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Now Playing: Having %22Oscar%22 Lunch With 160 Stars At The Beverly Hilton ShowBiz Minute: Chris Hemsworth, Aretha Franklin, Box Office
2014-03-24 Aretha Franklin: My Family Members Need Record Deals
2014-03-24 'The Equalizer' Sequel Already In Works
2014-02-26 Denzel Washington for John Stewart Green Lantern, X-Men vs Fantastic Four? - Beyond The Trailer
2014-01-24 'Safe House' Review for Parents
2014-01-23 Diahann Carroll Reflects On Her Groundbreaking Career
2014-01-17 Diahann Carroll Isn't Ready To Quit
2014-01-17 Nadine Velazquez Let It All Hang Out For Denzel
2013-12-17 Top 10 Denzel Washington Performances
2013-12-15 2 Guns - Home Ent Exclusive Interview With Mark Wahlberg
2013-12-06 JUST RELEASED: Mark Wahlberg&Denzel Washington in Blu-Ray-DVD Pick of the Week
2013-11-20 2 Guns - DVD Clip No. 1
2013-11-19 Mark Wahlberg's Joins The Double Digit Millions Salaries Group
2013-09-21 Things To Watch Out For On Broadway
2013-09-16 Celeb News Pop: Sep 14th, 7pm
2013-09-14 Justin Bieber, Heidi Klum And More Celebs Expected To Attend Floyd Mayweather Vs. Canelo Alvarez Fig...
2013-09-14 Angelina Jolie Salary Skyrocketing
2013-09-12 Celeb News Pop: Sep 13th, 7pm
2013-09-12 Vin Diesel on Denzel Turning Down 'Fast & Furious 7'
2013-09-11 Patton, Thicke Have Clear Lines On Jealousy, Work
2013-08-28 2 Guns Movie Review : Beyond The Trailer
2013-08-20 2 Guns - Exclusive Interview With Mark Wahlberg
2013-08-16 2 Guns
2013-08-14 2 Guns - Mark Wahlberg Interview
2013-08-08 Court orders Lady Gagas skeletons to stay in the closet!
2013-08-06 '2 Guns' Claims No. 1 Spot at Weekend Box Office
2013-08-06 '2 Guns' claims No. 1 spot at weekend box office
2013-08-05 50 Cent pleads not guilty,"2 Guns"tops box office
2013-08-05 Edward James Olmos Talks Drug Cartels
2013-08-05 Steven Spielberg exits Bradley Cooper's WB movie 'American Sniper'
2013-08-05 Denzel Washington Has Another Strong Movie Open
2013-08-05 50 Cent Pleads Not Guilty, "2 Guns" Tops Box Office
2013-08-05 Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington on 2 Guns
2013-08-05 '2 Guns' shoots to No. 1 at box office
2013-08-04 2 Guns' dominates the box office, shoots past 'Smurfs 2' and 'Wolverine
2013-08-04 Box Office: 2 Guns Blows Away The Wolverine and the Smurfs
2013-08-04 Denzel Washington Has Another Strong Movie Opening
2013-08-04 Macklemore&Ryan Lewis Show The Same Love For Tegan&Sara!
2013-08-04 Richard Roeper Reviews '2 Guns'
2013-08-04 Paula Patton Adds the Sizzle to '2 Guns'
2013-08-04 '2 Guns' Director on His Surprising Request for Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg
2013-08-03 Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg's Shoot-'Em-Up Is a Hit-or-Miss
2013-08-03 '2 Guns' Premiere: Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg Interview
2013-08-03 '2 Guns' reviews: did critics like Denzel Washington's action flick?
2013-08-02 2 Guns Review Roundup: Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg's Shoot-'Em-Up Is a Hit-or-Miss With Crit...
