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'The X-Files' Scores Huge Ratings -- See Details

1/25/2016 2:34pm EST
The X-Files
Bringing back The X-Files proved to be huge for FOX on Sunday night, as more than 13 million viewers tuned in to watch former FBI agents Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) in the premiere of the new six-episode event series.

But is that number really an accurate representation of the show's success? And what does it mean for the network's recently announced plan of resurrecting other past series for new installments?

13 million is an impressive number, absolutely. That's on par with things like NBC's The Voice (which normally does about 12 million on its best d...

Will There Be A Third 'X-Files' Movie?

1/18/2016 8:03am EST
Fans of 'The X-Files' are anxiously awaiting the return of the show on Sunday, Jan. 24. The popular 90s sci-fi drama is coming back for a six-episode run, again featuring the acting of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in the roles of Agents Mulder and Scully. The iconic duo was last seen in the 2008 movie, 'The X-Files: I Want To Believe', and now, show creator Chris Carter has teased that there could be another film on the way if this new season is a success.

Carter revealed the news on Friday to The Hollywood Reporter, saying he had already written a third 'X-Files' movie script even ...

FOX Gives ‘X-Files’ Fans A Special Exclusive Treat

1/12/2016 10:30am EST
Watch The First 60 Seconds Of 'The X-Files' Online
FOX is really teasing audiences about the upcoming return of The X-Files. On Monday, the network offered the first minute of the limited series' premiere episode online as part of a new website launch.

Fans who visit the site ( can watch the opening 60 seconds, which consist of David Duchovny's Fox Mulder narrating an explanation of the show's premise as he lays out a series of photos.

Mulder explains how he came to the X-Files while hoping to find his missing sister Samantha, was introduced to Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and how he ultimately left the...

The 'X-Files' Is Back

12/12/2015 9:06am EST
FOX Drops A New 'First Look' At 'The X-Files'
FOX has released its "first look" at the upcoming return of The X-Files. Click below to watch the new video, which features stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as they discuss what fans can expect from the six-episode miniseries and their thoughts on the X-Files comeback.

Also included in the video are series creator Chris Carter and producer/writer Glen Morgan, who discuss one of the factors that sets X-Files up for success: that members of the original creative team, not just the stars, are coming back for the second go-around.

If you look closely, you might even see a monster in ...

Should ‘Hannibal’s’ Third Season Have Followed The Books So Closely?

8/30/2015 10:06pm EDT
Hannibal TV Series
That’s it, folks. Hannibal’s over. It’s been a good run (phenomenal, really) and there are roughly 800,000 questions I’ve got after witnessing “The Wrath of the Lamb’s” final blood orgy of a cliffhanger (a literal cliffhanger, no less). But here’s the question that I think is most pressing:

Should Hannibal have clung so closely to Thomas Harris's novels this season?

This year’s been quite the departure from Hannibal season past. Those first two years started with the obvious broad strokes Thomas Harris provided (characters, settings, etc) and built their very own framework. The more exact...

‘Hannibal’ Recap: ‘The Number Of The Beast’ Is Total Nightmare Fuel

8/23/2015 10:55pm EDT
Hannibal TV Series
Hannibal’s always maintained a very delicate balance. One chunk of the show maintains that snail-slow art film vibe where characters spout mystical-sounding metaphors at each other. And then the other chunk produces some of the nastiest, most stomach-churning gore on TV.

“The Number of the Beast is 666…” last night’s second-to-last (sob) episode of Hannibal, felt like one of the first times the show really whiffed on that balance. This hour felt slow, right? Like, ponderously, upsettingly slow? At least until the last fifteen minutes or so, when the Red Dragon started rippin' lips and turn...

'Hannibal' Recap: A Serial Killer Falls In Love

8/9/2015 6:49am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
Shame on you, Hannibal. Shame on you for actually making me feel something like empathy for the Red Dragon. This guy shoots families in the head, and prances around doing nude Tai Chi, a la the bad guy in Die Hard 2.

And yet "...and the Woman Clothed in the Sun" actually made me feel for the guy. His relationship with Reba (I'm not sure if Hannibal's ever actually given us her name, but rest assured, it's Reba) is progressing and it's almost likable. In a weird, serial killer way.

Dolarhyde takes Reba to the zoo to pet a tiger. The entire sequence was this beautiful mixture of touching an...

15-Seconds Of The Truth Is Out There

7/17/2015 10:21pm EDT
x files
Fans of hit 90s sci-fi show 'The X-Files' have been eagerly awaiting the January 2016 return of the hit series.

Production on the show began this summer, but the set has remained as closely guarded as some of the government secrets the show is famous for exploring.

