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Now Playing: Jessica Alba Celebrates Turning 34 With Her Family, Dishes on the Cute Presents She Received Jessica Alba Celebrates Turning 34 With Her Family, Dishes on the Cute Presents She Received
2015-04-30 Fantastic Four Cast Talks Iconic Suits And Potential Future Storylines
2015-04-29 Which Celebs Would Angelinos Shower With to Help the Drought?
2015-04-28 Kate Hudson a "Hot Mess" at Her Birthday Party
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2015-04-21 Waist Training Like Kim Kardashian
2015-04-12 'Entourage' Movie Hits Cinemas Soon
2015-04-10 The MTV Movie Awards Hosts You Probably Forgot About
2015-04-08 Chrissy and John Vacation With Jessica and Cash
2015-03-28 Chrissy and John Vacation With Jessica and Cash
2015-03-28 Teen Action-Comedy 'Barely Lethal' Wins Appeal to Overturn R Rating
2015-03-27 The 'Entourage' Movie Trailer Filled With Celebrity Cameos
2015-03-25 Second Entourage Trailer Features 17 Celebrity Cameos, Including Jessica Alba, Tom Brady and More!
2015-03-25 5 Celebs Who Chopped Their Hair For Spring
2015-03-20 8 Celebrities Who Waist Train
2015-03-07 Jessica Alba Discusses Beauty Routine and Forthcoming Cosmetic Line
2015-03-06 Celebrity Trends to Look Tight and Fit
2015-02-26 Crème De La Crème! All-Time Best Dressed Celebs at the Golden Globes
2015-01-08 Who Rocked the Best Oscar De La Renta Look Ever
2015-01-07 Jessica Alba -- Sorry 'Honey' ... No Suit For You
2014-12-28 Jessica Alba Shares How She Teaches the Meaning of Beauty to Her Young Daughters, Stuns in Natural Health--See the Pics!
2014-12-26 Stars' Sweetest Family Holiday Traditions
2014-12-25 Sony Hackers Demand 'Movie Of Terrorism' Be Pulled, Or Else
2014-12-09 Celebrities With Successful Side Businesses
2014-12-05 Celebs Who Look Fabulous in the Kitchen
2014-11-28 Breaking Hair News: Jessica Alba Is a Blonde
2014-11-19 Kate Hudson Has A Family Affair On The Baby2Baby Red Carpet
2014-11-10 Who's Really Selling Secrets About Your Favorite Celebs?
2014-11-05 Jessica Alba Is Looking to Get Her Sexy On
2014-10-25 Robert Rodriguez on 'Sin City 2': 'Technology Caught Up with What We Were Trying to Do'
2014-09-25 Victoria Beckham Named UK’s Top Style Icon
2014-09-19 Jessica Alba Feels Dumb for Not Going to College
2014-09-12 Jessica Alba Reveals That She Was "Always Insecure"
2014-09-11 Special: Celebrity Moms
2014-09-07 'Sin City a Dame to Kill For' Movie Review
2014-09-02 'A Dame to Kill For' Takes You Back to 'Sin City'
2014-09-01 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For': Marv and Nancy Clip
2014-08-31 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill for' Review
2014-08-27 Hoodie Allen's Pop Culture-Heavy Music Video for His New Single Movie
2014-08-27 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For'
2014-08-24 Watch Jessica Alba's Sexy Striptease
2014-08-21 What Was Jessica Alba Like Before Her Big Screen Fame?
2014-08-21 Jessica Alba & Rosario Dawson Speak Up About Female Empowerment
2014-08-20 'Sin City 2' Cast Reunite at L.A. Premiere
2014-08-20 Jessica Alba Is the Queen of the Red Carpet
2014-08-20 'A Dame to Kill For' Stars Share Secrets of Survival in 'Sin City'
2014-08-20 Josh Brolin's Nude 'Sin City' Fight Scene
2014-08-19 Jessica Alba Takes to the Mound for the Dodgers Games
2014-08-18 Woman Crush Wednesday: Jessica Alba
2014-08-13 Jessica Alba On Getting In Stripper Shape for 'Sin City'
2014-08-08 Jessica Alba Shows Off Her Thrifty Side
2014-08-06 Best Comic Con Style: Nina Dobrev and Emma Roberts
2014-07-29 Jessica Alba Is 'A Dame to Kill for' at Comic Con
2014-07-28 'Sin City 2' Comic-Con 2014 Interviews with Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson
2014-07-27 Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson on 'Sin City 2' and What Makes a Great Dame
2014-07-27 Josh Brolin on His Fortune of Being Cast in 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For'
2014-07-27 Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller on 'Sin City 2' Characters
2014-07-27 Star-Studded ESPY Awards Showcases the Best in Sports
2014-07-17 Drake's Insane ESPY After-Party Rager at Mega-Mansion
2014-07-17 Brandi Glanville Vs. Rihanna: Who Has the Better Bikini Body?
2014-07-15 Celebrities Give The Midi Skirt A Whirl
2014-07-04 Jessica Alba Rocks A One-Piece Swimsuit (Even Though She Likes Her Stomach Better Than Her Legs)
2014-07-03 Jessica Alba Shows Off Her Perfect Summer CEO Style
2014-06-29 Metallic Fashion Is Taking Hollywood By Storm
2014-06-26 14 Unreal Celebrity Makeup Transformations
2014-06-18 'Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For' Trailer 2
2014-06-15 Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, In "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" New Full Trailer
2014-06-13 Jessica Alba Is After Harrison Fords Job
2014-06-13 How Jessica Alba Got in Shape for New ‘Sin City’ Movie
2014-05-30 Jessica Alba Plays 'Would You Rather' with Glamour
2014-05-07 Met Gala Is A Sexy Must Be Seen Fashion Show
2014-05-07 Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke In "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" Trailer
2014-05-06 Sexiest Fashions At The MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet
2014-04-19 Dish Nation on the Red Carpet at the MTV Movie Awards
2014-04-16 Stars Let Loose on MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet