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TV on DVD: 'Medium: The Final Season'

6/30/2011 3:05pm EDT
Recently, CBS Home Entertainment released season seven of Medium on DVD - the show's last. It comes home with four discs and thirteen episodes. Here's my review of the final set for the cult favorite.

The Show

I've never been interested in the paranormal-type shows; I watched a few episodes of Ghost Whisperer and never really got into it, so when I got my hands on Medium (another CBS show with the same general concept of a woman who has a connection to the dead) I didn't have high hopes. I have to say, though, that once I cracked this set open I could see why the show lasted over tw...

'Medium' Actor Was Drug Mule For Rolling Stones

6/3/2010 9:38pm EDT
Jake Weber
The depths of the Rolling Stones' drug-fueled 1971 recording sessions in the South of France have been exposed by the eight year old who was used as a drug mule just so Keith Richards could give bandmate Mick Jagger cocaine as a wedding gift.

Actor Jake Weber, who plays Patricia Arquette's husband in hit TV drama "Medium," has spoken out about his weird summer with the Stones when he was just a kid.

The "Meet Joe Black" star's late father, socialite Tommy Weber, was among the men charged with getting drugs for the Stones while the rockers worked on their "Exile on Main St." album at Richa...

'Medium' Pushes The Boundaries With Blood & Gore In Latest Episode

2/1/2010 7:43am EST
Last week's episode of "Medium" had a twist that wasn't really that surprising, but it still worked out brilliantly thanks to great acting on all parts. The main guest star, Danielle Panabaker, did very well against Patricia Arquette and it's always great to see a strong vibe between Allison and her case of the week. The episode starts with Allison having a dream about a little girl being diagnosed with schizophrenia as her parents worriedly watch on. They catch her murdering a cat, which was incredibly disturbing even if you only see the feet and tail. Yuck.

Allison is called in to wor...

'Medium' Recap: ' Bring Me The Head Of Oswaldo Castillo'

6/3/2009 2:17pm EDT
Well, "Medium" is so done with NBC now, and they certainly gave it a bittersweet ending. It will be interesting to see how CBS brings the show back next season, but it's a good thing that this isn't the end of the show; way too depressing! There was one major hole I could see in this week's plot: Allison has a brain tumor. It was just a few weeks ago that she slipped into an unknown coma. Now one would assume if she was not responding, they would have done plenty of tests on her brain at that point to figure out the problem. Did a tumor seriously grow that fast? How much time was it between...

'Medium' Recap: 'The Bank Robbery'

5/27/2009 12:21pm EDT
The latest episode of "Medium" is one of those that you see the writing on the wall in the very beginning, and just have to sit back and try to enjoy the rest of the ride afterward. It's easy to figure out and has been done many times before. Introduce a character that seems to go over the main character's head in their specialty, and then it turns out they are part of the crime in the first part. Snooze.

Allison dreams about a bank teller named Ruth telling her boss that their bank is about to be robbed. She sees it in dreams. This of course does happen, and Allison greets Ruth herse...

'Medium' Recap: 'The First Bite Is The Deepest'

5/20/2009 10:29am EDT
I was mistaken to think that last week was actually the finale of "Medium," and I apologize for leading you in the wrong direction. There are actually three more episodes, and this is a great thing since last week would have truly been a poor ending to the season. Instead this week Angelica Huston returns to the show as the brittle and hard Cynthia Keener. Cynthia hired Allison during the time that Devalos was no longer DA, and her story ended rather tragically when she found the killer of her long-dead daughter. Cynthia took it upon herself to murder the sociopath because she knew the cour...

'Medium' Recap: The Man in the Mirror

5/13/2009 10:44am EDT
Immediately after the end of the three part "Medium" episode came season five's finale, titled 'The Man in the Mirror.' This was an interesting one, and probably one of the worst things Allison has had to deal with due to her powers. Everything seems fine on a typical Dubois morning, until Allison gets very dizzy and falls to the ground. She seems okay and refuses to go to the hospital, so everyone goes on with their day. They investigate the murder of a John Doe lying in a shallow grave, but nothing comes up for Allison ... and she abruptly goes into a deep coma. As she goes down with Deva...

