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Sexy Sirens: The Hottest Cops On TV And The Big Screen

3/5/2010 2:30pm EST
Brooklyn’s Finest
Acclaimed director, Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) has once again created a buzz with his latest release, Brooklyn’s Finest. Starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke and Wesley Snipes, the gritty film chronicles a chaotic week in the conflicted lives of three New York City narcotics officers. As we think back, a number of our favorite stars have sworn to protect and serve; here’s a list of our favorite sexy sirens to grace the big and small screens:

Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson), Christopher Meloni (Eliot Stabler) and Ice T (Odafin “Fin” Tutuola) on Law and Order: SVU


'Supernatural' Recap: Free To Be You And Me

9/25/2009 8:02am EDT
Supernatural showed the audience that Sam and Dean were really set on going separate ways and not just pulling another quick time apart. Dean hunted while Sam got a job bartending and started going by the name Keith. In spite of not speaking the entire episode, the brothers both had encounters with archangels.

Dean got a visit from Castiel when Cas tried to set up a meeting with the archangel that killed him. Cas admitted that he most likely wouldn't survive another encounter with Raphael, so Dean suggested they go out and meet some women. Dean then found out Castiel was a virgin and fou...

'Supernatural' Recap: 'Good God, Y'All'

9/18/2009 8:50am EDT
Thanks to his injuries in the season premiere of Supernatural, Bobby was stuck in a wheelchair. Castiel showed up and explained that he was now a rebel angel from hell and cut off from some of his powers, most importantly healing. After he carved the symbols into Sam and Dean's ribs, he was now forced to use a cell phone to track Dean down. Castiel told them that their plan to take on Lucifer was stupid, and he planned on finding God to let him send Lucifer back to hell. Castiel then took Dean's amulet, because it turned out to be able to warm up in the presence of God. The best line of the...

One To Watch: Nicki Aycox

6/8/2009 10:55am EDT
Nicki Aycox
If you sift well enough past your Lindsay Lohans, Megan Foxes, etc. you can still find talented, younger (20s-30s) actresses worthy of your time. One of the best examples is Nicki Aycox.

Like most newcomers, Aycox began her career with sprinkling guest appearances bouncing from popular television shows including 3rd Rock From The Sun, Boy Meets World, and Ally McBeal. She stood out in the "Rush" episode of X-Files. While a small role, it was enough for us to remember her two years later as Syl on Dark Angel. Her resume is impressive; she also appeared on CSI, CSI: Miami, Ed, Provi...

'Supernatural' Season Finale Recap: Lucifer Rising

5/15/2009 9:00am EDT
Aside from season two, the past three season finales of Supernatural have ended with a cliffhanger. The season four finale started with the usual quick season recap set to Kansas' "Carry on My Wayward Son" that ended with the Sam walking out on Dean.

In the teaser set in a Maryland covenant in 1972, a demon-possessed priest explained to a group of nuns that his father was trapped and the door was there at the convent. The demon's eyes turned yellow, and revealed it was Azazel, the same demon that started that the Winchesters hunted before finally killing him in the season two finale. ...

'Supernatural' Recap: 'When the Levee Breaks'

5/8/2009 9:59am EDT
Sam and Dean have been building towards a confrontation since the first episodes of Supernatural season four. With Sam's constant lies about what he's been up to with Ruby, it was only a matter of time before Dean found and got mad. Dean's version of mad started last week with him locking Sam into Bobby's panic room. In tonight's episode, Sam is still locked in the panic room and tries to get Dean to let him out.

While suffering through demon blood withdrawal, Sam had a few less than pleasant hallucinations. First up was the demon Alastair who he imagined to be torturing him. While Sa...

'Supernatural' Recap: 'The Rapture'

5/1/2009 10:22am EDT
This season on Supernatural, the show introduced the angel Castiel as an important new character. As far as the body he was borrowing, Castiel never gave any explanation other than saying it belonged to a "devout man…who prayed for this". Tonight's episode begins with Dean calmly fishing, and Castiel appearing to tell him they need to talk. Dean realizes he's dreaming and Castiel gives him an address where they can meet in private.

Sam and Dean go to the location Castiel gave Dean. They find an unconscious Castiel, but it turns out to be Jimmy, the guy that Castiel's body belongs to. H...

'Supernatural' Recap: 'Jump the Shark'

4/24/2009 10:21am EDT
The promo for tonight's episode of Supernatural is centered on a young guy claiming to be Sam and Dean's long lost brother. For those that don't know, Jump the Shark is used to describe the moment when a TV show becomes unrecognizable from the way it first started. This is usually thanks to the addition of a younger, never previously mentioned obnoxious relative.

A woman runs down the hall of a house in tonight's teaser, and since this is Supernatural, it's only a matter of minutes before she has to die. Just as something pulls her under the bed, she knocks over a table with a picture...

'Supernatural': The Monster At The End Of This Book

4/3/2009 9:41am EDT
The inspiration for tonight's episode title comes from a Sesame Street book with a memorable ending. The main character of the book Grover is obsessed with figuring out who the monster is on the last page until he realizes that he is the monster. Sam's been turning more and more to his demon powers this season, so it's easy to assume the title is a shout out to his current situation.

On a couch, a guy in a bathrobe has visions of Sam and Dean. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean go to a comic bookstore for their standard questioning about a haunting. The guy working in the store thinks they're pre...

Supernatural: 'It's a Terrible Life'

3/27/2009 10:47am EDT
Dean, or Bizarro Dean wakes up and heads to work in a suit and tie. He listens to National Public Radio. He's Dean Smith, who eats salads for lunch and worries about dieting. This Dean gets into the elevator later and Bizarro Sam says he looks familiar. Dean Smith thinks he's flirting with him.

Sam, or Sam Wesson, works in tech support in the same company. Sam has a slacker friend Ian who asks about Sam's dreams. This Sam's latest dream includes him saving Tessa, or the episode two weeks ago. Ian laughs as if this is all based on Sam playing too many video games. Sam falls asleep ...