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Celebrity Birthdays, August 31
Celebrity Birthdays, August 31

Birth Name: Noble Willingham
Born: 08/31/1931
Birth Place: Mineola, Texas, USA
Death Place: Palm Springs, California, USA
Died: 01/17/2004

With his rough speaking voice and often gruff manner, Willingham soon carved a niche in small supporting roles in "Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York" (1975, as, appropriately, a school principal), "The Boys in Company C" (1977, as a sergeant), and "First Monday in October" (1981, as a Nebraska attorney). He was inactive in features for a time in the mid-1980s as TV work expanded. He had previously tried series like "The Texas Wheelers" (1974-75) and "When the Whistle Blow" (1980), and TV-movies including "Black Bart" (1975) and "The Gambler" (1980). Mid-80s small screen work included miniseries like "Dream West" (1986, as President James Polk) and telefilms like "Shooter" (1988).<... Continue Bio >>

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