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Lucille Ball's Hometown Has Some 'Splaining To Do

4/3/2015 1:15pm EDT
Lucille Ball Statue
A statue of television icon Lucille Ball that was erected in her home town of Celoron, New York, in 2009 has residents of the town demanding it be removed.

The reason people are upset? Because it looks nothing like the late I Love Lucy star.

An anonymous resident created a Facebook page called We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue, and he spoke with Yahoo News, telling the website, "Lucille Ball was not only an amazing comedienne, but she was a stunning beauty. Her sense of humor only made her more beautiful."

The Facebook page has residents calling for the town to replace the statue, whi...

12 Not-So-Popular ‘I Love Lucy’ Episodes That Are Actually The Best

10/15/2014 11:07am EDT
12 Not-So-Popular ‘I Love Lucy’ Episodes That Are Actually The B
Today, 63 years ago, one of the most famous and funniest redheads made her television debut on what would become an iconic, popular and beloved comedy. That’s right, we’re talking about Lucille Ball and the hit series “I Love Lucy.”

Lucy Ricardo never failed in producing laughs, especially when it came to working at a candy factory, starring in a TV commercial, meeting William Holden or whatever wacky shenanigan she just couldn’t help herself from getting into that week.

As every TV series does, “I Love Lucy” has some favorite episodes that we just can’t help reminiscing about and watchin...

Betty White Inducted Into NAB Hall Of Fame

4/18/2012 9:27am EDT
Betty White
Golden Girls legend Betty White is the latest star to enter the National Association of Broadcasters' Hall of Fame.

The veteran actress was inducted into the prestigious institution at a special ceremony in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

White was selected for the honor in recognition of her lengthy career, her seven Emmy Awards and her numerous TV and film roles.

NAB President-CEO Gordon Smith says, "Betty White is admired by generations of audiences. She has remarkable energy and an incredible ability to connect with viewers. Betty's contributions to television and entertainment as a whole a...

Jessica Simpson Planning An 'I Love Lucy' Remake

3/23/2012 3:30pm EDT
Jessica Simpson
Heavily pregnant Jessica Simpson is developing a remake of classic sitcom I Love Lucy with the expectant star in the lead role.

The singer/actress is due to give birth to her first child imminently, but she's already working on her showbiz return and has reteamed with TV producer Ben Silverman, the man behind her new design show Fashion Star, to breathe new life into the popular 1950s comedy.

And Simpson has her sights set on stepping into Lucille Ball's shoes to revive the role she made famous.

During an interview with Elle magazine, Simpson is heard chatting about the prospective pr...

Paranormal Research Group Searches For Vivian Vance's Ghost

9/29/2011 3:18pm EDT
I Love Lucy
Beloved I Love Lucy star Vivian Vance's former home in New England has become the site of a major paranormal investigation.

The actress sold the Stamford, Connecticut home in the 1960s when she moved to California and although she died of cancer in 1979 on the other side of America, the longtime owners of the old place believe her ghost has returned to haunt them.

And she's not alone - Melissa Leigh, who has lived in the haunted house since the mid-1970s, believes there are a number of spooks floating around the place.

Now, the Norwalk Paranormal Research Group have targeted the home ...

Happy 100th Birthday, Lucy!

8/6/2011 4:41pm EDT
I Love Lucy
It's hard to believe, but Lucille Ball would have been 100 years old today. She died over 22 years ago in April 1989, following heart surgery. She was 77 when she died.

We just have to salute this TV legend today. Not only did she mold nearly 20 years of memorable sitcom TV (from "I Love Lucy" through "The Lucy Show" and "Here's Lucy") but she helped create the traditional sitcom format, with multiple film cameras and saved prints for syndication.

Google is paying tribute today on its homepage. Check it out.

Here is our favorite "Lucy" moment from the original series. Lucy finagles ...

Jessica Alba Counts Lucille Ball, Peter Sellers & Chevy Chase As Her Top Influences

11/5/2010 1:30am EDT
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba: The Girl Can't Help It! 's interview and photo shoot with Jessica Alba below!

On owning up to her choice of roles:
"I know I haven't been swimming in the deep end with some of the movies I've done. I wasn't trying to. I knew what they were."

On her personality:
"I'm shy. I don't like being the center of attention. But when I do comedy, I lose all inhibition and introspection. I no longer care."

On gaining confidence in her craft:
"I'd been so afraid of criticism ever since I was young. Every time I'd get a critique or some redirection, I'd always just take it very personal...

Eddie Murphy Got Turned On Watching 'I Love Lucy'

5/23/2010 9:27am EDT
Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy has always been turned on by funny women, like Lucille Ball.

He said, "I have a funny girl fetish. When women are funny, that's sexy to me... When I was a kid, I used to watch Lucy with a boner. I was like, 'Yeah, I love Lucy too.'"

