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Alice Braga Biography

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Birth Name: Alice Braga
Born: 04/15/1983
Birth Place: S

Alice (pronounced Ah-LEESE) Braga Moraes was born on April 15, 1983 in Sao Paulo, Brazil to an acting family. Both her mother, Ana Braga, and aunt, Sonia Braga, were actresses who often took the future star with them to film studios and sets. The young Braga began her own career performing in school productions and commercials before pursuing roles in television and feature films when she was a teenager. She made her onscreen debut in the short film "Trampolim" (1998). Braga took a few years off from acting to concentrate on her studies, but returned with a critically acclaimed role in 2002's "Cidade de Deus" ("City of God"). Braga played the lovely and seductive Angelica, the main character's longtime friend and love interest who encourages him to leave his criminal life behind. The role earned the star a Best Supporting Actress nomination from the Cinema Brazil Grand Prize while the film received multiple nominations at the 2004 Academy Awards, including Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay.

Braga made her English-language debut in 2006 opposite Brendan Fraser, Mos Def and Catalina Sandino Moreno in "Journey to the End of the Night." Set in the actress' hometown of Sao Paulo, the film explored the city's dark and deadly underground sex industry and premiered at the 5th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. In 2007, Braga moved up the Hollywood ranks with a featured role on the sci-fi blockbuster "I Am Legend." The film, based on Richard Matheson's 1954 novel of the same name, starred A-list actor Smith as Lt. Col. Robert Neville, a New York virologist who was immune to a man-made virus that turned the Earth's population into zombies. Braga played a woman who was also immune to the virus and was instrumental to Neville's mission to wipe out the vicious zombie population. The film's post-apocalyptic theme, special effects, and Smith's star power helped "I Am Legend" gross over $585 million worldwide.

The hardworking actress returned to her independent film roots in 2009's "Crossing Over," a character-driven drama that dealt with the struggles of illegal immigrants. Braga played Mireya Sanchez, an immigrant who encounters trouble near the U.S./Mexico border. In 2010, she co-starred with Law and Forest Whitaker in "Repo Men," another sci-fi thriller in which Braga played a woman who was the recipient of multiple artificial organs. Even though it had an intriguing premise and two very likeable leading men, critics panned the film and audiences failed to see it in theaters. That same year, Braga starred in "Predators" as a Special Forces sniper hunted, alongside other abductees, by merciless killer aliens on a jungle planet. The movie was a sequel to the action-packed Schwarzenegger vehicle "Predator" and the cult favorite "Predator 2" (1990).

In 2011, Braga stepped away from sci-fi and towards the supernatural in the horror film "The Rite," portraying Angelina, a skeptical reporter who poses as a student to take an exorcism course and meets a demon-challenging priest (Anthony Hopkins). The following year, she appeared as Terry, one of the many intriguing people encountered by the wandering protagonist Sal Paradise (Sam Riley) in the highly anticipated literary adaptation "On the Road." Braga couldn't stay away from high-concept science fiction for long, however, with a featured role as the childhood friend/love interest of Matt Damon's beleaguered working-class hero in "Elysium" (2013).