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Hot Beefy Babes

3/9/2014 12:00pm EDT
Hot Beefy Babes
Hollywood is full of women of all shapes and sizes, and it's time to pay tribute to the sexy stars who aren't a size 0. These beefy babes are well-built, robust actresses and singers who are beautiful and talented in their own right.

Khloe Kardashian towers over her sisters, but she knows how to work it on the red carpet. She shows off her best assets and isn't afraid to flaunt her figure in form-fitting clothing.

The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star told Cosmopolitan: "I'm proud for losing weight when I wanted to and I've never resorted to surgery. I'm not against it - one day I pr...

Nikki Blonski Defends Amanda Bynes, Says She's Having A 'Breakthrough' Not A 'Breakdown'

4/19/2013 1:00pm EDT
Amanda Bynes
Nikki Blonsky has come out in defense of her fomer "Hairspray" star Amanda Bynes, telling Life & Style magazine that she is in regular contact with the actress and she's not going crazy.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, a former friend of Bynes', recently pleaded with the star's parents to do whatever they needed to in order to get her committed to a mental hospital.

In contrast, Blonsky told the magazine: "She's the same Amanda I met working on Hairspray. She's happy. I don't think that's a breakdown, but a breakthrough. I back Amanda 100 percent."
She added, "I don't think there is any...

Nikki Blonsky Lands Job At Hair Salon

12/13/2011 8:37am EST
Nicole Blonsky
Actress Nikki Blonsky has taken up a job as a make-up artist in a New York salon to help pay off her bills.

Blonsky, who played Tracy Turnblad in 2007 musical Hairspray, is working at Superstar Hairstylists in her hometown of Great Neck after obtaining a cosmetology license.

The 23 year old insists she is "proud" to be working in the shop, and plans to continue to audition for acting roles.

In posts on, she writes, "It's true I'm workin (sic) at Superstar Salon as a make-up artist & more. I'm proud to be workin & helpin (sic) pay bills but I'll never loose (sic) sight of m...

Nikki Blonsky Has Tooth Emergency During Hurricane Irene

8/29/2011 4:30pm EDT
Nikki Blonsky
Nikki Blonsky suffered a broken tooth after a freak accident involving a watch as Hurricane Irene hit New York.

The "Hairspray" star was on lockdown as the storm lashed the city on Sunday, but she was left in desperate need of a dentist after cracking her tooth.

In a series of posts on her page, she writes, "Never try 2 change time on a watch... u pop da crown with ur (your) teeth aka (also known as) #justcrackedatooth.

"And of course I chip my darn tooth during a hurricane when dentists will prob not be (in) their offices... just my luck."

Nikki Blonsky Stamps Out Shoe Selling Rumors

7/15/2011 11:35am EDT
Nicole Blonsky
Hairspray Star Nikki Blonsky has blasted reports she's hit hard times and is working in a shoe store.

The actress was spotted in high-end New York footwear boutique Steve Dann last month, sparking rumors she's struggling to find acting work.

According to reports, she was a hit with customers and sang and danced to keep shoppers entertained.

However, Blonsky has now taken to her page to insist her new role was undertaken as a favor for a pal.

She writes, "So much false reporting! & false quotes. NO career changing! just experimented 4 (for) a day working (at) a friends bo...

Rachel Bilson Stars In Waiting For Forever - On Blu-ray & DVD May 3rd (Watch Trailer)

3/13/2011 11:10am EDT
Waiting for Forever
Don't miss your chance for love when Waiting for Forever comes to Blu-ray and DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. From the producer of Walk the Line, Waiting for Forever tells a story of childhood love that knows no bounds. This Dove family approved film is available May 3rd just in time for Mother's Day.

Rachel Bilson (Jumper, The O.C.) and Tom Sturridge (Pirate Radio) lead an all-star cast in this unforgettable love story. Sturridge creates a mesmerizing and unforgettable character in Will, the quirky street performer with a free spirit and a heart of pure gold. The o...

Nikki Blonsky Says Hateful 'Fatties' Article Was 'Completely Out Of Line'

10/30/2010 1:15pm EDT
Nikki Blonsky
"Hairspray" star Nikki Blonsky has added her weight to a new magazine controversy following a "hateful" rant by a Marie Claire online journalist about the fat stars of new TV hit "Mike & Molly."

