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Now Playing: 'Agent Carter': Producers Reveal Who Dottie Works For 'Agent Carter': Producers Reveal Who Dottie Works For
2015-01-29 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Attacks with a Stapler
2015-01-28 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Does Thompson Know Carter's Secret?
2015-01-28 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Stan Lee on Marvel's Agent Carter
2015-01-28 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Takes a Dangerous Risk
2015-01-28 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Hides Captain America's Blood
2015-01-28 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Howard Wants His Weapon Back
2015-01-28 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Punches Howard Stark
2015-01-28 'Marvel's Agent Carter': What Is Jarvis Hiding?
2015-01-28 'Marvel's Agent Carter': The Truth About Captain America
2015-01-28 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy's Landlady Lays Down the Law
2015-01-14 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Turns to Angie
2015-01-14 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Recovers the Missing Weapons
2015-01-14 'Marvel's Agent Carter': The Truth About Jarvis
2015-01-14 'Marvel's Agent Carter': A Shocking Death at the SSR
2015-01-14 'Marvel's Agent Carter': The SSR Goes After Jarvis
2015-01-14 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Saves Jarvis
2015-01-14 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Dr. Vanko Helps Peggy and Jarvis
2015-01-10 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Another Day at the Office
2015-01-09 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Howard Stark: Genius or Traitor?
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Fights the Green Suit Man
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Jarvis Works Overtime
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Walks Into a Trap
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Howard Stark Asks Peggy for Help
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Wonders If It's All Worth It
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Can Peggy and Jarvis Escape?
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Stands Up for Angie
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Makes a Horrifying Discovery
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy's Poison Kiss
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Peggy Goes Undercover as a Health Inspector
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': What Is Leviathan?
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Who Needs Captain America?
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Jarvis Reaches Out to Peggy
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Will Peggy's Secret Be Exposed?
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Angie Finds Peggy a New Home
2015-01-07 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Sneak Peek: The SSR Goes After Jarvis
2015-01-07 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Hayley Atwell on 'Marvel's Agent Carter'
2015-01-07 Marvel Drops First Official 'Ant-Man' Trailer
2015-01-07 Agent Carter's Hayley Atwell on Why Peggy Is a Better Hero For TV Rather Than Marvel Movies
2015-01-06 'Marvel's Agent Carter': Sneak Preview: Marvel's Agent Carter Series Premiere
2014-11-05 Agent Carter Confirmed for 'Ant-Man'
2014-11-04 'Jimi: All Is by My Side': Richard Roeper's Review
2014-09-28 Hayley Atwell of the Upcoming 'Agent Carter' Talks About Peggy Carter
2014-09-25 'Jimi: All Is By My Side' Trailer
2014-09-23 Louis D'Esposito Talks 'Doctor Strange'
2014-07-29 Hayley Atwell Tell Us What to Expect of Marvel's 'Agent Carter'
2014-07-28 Hayley Atwell on Stepping Out of Captain America's Shadow in 'Agent Carter'
2014-07-27 'Cinderella' Teaser Trailer
2014-05-18 Cinderella Teaser Trailer
2014-05-16 Hayley Atwell Hopeful for 'Agent Carter' Spinoff
2014-04-19 Hayley Atwell Shocked at 'Captain America' Aged Alter-Ego
2014-03-16 World Premiere Highlights of Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2014-03-14 Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy Lead Stars at the British Independent Film Awards
2013-12-09 Agent Maria Hill Vs. Agent Peggy Carter: Fanboy Faceoff Results
2013-09-18 Burberry Takes a Leaf Out of British Heritage
2013-09-17 Marvel Eyeing Female Hero Standalone Movie
2013-09-06 Marvel's Agent Carter One-Shot First Look
2013-07-13 Hayley Atwell Talks 'Peggy Carter' Future
2013-04-20 How About You - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-17 The Duchess - Clip No. 1
2012-12-17 Hayley Atwell Interview on Starring in BBC's Restless
2012-04-29 Hayley Atwell on Her Dream Role
2012-04-29 An Interview with Hayley Atwell
2011-08-30 An Interview with Joe Johnston
2011-08-30 An Interview with Chris Evans
2011-08-30 An Interview with Sebastian Stan
2011-08-30 Marvel Comic Creator Stan Lee Wants Lady Gaga As His Next Heroine
2011-07-21 Kenneth Choi On Working With Chris Evans On Captain America
2011-07-21 Reb Brown: TV's Captain America VS Big Screen Captain America
2011-07-21 Cast of Captain America Talks to IGN
2011-07-20 Hayley Atwell On Captain America
2011-07-20 Sebastian Stan On His Relationship With Dianna Agron
2011-07-20 Brideshead Revisited Movie Review