2013-08-02 Box office report: Lindsay Lohan's erotic thriller 'The Canyons' off to soft theatrical start
2013-08-02 Wahlberg, Washington Joke Sequel Will Be “2 Blowdarts”
2013-08-02 Paula Patton Says Nudity Isn’t a Big Deal
2013-08-02 Bill Paxton and His New Orleans Accent
2013-08-02 New Movies: '2 Guns' With Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington
2013-08-02 You Review: 2 Guns
2013-08-02 Film Clip: '2 Guns'
2013-08-01 Who Has the Biggest Balls in "2 Guns"?
2013-08-01 'Fruitvale Station' Star Michael B. Jordan: The Next Denzel?
2013-08-01 Weekend Movie Preview - 2 Guns & The Smurfs 2
2013-08-01 Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg Talk Favorite Rappers at 2 Guns Premiere
2013-07-31 2 Guns Premiere: Denzel Washington Just Being Silly
2013-07-31 2 Guns Movie Review
2013-07-31 Denzel & Mark Mine For Laughs in '2 Guns'
2013-07-30 '2 Guns' Cast Talks U.S. Gun Culture
2013-07-30 Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington Premiere '2 Guns'
2013-07-30 '2 Guns' Premiere: Mark Wahlberg Tells Denzel Washington to Lighten Up
2013-07-30 Why See '2 Guns'?
2013-07-30 '2 Guns' Premieres In New York
2013-07-30 Denzel Washington Denies Cheating Rumors
2013-07-12 Denzel Washington Cheating on Wife of 30 Years?
2013-07-10 Denzel Washington Plagued By Alleged 'Cheating' Photos
2013-07-10 '2 Guns' Preview
2013-07-02 The Latest Trailer Released For "2 Guns" With Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington
2013-05-01 2 Guns Movie Trailer
2013-04-09 Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg Star in "2 Guns" Trailer Release
2013-03-31 How Denzel Washington Prepped for Oscar Nominated Role
2013-02-22 Denzel Washington's Career Highlights
2013-02-20 2013 Academy Award Nominees: Best Actor
2013-01-31 Why Denzel Washington Thinks Other Actors Are Unprofessional On Set
2013-01-25 Denzel Washington Is Letting It All Hang Out in London
2013-01-20 Denzel Washington Premieres 'Flight' in London
2013-01-18 Denzel Washington Responds To Being Michelle Obama's Crush
2013-01-18 "Lincoln" Scores Big With Oscar
2013-01-10 Trey Songz Discusses Top 5 Actors He Wants To Work With
2013-01-04 "Lincoln" and “Argo” Top Golden Globe Noms
2012-12-13 How Denzel Washington Makes His Marriage Work
2012-11-20 Robert Zemeckis Talks About Directing 'Flight'
2012-11-19 Bruce Greenwood on Working with Denzel Washington in Flight
2012-11-11 Kelly Reilly and Melissa Leo Discuss Their Characters in Flight
2012-11-11 Denzel Washington's Insights on Flight
2012-11-07 Denzel Washington on Working with Robert Zemeckis in Flight
2012-11-05 Denzel Washington Interview on Flight
2012-11-04 Richard Roeper Reviews Flight
2012-11-04 Denzel Washington Hopes for an Oscar for His Role in "Flight"
2012-11-01 Denzel Washington, RZA & Kerry Washington Hit The Silver Screen
2012-11-01 'Flight' Film Clip
2012-11-01 Denzel Washington Chats At Premiere of "Flight"
2012-11-01 Will Ferrell and James Marsden At Halloween Events
2012-10-31 Aaron Paul and Denzel Washington Research Drunk Behavior for Movie Roles
2012-10-30 Denzel Washington Talks Learning to Fly and His Upcoming Role in 'Flight'
2012-10-27 Bruce Greenwood Talks Flight With UPTOWN Magazine
2012-10-27 Melissa Leo Talks "Flight" With UPTOWN Magazine
2012-10-27 Kelly Reilly Talks Flight With UPTOWN
2012-10-27 Unscripted - Flight - Viral 02

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