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Now Playing: Mark Wahlberg to Reprise 'Transformers' Role Mark Wahlberg to Reprise 'Transformers' Role
2014-12-19 Mark Wahlberg on the Gamble to Clear His Name
2014-12-16 Mark Wahlberg Notes 'The Gambler's' Stance: Gaming Addiction Isn't a Disease
2014-12-16 Mark Wahlberg Notes 'The Gambler's' Stance: Gaming Addiction Isn't a Disease
2014-12-13 Mark Wahlberg Explains Why He's Seeking Pardon Over 1988 Assault Case: "I Have Done Tons of Work to Better Myself"
2014-12-12 Mark Wahlberg Explains Why He's Seeking Pardon Over 1988 Assault Case: "I Have Done Tons of Work to Better Myself"
2014-12-12 Mark Wahlberg's Request for Pardon Met With Protest
2014-12-12 Mark Wahlberg Reminds Critics How Hard Adult Jail Was at 16
2014-12-12 Mark Wahlberg Opens Up About Pardon Motive
2014-12-11 Mark Wahlberg and Jimmy Fallon Play "Slapjack," Hit Each Other With Giant Fake Hand
2014-12-11 Mark Wahlberg Petitions for Pardon of Past Crimes
2014-12-08 Mark Wahlberg -- I Want a Clean Record So I Can Handle Guns ... As a Cop
2014-12-08 Mark Wahlberg Wants Felony Dropped…So He Can Become a Cop
2014-12-08 Mark Wahlberg Wants to Join L.A. Police Force as a Reservist
2014-12-08 Mark Wahlberg Seeking Pardon for 1988 Assault Conviction, Says "I'm Not the Same Person"
2014-12-06 Why Mark Wahlberg Is Asking a Judge to Wipe Away His Criminal Record
2014-12-06 Film Clip: 'The Gambler'
2014-11-26 Chris Pratt Passes on 'Uncharted' Movie
2014-11-13 Mark Wahlberg Shows Caring Side at Premiere
2014-11-11 'The Gambler' Trailer
2014-11-10 18 Celebs Who’ve Dissed One Direction
2014-11-09 Tom Brady -- Scores Role In 'Ted 2'
2014-11-06 'The Gambler' Red Band Teaser Trailer
2014-10-28 Honest Trailers: 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'
2014-10-12 'Wahlburgers': Getting Panned
2014-10-09 'Wahlburgers': Give Me a Little Credit
2014-10-09 Liam Neeson Added to 'Ted 2' Cast
2014-09-28 'Wahlburgers': Donnie Chases Down a Seagull
2014-09-19 'Wahlburgers': Alma Treats Paul Like a Kid
2014-09-19 'Wahlburgers': Johnny Drama Performs at Mark's Movie Premiere
2014-09-19 Morgan Freeman to Join 'Ted 2' Cast
2014-09-11 10 Best Singers Turned Actors Transitions
2014-09-07 'Wahlburgers': Paul Phones Home
2014-09-04 'Pain and Gain': Who Said That?
2014-09-02 Stars Accept The Ice Bucket Challenge
2014-09-02 Celebrity Closeups: Mark Wahlberg
2014-09-02 Mark Wahlberg Didn’t Attend Brother’s Wedding
2014-09-02 Box Office Top 5 for the Week of July 16th, 2014
2014-09-01 Mark Wahlberg's Three Most Impressive Performances
2014-09-01 Mark Wahlberg Sets for 'Uncharted' Movie
2014-09-01 Best of ALS Ice Bucket Challenges: Movie Star Edition
2014-08-31 'The Other Guys': Movie Review for Parents
2014-08-24 'Wahlburgers': Johnny Drama Auditions For A Commercial
2014-08-24 'Wahlburgers': Local Flavor
2014-08-22 'Wahlburgers': Johnny Ignores The Bird
2014-08-22 'Wahlburgers': Drama Mark = Priceless
2014-08-19 'Wahlburgers': Johnny Is Afraid Of The Dentist
2014-08-15 'Wahlburgers': Paul And Gronk Trade Secrets
2014-08-15 'Wahlburgers': Alma Has A New Cell Phone
2014-08-15 Levar Burton Talks About the Remake of 'Roots'
2014-08-03 Hollywood Stars Celebrate The Fourth of July
2014-07-27 Escape to the Movies: 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Review
2014-07-06 'Transformers 4' Premiere
2014-07-03 'Transformers 4' Stars on Getting Their Roles
2014-07-03 'Transformers: Age of Extinction': Think We Found a Transformer Clip
2014-07-02 'Transformers: Age of Extinction': Maybe It Should Be Clip
2014-07-02 'Transformers: Age of Extinction': Imagine Dragons Featurette
2014-07-02 'Wahlburgers': Mark Finds Johnny Drama A Job
2014-07-01 'Wahlburgers': Donnie and Paul: Trouble in the Kitchen
2014-07-01 'Transformers: Age of Extinction': Richard Roeper Review
2014-06-29 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Stars Talk About the Film
2014-06-29 'Wahlburgers': Marathon Man
2014-06-29 In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews Of 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction,' 'Snowpiercer' And More
2014-06-28 Mark Wahlberg Loves Being a Dad in 'Transformers'
2014-06-27 Mark Wahlberg Shows He's A Family Guy on The Red Carpet
2014-06-26 Transformers' Jack Reynor: Five Things To Know About The Irish Hottie
2014-06-26 The Cast and Crew of the New Transformers Movie Walk the Red Carpet in New York
2014-06-26 Stanley Tucci on the Scale of 'Transformers'
2014-06-24 Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor on Filming the Action Scenes in 'Transformers'
2014-06-24 Mark Wahlberg and Nicola Peltz in 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Clip
2014-06-23 8 Things You Didn't Know About Transformers
2014-06-22 Transformers: Age of Extinction - Clip No. 1
2014-06-20 'Transformers' Stars Turn Out for Hong Kong Premiere
2014-06-20 'Transformers: Age of Extinction': Meet Cade
2014-06-19 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' Judgement Day Promo Video


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