'Medium' Recap: How to Make a Killing in Big Business - Part 2

5/13/2009 10:41am EDT
"Medium" does enjoy having a few two part episodes every season, but rarely do they attempt a three parter, and honestly 'How to Make A Killing in Big Business' could probably have been shortened. It worked as three hours, but it was a strain for sure. Allison gets a taste of the good life with a new job, but last week she realized that her boss' son was responsible for the murder of several girls. Lydecker warns her not to share her dreams with the police or he'll sue her and take everything since she signed a contract that her dreams are his. Allison realizes quickly in the third part tha...

'Medium' Recap: 'How to Make a Killing in Big Business'

5/7/2009 9:29am EDT
NBC has chosen an interesting schedule for this week's Monday line up and next week as well, with two back to back episodes of "Medium" both times. Is it because they do not want to space it out to four weeks, or because the show that used to be on at nine is over? In any case, this week was a two hour episode of "Medium" all about how power and money corrupts and being poor and moral is clearly the better way for everyone. Now where have I heard that theme before ....

Allison gets recruited into a big corporation which invests into new products to sell in mass to the world. The boss, ...

'Medium' Recap: 'The Devil Inside' Part 2

4/29/2009 9:31am EDT
"Medium" two-part episodes are usually more about questioning Allison's place in the world and her abilities than about the murderers and cases she helps solve. Such was the case in this two parter, 'The Devil Inside,' which officially concluded this week. This will be followed up by a two hour episode of the show next week, and then concluded with a third episode the week after. It looks like they're really pumping the show up and giving it serious meat. Then again this kind of continuous story line really feels better suited for a season finale; will that end up being nothing compared to ...

'Medium' Recap: 'The Devil Inside'

4/22/2009 2:41pm EDT
Now this is what a real 'to be continued' should be used on, "Medium!" This week's episode started a very serious two-parter titled 'The Devil Inside,' which pits Allison against an enemy who is dangerous for her physical, mental, and psychic health. It starts right out with Allison dreaming about a man who writes her a threatening note, saying her gifts come from the devil and he will stop her. Devalos calms her down by showing threatening notes to himself, and they move on with a new case. A young woman was killed, and Allison sees the murderer put a mask over their face so they'd be knoc...

'Medium' Recap: 'Then... And Again'

4/16/2009 11:15am EDT
This week of "Medium" was supposed to be a continuation of last week, which feels very odd once the omg-Ariel-is-missing storyline wraps up in the first five minutes. That's the only reason they had a 'to be continued' note last week? Really? Unless Ariel is dead on the side of the street somewhere, or kidnapped, that seems an unnecessary bit of melodrama. Something about this episode seemed sleepy all around, except for one very tense scene that didn't even happen thanks to mad time traveling. Peggy Sue Got Married meets "Medium!" Wonderful.

Allison has a dream that Ariel and Joe have...

'Medium' Recap: 'All in the Family'

4/8/2009 1:44pm EDT
"Medium" was especially great this week because it featured several well known guest stars, including Amanda Detmer (Final Destination) as Joe's sister Sarah, James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek) as potential villain Dylan, and Morena Baccarin (Firefly) as potential villain/victim Brooke. Way to bring it on with the excellent guest stars, "Medium!"

This episode is all about family; the fights they have, the love underneath, and sometimes the lack of love that causes problems. Allison dreams of a stranger, who turns out to be the woman Brooke, convincing her youngest daughter to shoot bo...

'Medium' Recap: 'Truth Be Told'

4/1/2009 1:23pm EDT
Maybe you think you want to know when your loved ones and enemies are lying to you, but Allison Dubois can tell you differently! On "Medium" this week she became a human lie detector thanks to a new case involving a reality TV show where truth is what matters. Every time someone around her lies, she hears a very obnoxious buzzer in her head. Somehow she manages not to go insane!

The case involves the murder of a couple in a wood cabin. Allison saw them in a dream, and they, along with another couple, were taken hostage in the cabin by two masked criminals. This is shortly after one of ...

'Medium' Recap: 'A Necessary Evil'

3/26/2009 9:40am EDT
Kurtwood Smith is back on "Medium," and he's badder and more creepy than ever before. For any forgetful fans or newcomers, Smith plays Agent Cooper, a former FBI profiler who tracked down murderers and killed them himself. He was a vigilante serial killer, and justified all the blood on his hands by the relative good he did by stopping them. In time he was killed himself, so now Cooper is a ghost and still giving Allison a hard time. Poor girl, she can't even escape her frenemy even in death.

