12-03 'Nashville': The Big Luke & Rayna Fight
2014-11-20 'Nashville': Deacon's Text Message to Rayna
2014-11-20 'Nashville': Rayna Wins Entertainer of the Year!
2014-11-20 'Nashville': Juliette Storms Into Rayna's Office
2014-11-13 'Nashville': Rayna & Luke: The Private Vows
2014-11-13 'Nashville': Rayna's on Dancing with the Stars!
2014-11-13 'Nashville': The CMA Nominations
2014-10-30 'Nashville': Maddie Gets Busted
2014-10-30 'Nashville': Rayna & Maddie: Heart-to-Heart Conversation
2014-10-23 'Nashville': The Pregnancy Is Revealed!
2014-10-22 'Nashville': "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"
2014-10-22 'Nashville': The Honeymoon Tour?
2014-10-22 'Nashville': Nashville Music- "Good Woman Good To Me"
2014-10-20 'Nashville': Juliette Considers Adoption
2014-10-16 'Nashville': Rayna Wants Sadie Stone to Sign with Her
2014-10-16 'Nashville': The Rayna & Sadie Car Chase
2014-10-16 'Nashville': Jeff Fordham Vs. Rayna Jaymes
2014-10-16 Tina Fey on Jane Fonda in 'This Is Where I Leave You'
2014-09-16 Adam Driver on His 'This Is Where I Leave You' All Star Cast
2014-09-16 Connie Britton Interviews People's Jess Cagle
2014-05-14 Connie Britton Fights Twitter Trolls
2014-05-13 Which Love Songs Would Stars Seduce You With?
2014-02-13 Connie Britton Promises a Lot More Intrigue on 'Nashville'
2014-02-12 Connie Britton's No. 1 Beauty Secret
2014-02-06 Kimye Is Not Planning Wedding At Versailles
2014-01-23 Connie Britton's Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes
2013-11-27 The To Do List- DVD Clip No.1
2013-11-06 'Making It Work': Connie Britton
2013-10-07 Connie Britton On The Future Of 'Nashville's' Rayna And Deacon
2013-10-07 Connie Britton Reveals The Secret To Maintaining Her Magical Hair
2013-10-07 Connie Britton's Key To Skincare
2013-10-07 Connie Britton LIVE
2013-10-07 Celebrity Guilty Pleasures
2013-09-24 Connie Britton Reveals First Job at Emmys
2013-09-23 Celeb Gridlock On Emmys Red Carpet
2013-09-23 Connie Britton Has The 'Friday Night Lights' Movie Script
2013-08-19 What's Trending
2013-08-19 'Revenge' Season 2 'Stumbled'; Season 3 Will Be 'Less Complicated'
2013-08-06 Meet the Parents of 'The To Do List'
2013-07-26 Clark Gregg and Aubrey Plaza on The To Do List
2013-07-25 Katie Holmes, Naomi Watts and Anna Kendrick At Coach Party On The Highline
2013-06-14 The To Do List- Trailer No.1
2013-06-13 'Friday Night Lights' Movie Is A Possibility, Says Connie Britton
2013-05-01 Connie Britton's TV Scoop at White House Dinner
2013-04-28 'Nashville' Exclusive Preview: 'Dear Brother'
2013-02-26 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunctions
2013-01-15 Golden Globe Awards: Fashion and Stars
2013-01-14 "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas" Review