Eddie is preparing to return to the stage as a stand-up comedian, but he insists it will be a year before he has enough material for a full show. Before he became an in-demand film star, Murphy was one of the world's top comics and could fill huge venues, like Madison Square Garden - and now he admits he's itching to get back out there.

The 7th Annual TV Land Award Show Honorees

3/24/2009 12:31pm EDT
Married...With Children
TV Land announced today that it will pay tribute to "M*A*S*H," "Married...With Children," "Home Improvement," "Magnum PI," "Knots Landing" and "Two And A Half Men" at the 7th Annual TV Land Awards.

Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the two-hour show will tape on Sunday, April 19th at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City and will air on TV Land during a special presentation of TV Land PRIME on Sunday, April 26th at 8PM ET/PT.

All of this year's honorees are cultural icons representing a cross-section of classic and modern television that viewers love. Below are details on this y...

Movies With Best Ensemble Casts

2/9/2009 5:13pm EST
Sometimes a single actor makes a film, and sometimes too many egos don't fit on the same screen, but when you find a group of talented actors who manage to make it look like they're having the time of their lives, then the audience wants to be a part of the magic. Chemistry can't be faked. Whether He's Just Not That Into You, starring Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Jennifer Connelly, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Connolly, Ginnifer Goodwin, Bradley Cooper, and Scarlett Johansson will be one of those remarkable collaborations remains to be seen. In the meantime, here's a little taste...

Spotlight On Comedic Couples

11/10/2008 11:32am EST
Amy Poehler & Will Arnett
Who digs funny couples? Not the awkward, laughing-at-you kind that might be clueless or socially weird but the legitimately engaging, entertaining and hilarious ying and yang of Mr. & Mrs. Whomever. Rarely will the life of the party date the other life of the party - at times there's not enough attention to go around. But sometimes it happens, and if we're lucky they'll go into showbiz.

Take a look at some memorable comedic couples and the neat little niches they have filled:

The Animated Couple

Marge & Homer "The Simpsons"

There was a time when identification of a "Simpso...

'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!' & Other Memorable TV Quotes

7/14/2008 8:45am EDT
When the television became available in the early 20th century, who would have ever thought it could became such a vital part of pop culture and media coverage? These days the "Boob Tube" still holds power over even the most casual of viewers with its advertising campaigns and storytelling prime time shows.

The television is used to entertain as well as inform, and over the years thousands of shows were created to catch the attention of the public. Only so many shows are able to grab the love and approval of audiences, and even less than that stay memorable after years pass on. Here a...

Will Work For Fame: Celebrities' First Jobs

3/12/2008 2:00pm EDT
Cindy Crawford
The "Queen of Hip-Hop Soul," singer Mary J. Blige, was goofing around in a mall as a teenager making a demo in a karaoke booth. Anchorman Stone Phillips was waiting tables. Supermodel Cindy Crawford was a college freshman shucking corn at a fair in Illinois.

We've all heard countless stories of ways ordinary people were plucked from obscurity and catapulted into stardom. Still, let's be real: Mary, Cindy and Stone are the exception, not the rule. So, how many random gigs did most celebrities weather on the rocky path to fame?

Nothing wrong with a little guyliner...

Johnny De...

Snubbed: Stars Who Should've Gotten A Golden Globe Nomination

1/11/2008 12:00pm EST
Big Love
The Golden Globe Awards have officially been scrapped and replaced by a press conference announcing the winners. Snubbed performers and filmmakers can take comfort in the fact that come Golden Globe night, the nominees will be at home too.

Steve Carell (Dan in Real Life)

As the obnoxious Michael Scott, Steve Carell is nominated in the "Best Performance by an Actor In A Television Series" for "The Office," but it's in film that Carell really shows of his impressive range. He made a horny virgin sweet and innocent in The 40-Year-Old Virgin before tackling a suicidal, gay Proust scho...

TV Land Airs Halloween Marathon Oct. 28

10/27/2007 9:00am EDT
The Amityville Horror
TV Land goes bobbing for answers to some of entertainment's darkest mysteries on Sunday, October 28 from 7PM - 10:30PM (all times ET/PT) with a special Halloween marathon of TV Land's hit original series, "TV Land Myths and Legends."

Celebrate All Hallow's Eve with over three hours of Hollywood's most mystifying secrets and bizarre rumors. From deceased munchkins and the Poltergeist curse to haunted film sets and lifeless Bond girls, TV Land will have you on the edge of your seat.

TV Land Myths and Legends features appearances by celebrities -- many of whom had a direct connecti...