Allison has a nightmare about a diner being accosted and everyone inside being gunned down by ...

'Medium' Recap: 'A Taste Of Her Own Medicine'

3/4/2009 11:39am EST
"Medium" has often handled gray situations with the characters that Allison Dubois gets involved with, but rarely does she herself make questionable decisions. In this week's episode 'A Taste Of Her Own Medicine' she does, and it left a bad taste in the mouth of the audience afterward. Devalos' good friend Councilman Leaming asks him for help in the disappearance of his daughter Meredith. She is a bit of a drama queen and sent an e-mail saying she just needed to get away, but he is worried that something is genuinely wrong since she hasn't called in days.

Meredith is married to a wealt...

'Medium' Recap: A Person of Interest

2/19/2009 11:49am EST
"Medium" is remarkably talented at morally gray storylines, something which has been mentioned several times before in these recaps, but every time they do it successfully it should be praised. There are so many shows that try to throw anvils at the audience about right or wrong, or dance in the middle but with a righteous overtone. "Medium" makes you think after the credits run.

Allison has a dream about compulsions and how they drive people do to things they wouldn't otherwise. An unidentified man is found bludgeoned to death with his fingerprints removed so Scanlon cannot find...

'Medium' Recap: Do Two Wrongs Make A Right?

2/11/2009 10:39am EST
One of the best things about "Medium" is its attention to moral ambiguity. There is no real black and white in Allison's world but instead several different shades of gray. Take for example the main story of this week's episode, "Things To Do In Phoenix When You're Dead," which involves a dying man trying to steal money from a murderer for his family. Do two wrongs make a right? Is playing with death wise when every last moment counts? These questions are at the heart of the episode, and it raises "Medium" above the average crime procedural.

Allison dreams about a handsome young...

'Medium' Is Back On NBC

2/5/2009 11:31am EST
"Medium" is back! Yay! Season five has officially begun, and the Dubois family is doing a lot better compared to the opening of season four. Devalos is the district attorney again and hired Allison, so the dream team is back together (with Lee of course). Joe tried to start his own business with a new invention, which didn't go as planned but still ended with him getting a better job doing something he loved. Everything is back to how it should be, and the powers that be are ready to mess with the Dubois household again. It starts right out with Allison's newest dream spoofing "Ripley's Bel...

TV Stars Who Deserve Emmy Nominations On July 17, Part 1

7/8/2008 11:55am EDT
Boston Legal
Last week, I helped the Emmy panelists decide upon which series to cast their vote for, and now it's the actors' turn.

The Emmy blue ribbon panel received a group of lists from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences last week. These were top ten lists from which they were to select the five nominees for the big Emmy show. They will view select episodes from each nominee and base their decision on what they see.

It's nigh on impossible to glean an accurate impression from a small sample, especially when it comes to acting. Many characters are given complex arcs from which the...

'Medium' Recap: A 'Mediocre' & 'Lackluster' Episode

1/24/2008 8:30am EST
Both Anjelica Huston and Miguel Sandoval were missing from this week's episode of "Medium," and while the former has not been around long enough to change the feel of the show, the latter certainly has.

Perhaps one of the reasons I've found myself unenthusiastic about the opening episodes to season four is the lack of former District Attorney Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval). He was Allison's (Patricia Arquette) protector, boss, and friend. He constantly supported her, believed in her, and gently questioned her when necessary. In many ways, he may have been a very strong ingredient to...

'Medium' Continues To Be Well Written, Well Acted

1/8/2008 2:49pm EST
Get ready to share nightmares with everyone's favorite psychic because "Medium" is back for its fourth season, and the entire cast has returned along with a few new faces.

"Medium" is about Allison Dubois (Emmy award winning Patricia Arquette), a mother and wife who has struggled her entire life with her psychic abilities. She can talk to dead people, see the future, and occasionally read thoughts as well as get psychic feedback from those she touches. She is often visited in the dead of night by spirits who need her help, and she is able to do so thanks to her position as a consultan...