Not surprisingly, die-hard fans have freaked out over even the smallest details about the production, like a few photographs tweeted out by stars Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, and others last month.

Fox has finally shared the first official look at Mulder and Scully together again with the release of a 15-second teaser for...

'Hannibal': 'Dolce's' Last Ten Minutes Are Absolutely Insane

7/10/2015 7:10am EDT
'Hannibal' Recap: Did Hannibal Just Eat A Main Character's Brain
"Dolce"- it means sweet, literally, but in a more appropriate context it's also "dessert."

Yep, it's already dessert time on Hannibal. Because, in case you didn't realize, our Italian dinner is only going to take up half the season. Season Three is really two movie/book adaptations in two parts- episodes one through seven are Hannibal the 2001 film (which we'll put a cap on next week with "Digestivo"), and the last six hours are a take on Red Dragon.

That our Italian dinner party is ending is signified two ways. One, by actually transporting all our protagonists out of old Italia. And two...

'Hannibal': Which Major Character Did Hannibal Kill This Week?

7/3/2015 6:31am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
"Contorno": A side dish, typically some kind of vegetable and typically served alongside the secondo (that is, the meat dish). Can be served hot or cold, raw or cooked, but never on the same plate as the meat.

Odd choice of title, isn't it? In much the same way that "Secondo" the episode didn't quite feel like the TV equivalent of hearty steak, "Contorno" is rich and filling and, appropriately, rare to the point of bloody. So much more than a little dish of broccolini, don't you think?

Ok, I'll put the food metaphors away for a while. But seriously- what a knockout hour of TV. Hannibal's ...

'Hannibal' Kills Off One Character, Resurrects A Few More

6/26/2015 8:56am EDT
'Hannibal' Recap: Three Mutilations And A Funeral
"Aperitivo": A pre-dinner drink (and sometimes a pre-dinner snack, too- something small like olives or a nibble of cheese) meant to open up your appetite and get you hungry for dinner.

Yes, it's hard to dwell on prosecco and munchies when Hannibal has just been cancelled by NBC, but no worries. Bryan Fuller and his team are already hard at work securing a new home for everyone's favorite consumer of human flesh. Besides, worrying won't get us anywhere- not when there's Hannibal to discuss!

So let's discuss.

"Aperitivo" is very much an aperitif for our season-long Italian meal. It's an en...

'Hannibal' Recap: Hannibal Gets A Very Vague Origin Story

6/19/2015 8:04am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
"Secondo": the main course. Either meat or fish (or plenty of both), and typically the heaviest part of any multi-course Italian meal.

Curious, isn't it? We're only three episodes into Hannibal's third season, yet we've already hit the main course. At least as far as the episode-title menu is concerned. You'd think, then, that "Secondo" would be a particularly critical outing for Hannibal (or have a certain meatiness, at least).

Not really. "Secondo" is the same measured, dreamy Hannibal we've seen all season. Not that that's a bad thing, of course.

And "Secondo" does build on a certain ...

'Hannibal' Gets Bloody... And A Little Romantic

6/12/2015 9:50am EDT
Hannibal TV Series
"Primavera": pasta in a light sauce of garlic, oil and parmesan cheese (plus cream, on occasion), cooked with plenty of fresh green vegetables.

But "Primavera" also means "spring" in Italian. And it's a painting by Botticelli, which Hannibal once used as the inspiration for a human corpse tableau. Of course, "Primavera" is also the title of our second "Hannibal" of the season.

A Primavera can be many things. Just like Will Graham can be just as many. "Everything that can happen, happens," he muses in his hospital bed (part profound wisdom, part medication high, no doubt). Meaning, there a...

'X-Files' Fans Get First Photo Tease

6/10/2015 6:03pm EDT
Check Out The First Photos Of Mulder And Scully From The Set Of
Fans of hit 90's TV Show The X-Files were delighted earlier this year when it was announced that the show would be brought back in early 2016, and that original stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson would reprise their roles as Agents Mulder and Scully.

Now, production of the new series has officially begun, and the first photos from the set are hitting social media.

Gillian Anderson shared two photos on her Twitter, one of the chairs being used by herself and Duchovny on set, and another showing that's she's dyed her hair from blonde back to Sculy's signature red.

The official X-...

Are These Two Dating Or Just Friends?

5/27/2015 3:52pm EDT
David Duchovny Denies Gillian Anderson Dating Rumors
X-Files fans are anxiously awaiting the reboot of the hit 90s sci-fi franchise in the next year. But it sounds like something else that fans of the show have long pined for is never going to happen.

David Duchovny, who plays Agent Mulder on the show, recently gave an interview where he said a relationship between him and co-star Gillian Anderson is never going to happen.