Celebrity Birthdays, August 6

8/6/2007 3:00am EDT
M. Night Shyamalan
Happy Birthday to supermodel/reality star Adrianne Curry (1982), actress Melissa George (1976), Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (1972), film director M. Night Shyamalan (1970), singer/songwriter Elliot Smith (1969; d. 2003), NBA star "The Admiral" David Robinson (1965), "Memoirs of a Geisha" actress Michelle Yeoh (1962), "7th Heaven" actress Catherine Hicks (1951), actor Paul Bartel (1938; d. 2000), English actress Barbara Windsor (1937), jazz singer Abbey Lincoln (1930), pop art pioneer Andy Warhol (1928; d. 1987), actress Ella Raines (1921), "Cape Fear" actor Robert Mitchum (1917; d. 1997), pro...

TV Land Awards to Salute Lucille Ball, 'The Brady Bunch,' 'Taxi' & More

4/5/2007 1:48pm EDT
Kelly Ripa
TV Land announced today that it will salute Lucille Ball, Roots, The Brady Bunch, Taxi and Hee Haw among others at the Fifth Annual TV Land Awards hosted by Kelly Ripa on Saturday, April 14. The gala premieres on TV Land on Sunday, April 22nd at 9 p.m. ET/PT and will be rebroadcast on TV Land's sister network, Nick at Nite that same night beginning at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

All of this year's honorees are pop culture icons representing a cross-section of classic television that Boomers continue to love. Legendary comedienne Carol Burnett will bestow the Legacy of Laughter Award on Lucie Arnaz...

TV Land Celebrates 30th Anniversary of 'Three's Company' with 24-Hour Marathon

3/12/2007 12:05pm EDT
TV Land celebrates the comedic misadventures of the zaniest roommates on television -- Jack, Janet and Chrissy -- with a 24-hour marathon saluting the 30th Anniversary of the Emmy Award-winning series Three's Company beginning Saturday, March 17, at 8:00pm (all times ET/PT).

Tune in to relive some of television's most hilarious and madcap episodes including a retrospective show hosted by Lucille Ball, the pilot episode recounting how it all started and the series finale. TV Land will also showcase episodes from the hit series' spin-off, "The Ropers" and "Three's a Crowd."

Fans ca...

Get a Bird's Eye View of Some Celebrity Homes

2/14/2007 10:00am EST
Demi Moore
Have you ever wondered (if you don’t already know that is) what happened to the home Demi Moore and Bruce Willis shared well before Ashton Kutcher came into the picture? Or where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio finally called it quits? This Valentine’s Day, take a look at the homes of some famous couples who didn’t quite make it.

In Hollywood — the land of prenups and break-ups — love seems especially fleeting. But unlike those magazines at the checkout stand, the homes of Hollywood's famous couples never spill their secrets. (If only walls could talk!) Check out the homes of some of ...

Elvis Still Reigns as King in Most Popular Stamp Ranking

12/27/2006 10:43am EST
Elvis Presley
While the 1993 Elvis stamp continues to hold court as the most popular stamp of all time with more than 124 million collected, three sets of stamps issued during 2006 rank among the top 10, Postmaster General John E. Potter recently announced.

"Stamp collecting continues as one of the world's most popular educational hobbies that the entire family can enjoy," Potter said in announcing the 25 most popular stamps of all time. "Three stamp subjects issued this year were extremely popular: Wonders of America, Land of Superlatives, came in at number two for all time with more than 87 millio...

Celebrity Birthdays, August 6

8/6/2006 3:00am EDT
M. Night Shyamalan
Happy Birthday to supermodel/reality star Adrianne Curry (1982), actress Melissa George (1976), Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (1972), film director M. Night Shyamalan (1970), singer/songwriter Elliot Smith (1969; d. 2003), NBA star "The Admiral" David Robinson (1965), "Memoirs of a Geisha" actress Michelle Yeoh (1962), "7th Heaven" actress Catherine Hicks (1951), actor Paul Bartel (1938; d. 2000), English actress Barbara Windsor (1937), jazz singer Abbey Lincoln (1930), pop art pioneer Andy Warhol (1928; d. 1987), actress Ella Raines (1921), "Cape Fear" actor Robert Mitchum (1917; d. 1997), pro...

Nearly 8 Hours of Music Featured on MGM Musicals Anthology; Out April 25

4/17/2006 12:20pm EDT
Singin In The Rain
Movie music fans rejoiced in 1995 when Turner Classic Movies Music and Rhino Movie Music partnered for an exhaustive five disc collection featuring indelible musical performances from MGM's golden age. A decade and more than 200 classic movie soundtrack releases later, Turner/Rhino revisits the centerpiece of its successful ongoing partnership to create a truly definitive collection of MGM musical magic.

"That's Entertainment!" The Ultimate Anthology of MGM Musicals" expands the original landmark release with an entire disc of never-before-released music, and uses new technology to up...