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Now Playing: 12 Celebrity Couples Who Can't Ever Get Divorced or We Will Lose All Faith in Love 12 Celebrity Couples Who Can't Ever Get Divorced or We Will Lose All Faith in Love
2015-06-06 All You Need To Know About Frozen!
2015-05-11 Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Attend Couple's Therapy
2015-04-16 Kristen Bell Says Not Vaccinating Kids Is "Unacceptable"
2015-04-15 Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Swear by Marriage Counseling Sessions
2015-04-15 Why Kristen Bell Works to Live, but Lives for Her Kids
2015-04-13 'Veep' Actor Timothy Simons Joins Melissa McCarthy's 'Michelle Darnell'
2015-03-13 'Veep' Actor Timothy Simons Joins Melissa McCarthy's 'Michelle Darnell'
2015-03-13 Josh Gad and Kristen Bell Rejoice Over ‘Frozen 2' News
2015-03-13 'Frozen Fever' Trailer
2015-02-27 Kristen Bell: I Didn't Think I Would Be Pro-Vaccination Before I Had Kids
2015-02-21 Watch Kristen Bell Rap Too $Hort on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
2015-02-18 Kristen Bell Won't Let  Unvaccinated Friends Hold Her Kids
2015-02-18 Kristen Bell Demands You Have Your Vaccinations If You Want to Hold Her Baby
2015-02-18 Kristen Bell Recalls Acting Like a 'Meth Addict' After Giving Birth
2015-02-17 Kristen Bell Wants Friends Vaccinated Before Holding Her Children
2015-02-17 Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Talk 'Easy' Baby No. 2
2015-01-08 What Disney Princesses Look Like in Real Life
2015-01-04 'House of Lies' Drops Baby Bombshell
2014-12-06 Our #WomanCrushWednesday Kristen Bell Releases Catchy Holiday Song
2014-11-19 Kristen Bell Loves ‘Frozen’ Even More Than Your Kids Do
2014-10-29 Frozen - Trailer
2014-10-28 Meet Once Upon A Time's Real-Life Kristoff: Scott Michael Foster Dishes On His Frozen Audition
2014-09-29 The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Grants Banquet Is a Success
2014-08-15 Country Music Stars Love Southern Living!
2014-07-25 ?Christopher Walken to Portray Hook in 'Peter Pan Live'
2014-07-14 Reasons Why Stars Love the South
2014-07-09 Kristen Bell Announces Baby 2 and How Motherhood Changed Her
2014-06-28 Kristen Bell Is Pregnant Again!
2014-06-24 CMT Music Awards Five Must-See Moments
2014-06-06 CMT Music Awards 2014: All The Red Carpet Arrivals!
2014-06-05 Celebrate National Shrimp Day With Short Celebs!
2014-05-09 Kristen Bell Strips Down Post Baby Bump for Allure Magazine
2014-04-23 The Naked Truth 2014: Four Celebrities Go Nude for Allure
2014-04-22 Kristen Bell, Jenna Dewan And More Pose Nude For Allure
2014-04-22 ‘Frozen’ Is Top Grossing Animated Film Ever
2014-04-01 'Frozen' Is The Highest-Grossing Animated Film Ever
2014-03-31 Kristen Bell on 'Frozen 2' and Fighting for a Goofy Anna
2014-03-18 'Veronica Mars': 2 Movies & Another Series?
2014-03-18 SXSW Closes: The Hottest Moments of the Week
2014-03-17 The Veronica Mars Team on the Kickstarter Controversy
2014-03-16 'Veronica Mars' Film Clip
2014-03-14 Style Sound Off: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Bell, Jessica Alba
2014-03-14 Fans Resurrect 'Veronica Mars'
2014-03-14 The Veronica Mars Movie Project and the Pitfalls of Crowdfunding Films
2014-03-13 Kristen Bell in "Veronica Mars" First Trailer
2014-03-08 Kristen Bell Says All The Right Things As "Veronica Mars"
2014-03-08 Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard May Be the Silliest and Sexiest Oscars Couple
2014-03-03 Celebrities Support Ellen Page After She Comes Out
2014-02-17 Dax Sheprad Offered to Donate Sperm for Tom Arnold's Wife to Conceive
2014-02-01 Stars Call For Boycott Of Magazines That Pay For Pics Of Celeb Kids
2014-01-29 Kristen Bell Talks About 'Veronica Mars' Movie
2014-01-19 The Young & The Restless' Michael Muhney Was Reportedly Fired From Veronica Mars Many Years Ago Due To Ego Problems!!
2014-01-08 New Theatrical Trailer for 'Veronica Mars' Movie
2014-01-03 Celebrities Who Gave Birth in 2013
2013-12-26 Celebrity Brides, Babies And Breakups of 2013: A Year In Review
2013-12-25 Kristen Bell Is Ready for More Kids
2013-12-13 The Stars Attend LA Premiere of 'Frozen'
2013-11-20 'House of Lies' Caught in Gang Gunfire
2013-11-16 Kristen Bell Says Calling Dax Shepard Her Husband "Is Pretty Awesome"
2013-10-29 Exclusive 'Frozen' Preview - The Abominable Marshmallow
2013-10-29 Dax Shephard & Kristen Bell Wedding Cost Just $142
2013-10-29 Kristen Bell, Josh Gad In Animated Adventure "Frozen" Second Trailer
2013-10-27 Kristen Bell And Dax Shepherd Get Married!
2013-10-18 Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Get Married
2013-10-18 Frozen-Trailer No.2
2013-09-30 Hot Post-Baby Bodies of Hollywood
2013-09-11 Celebrities Reject NYFW Show in Leaked Email
2013-09-06 Kristen Bell’s Lifeguard Sex Scene
2013-08-29 D23 Recap: Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman & More!
2013-08-13 Kristen Bell's Voice Changed During Pregnancy
2013-08-12 Gorgeous Kristen Bell at D23 Expo Chats About "Frozen"
2013-08-10 Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Nix Wedding
2013-08-07 Kristen Bell Refuses To Give Up Career or Lose Weight Post-Baby
2013-07-31 Kristen Bell in No Hurry to Lose Baby Weight