X-Files fans have long hoped that the on-screen duo would hook up off-screen as well, and some got their hopes up after Duchovny planted a kiss on Anderson on stage at one of his recent concerts.

But Duchovny, who got d...

Gillian Anderson Brought Stunning, Look-Alike Daughter Piper To London's Olivier Awards

4/15/2015 12:45pm EDT
Gillian Anderson Brought Stunning, Look-Alike Daughter Piper To
Gillian Anderson took her 20-year-old daughter, Piper Maru Klotz, along with her to the Olivier Awards in London on Sunday night, and the mother-daughter duo stunned on the red carpet.

The two women, who share very similar looks, both wore black evening gowns to the event, which was held at the Royal Opera House. Anderson was nominated for the Best Actress award for her performance in a stage production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" in the city's West End theater district (she lost to Penelope Wilton).

Related: Fox Is Bringing Back 'The X-Files' -- But Not For Long

ollowing Piper's appea...

Fox Is Bringing Back 'The X-Files' -- But Not For Long

3/25/2015 9:53pm EDT
Duchovny and Anderson in The X-Files
Following the news in January that Fox executives were discussing bringing back hit 90s series The X-Files with the show's creator and stars, a deal has been finalized that will bring the series back to prime time television after 13 year.

Unfortunately for fans -- it's only for six episodes.

The network revealed on Wednesday that a deal was reached with creator Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and production will begin this summer.

"We had the privilege of working with Chris on all nine seasons of The X-Files – one of the most rewarding creative experiences of...

The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Women On Television

3/26/2014 1:34am EDT
The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Women On Television
Sci-fi shows have a lot to offer - intriguing storylines, alien encounters, paranormal activity and, more often than not, beautiful women.

Today's sci fi is no longer geared to just nerds and homebodies. With compelling story threads, many tune in to find out what happens to the characters each week. But having a little eye candy doesn't hurt either.

Who makes our list of the sexiest sci-fi stars on television?

Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly) from Almost Human (2013-)

FOX's "Almost Human" is a police drama set 35 years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved h...

Gillian Anderson Poses Topless With A Conger Eel Around Her Neck

12/3/2013 2:20am EST
Gillian Anderson conger eel
Gillian Anderson has posed in a bizarre photo to raise awareness for overfishing. The fomer "X-Files" actress is featured topless with only a giant conger eel wrapped around her shoulders and covering her breasts.

The photo is from the Fishlove campaign, which hopes to ban deep-sea fishing over claims the practice threatens fragile ecosystems. Fishlove hopes to collect 10,000 signatures on a petition to support its initiative.

Anderson isn't the first star who has bared her body with fish. British actor/musician Goldie and actress Olivia Williams have also gotten nude for the campaign.


Naomie Harris, Gillian Anderson Sizzle At Harper's Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards

11/6/2013 5:00pm EST
Naomie Harris
It was a star studded evening at the Harper's Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards in London on Tuesday. Naomie Harris ("Skyfall," "Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom") looked sultry in a sexy red and black dress with a peek-a-boo decolletage.

She won the award for "British Actress" at the event.

Gillian Anderson won the "Television Icon" award, while Australian Cate Blanchett received the "International Actress" accolade.

Mick Jagger's designer girlfriend L'Wren Scott who claimed the Tastemaker Award, while Colin Firth's wife Livia, picked up the "Green Award" for her environmental efforts in the...

Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny Reunite At Comic Con, Want Another 'X-Files' Movie

10/14/2013 7:00pm EDT
David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson
David Duchovny and his "X-Files" co-star Gillian Anderson reunited at New York Comic Con over the weekend and told fans they're open to making another film about the cult TV series.

"The X-Files" 20th anniversary panel, titled "The Truth Is Here," took place at The Paley Center for Media.

Duchovny, 53, played FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, while Anderson, 45, played Special Agent Dana Scully on the series. The show ran for nine seasons from 1993 to 2002.

According to the Associated Press, Duchovny expressed his willingness to make a third "X-Files" movie. "Gillian and I want to do it, so ...

Gillian Anderson Joins The Cast Of 'Hannibal'

12/13/2012 9:45am EST
Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson is set to return to TV for the first time in 10 years after landing a role in the new small screen adaptation of Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter books.

Mads Mikkelsen will take on the role of the serial killing cannibal in a TV drama prequel to Harris' Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs, and Anderson will appear alongside the Danish actor as Lecter's psychiatrist, Dr Bedelia Du Maurier.

Anderson's move back to the small screen comes a decade after The X-Files ended in 2002. She subsequently relocated to England to work in the British TV industry.

Executive produce...