Blogger Maura Kelly has apologized for comments she made in a article, titled 'Fatties Get a Room', in which she blasted TV bosses for putting a show that celebrates an obese couple on the air.

In the article, Kelly claims she would be "grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other..." and adds she finds it "aesthetically displeasing to...

A Salute To Our Favorite Fat Kids In Film

5/28/2009 9:45am EDT
The Goonies
Sure, it's true that childhood obesity is a serious problem that menaces the health and well-being of many American tots, whose rate of becoming the deep-fried and taterized variety has risen significantly over the past 30 years. Yet, we are not here to discuss alarming statistics or to point fingers (at the fast food industry for example) for America's increasingly doughy population. No siree. Rather, we come here today to raise our soda-filled glasses to pay tribute to all of those wonderful pie-faced kids who have cinematically graced us with their weighty presence over the years. So, he...

Celebs That Need To Gain/Lose Weight in 2009

1/6/2009 10:00am EST
Nicole Blonsky
Since they are constantly being oogled by the public, celebrities know that it is important for them to look their best. It's how they get work, it's how they get exposure. There are, of course, those celebs who could do with a bit of a weight change. Here's a list of those stars who would look better if they gained or lost a couple extra pounds.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian recently lost a quite noticeable amount of weight. She documented the whole thing on her blog ( diet, her exercise routines with fiancée Reggie Bush. Though she does look q...

New Year's Resolutions The Stars Should Make

12/30/2008 9:08am EST
Amy Winehouse
Lose weight. Stop being late. Get a date. 'Tis the season to make New Year's resolutions. Surveys show that people around the world view the advent of a brand new year with hope, optimism and the intent to make personal and professional improvements.

Here's a look at the top 10 New Year's resolutions made each year and the celebrities who should commit now to making changes in 2009.

1. Spend More Time With Family and Friends

We love Brad and Angelina's devotion to their brood, so we venture this suggestion with all due respect: Spend time with the six crumb-snatchers you h...

Will Work For Fame: Celebrities' First Jobs

3/12/2008 2:00pm EDT
Cindy Crawford
The "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul," singer Mary J. Blige, was goofing around in a mall as a teenager making a demo in a karaoke booth. Anchorman Stone Phillips was waiting tables. Supermodel Cindy Crawford was a college freshman shucking corn at a fair in Illinois.

We've all heard countless stories of ways ordinary people were plucked from obscurity and catapulted into stardom. Still, let's be real: Mary, Cindy and Stone are the exception, not the rule. So, how many random gigs did most celebrities weather on the rocky path to fame?

Nothing wrong with a little guyliner...

Johnny De...

Golden Globes Ceremony May Be Cancelled But We Still Have Our Predictions

1/8/2008 3:17pm EST
The writers' strike has officially infiltrated awards season. The Golden Globes have been reduced to a lackluster news conference. That means no best and worst dressed list. No boozy celebrities making a fool of themselves. All that remains is an hour-long meeting at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with angry WGA picketers surrounding the premises.

So, until the Hollywood powers-that-be finally buckle down and give the writers what they want and deserve, we here at Starpulse are going to call the winners and losers. We looked at reviews, other expert predictions, viewer attitudes and who we ...

Nikki Blonsky Stars In 'Queen Sized'

12/10/2007 1:20pm EST
Nikki Blonsky
Following her leading role in the summer blockbuster "Hairspray," rising young actress Nikki Blonsky stars alongside Annie Potts in the Lifetime Original Movie, "Queen Sized." The film is an inspirational true story of an overweight teen who takes a stand against bullying, to become her school's homecoming queen, and ends up with much more than just a crown.

In "Queen Sized," overweight high school senior Maggie Baker (Blonsky), always felt sorry for herself for not being as skinny, pretty or wealthy as the popular girls at school. When Maggie's name ends up on the list of nominees fo...

New Movies On DVD, Nov. 20

11/20/2007 8:00am EST
Adam Shankman's adaptation of the stage musical "Hairspray," itself an adaptation of the non-musical John Waters film of the same name, stars Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad, an overweight high school student whose only dream is to be on a local Baltimore teen dance program. Also on DVD: Live Free Or Die Hard and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.