Rep: David Duchovny Not Dating 'X-Files' Co-Star Gillian Anderson

8/10/2012 9:01am EDT
David Duchovny
David Duchovny and his former "The X-Files" star Gillian Anderson are not dating, according to a representative for the actor.

A spokesperson for Duchovny has put an end to the rumors, telling, "It is not true."

On Wednesday, gossip website posted an article suggesting Duchovny and Anderson had been "in a serious relationship for some time now." The rumor struck one day after Anderson confirmed her six-year romance with Mark Griffiths had ended.

Last year, Duchovny's wife Tea Leoni left him for the second time. Prior to that, the actor had sought help f...

We Want To Believe: Gillian Anderson And David Duchovny Dating?

8/9/2012 3:07pm EDT
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
Now that Gillian Anderson has broken up with her boyfriend of six years, rumors are circulating that she is seeing her X-Files co-star David Duchovny!

Celeb Dirty Laundry claims to have the scoop. They write, "A source exclusively told CDL that David and Gillian have been in a serious relationship for some time now and she and her children are shacking up with the Californication actor. This is a long time coming for the pair whose chemistry on their hit show was always a source of tabloid conjecture. Gillian and David worked together from 1993 to 2002 and starred in the movie version in 2...

Gillian Anderson Splits From Longtime Boyfriend

8/8/2012 8:57am EDT
Gillian Anderson
Actress Gillian Anderson has split from her boyfriend of six years.

A representative for The X-Files star has confirmed the 43 year old's romance with Mark Griffiths is over.

Anderson was previously married to filmmakers Clyde Klotz and Julian Ozanne.

She and Griffiths have two children, Oscar, five, and three-year-old Felix.

The actress also has a 17-year-old daughter from her three-year marriage to Klotz in the mid-1990s.

9 Sexy Bisexual Celebrities

8/1/2012 3:00pm EDT
Megan Fox
Bisexuality is hot in Hollywood these days, and more and more stars are opening up about their sexual preferences. A few years ago, Megan Fox said about her girl crush Angelina Jolie, "Every time a relationship ends, I say, 'If I could just be Angelina's girlfriend, I would be so happy!'"

For the record, Fox is currently married to Brian Austin Green, and they are expecting their first baby together. Also for the record, Jolie has swung both ways too.

Most recently, former "X Files" star Gillian Anderson got tongues wagging after revealing to Out magazine this spring that she had been inv...

Gillian Anderson Revealed Lesbian Affairs Following The Death Of Former Girlfriend

7/30/2012 8:31am EDT
Gillian Anderson
Actress Gillian Anderson felt compelled to open up about her previous romantic relationships with women after one of her lovers died last year.

The X-Files star revealed to the April issue of Out magazine she was involved in a lesbian love affair for "a long time" during her high school years and also confessed to same-sex flings. Anderson now admits her big reveal was spurred on by her grief after learning a former partner had passed away in 2011.

She tells Britain's The Sunday Times Magazine, "I was talking to Out about gays and choice, and the view that you can just choose not to be ...

Gillian Anderson Says She Was Offered 'Downton Abbey' Role

3/16/2012 1:24pm EDT
Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson missed out on the chance to star in Downton Abbey after she was offered a leading role in the popular British period drama.

The X Files star has revealed she was approached by TV bosses to play American aristocrat Lady Cora Crawley in the Emmy-winning TV series, which has become a hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

However, the part eventually went to Elizabeth McGovern.

Anderson tells TV Guide Magazine, "I was actually offered a part in Downton."

Nevertheless, she hopes her role in a TV adaptation of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations will be just as popular: "Hop...

Gillian Anderson Opens Up About Her Past Lesbian Relationships

3/14/2012 9:09am EDT
Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson has stunned fans by revealing she has had romantic relationships with women.

The 43-year-old former "X Files" actress admits she was involved in a lesbian love affair for "a long time" during her high school years - and she has had several same-sex flings.

Anderson tells the April issue of Out magazine, "I'm old enough that I can talk about that."

But the actress, who has been married twice and who has three kids, always knew she wasn't "100 percent gay."

She adds, "It's possible that my attitude around it came, on some level, from knowing that I still liked boys."

In Case You Missed It: Celebrity Fashion At The 2012 BAFTAs

2/14/2012 2:30pm EST
Michelle Williams
The 2012 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTAs) were overshadowed on Sunday by the Grammy Awards and the passing of superstar Whitney Houston, but we have some great photos from the event.

Many stars stuck to their favorite hues - black and white - but there were a few colorful celebs in the bunch.

"The Artist" was this year's biggest winner, taking home seven awards: Best Film, Best Actor for star Jean Dujardin, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Original Music and Best Costume Design.

Check out the fashion on the following pages:

Chris H...