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Now Playing: Age Is Nothing but a Number for Some Hollywood Stars Age Is Nothing but a Number for Some Hollywood Stars
2015-10-08 Four More Transformers Sequels on the Way
2015-10-06 Mustard Minute: Mark Wahlberg Drops 'Go Eagles' in Front of Pope
2015-09-28 Liam Neeson's Taken Heading to TV
2015-09-18 'Wahlburgers': Bob's Potential Burgers
2015-08-21 Only Two Actresses Make Top Ten Highest Paid Stars
2015-08-21 Mark Wahlberg to Star in Cop Comedy ‘Partners'
2015-08-12 Rihanna and Other Celebrities Love Paddle Boarding
2015-08-11 Peter Berg Eyes CBS Films' Boston Marathon Thriller ‘Patriots' Day'
2015-08-06 'Wahlburgers': Paul Delivers a Burger to Robert Kraft
2015-08-03 10 BEST Celebrity Comebacks
2015-08-01 Hollywood's Most Protective Parents
2015-07-31 'Wahlburgers': Donnie's Smartphone Rant
2015-07-31 How Ashley Tisdale Perfected Her Boston Accent
2015-07-30 'Wahlburgers': Mark Gets Over-Competitive
2015-07-19 Mark Wahlberg Shows How 'Ted 2' Got Made
2015-07-18 Ronda Rousey Will Do Her Own Stunts
2015-07-17 'Wahlburgers': Swimming at Mark's House
2015-07-16 'Ted 2': Interview With Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane & Amanda Seyfried
2015-07-08 The Thunder Buddies are Back in 'Ted 2'
2015-07-07 Ted 2: Mark Wahlberg Relaxed in Latest Acting Role
2015-07-04 Mark Wahlberg Admits He Wasn't Sold on 'Ted' Films
2015-06-29 'Ted 2' Movie Review for Parents
2015-06-28 Wahlberg & Fallon Shoot Each Other in the Head!
2015-06-26 'Ted 2' Starring Mark Wahlberg Hits Theaters Today
2015-06-26 E! Looks Back at Mark Wahlberg in 1994
2015-06-25 Bobbi Kristina Brown Moved to Hospice Care and More
2015-06-25 MacFarlane Blames Media for Politically Correct Comedy
2015-06-25 Amanda Seyfried Wows Alongside Co Stars At Ted 2 Premiere
2015-06-25 Ticket or Skip It: 'Ted 2'
2015-06-25 Ted 2 Review
2015-06-25 Mark Wahlberg Makes Surprise Appearance At NKOTB's Main Event Tour
2015-06-24 Mark Wahlberg Is Our #MCM Man Crush Monday
2015-06-22 'Ted 2' Trailer 3
2015-06-20 Scheer-RL: Eminem & Mark Wahlberg
2015-06-18 'Ted 2': John And Ted Meet Their Lawyer Clip
2015-06-18 'Ted 2' Stars Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried & Seth MacFarlane Play 'Never Have I Ever'
2015-06-13 Top 10 'Entourage' Facts
2015-06-07 Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Latest Comedy Hitting Screens in December
2015-06-05 'Entourage' Nikes: A Sign You've Always Had Questionable Taste
2015-06-04 Boys Are Back in Town for 'Entourage' Premiere
2015-06-02 Bruce Jenner Unveiled as Caitlyn and More
2015-06-02 Entourage Premiere: Mark Wahlberg and Jeremy Piven Lead Cast
2015-06-02 Happy Birthday Mark Wahlberg
2015-06-01 Mark Wahlberg -- 'Tom Brady's the Jimmy Butler of Football'
2015-05-26 'Entourage' Movie: Featurette
2015-05-21 Get the Lowdown on Mark Wahlberg
2015-05-18 Hollywood Bad Boys Gone Good
2015-05-15 'Ted 2' Trailer 2
2015-04-29 'Six Billion Dollar Man' Gets Oscar-Nomianted Filmmaker as Writer
2015-04-29 Mark Wahlberg -- $250k Bet W/ Diddy Is REAL ... Money's In Escrow
2015-04-29 'Six Billion Dollar Man' Gets Oscar-Nomianted Filmmaker as Writer
2015-04-29 Mark Wahlberg: Ringside Seats To Watch Pacquiao... Train
2015-04-27 Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara on the Celebrity Cameos in 'Entourage'
2015-04-26 Mark Wahlberg Applauds Tom Brady's Obama Snub
2015-04-24 John Malkovich Joins Mark Walhberg in 'Deepwater Horizon'
2015-04-22 FLASHBACK: Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio Are BFFs on the Set of 'Basketball Diaries' in ‘94
2015-04-22 'Ted 2': We Could Totally Be Lawyers Clip
2015-04-16 Sneak Peek of 'Ted 2' with Amanda Seyfried Clip
2015-04-15 'Entourage' Movie Hits Cinemas Soon
2015-04-10 Find Out Which Celebs Love to Play Golf
2015-04-09 Get the Scoop on Car Stunts
2015-04-02 Mark Wahlberg Is Making A Movie About The Boston Marathon Bombing
2015-04-01 Donnie Wahlberg Discusses Mark's Absence From Wedding
2015-03-31 'Entourage' Official Trailer
2015-03-25 The 'Entourage' Movie Trailer Filled With Celebrity Cameos
2015-03-25 Seth McFarlane Wins Battle Over Ted
2015-03-24 Shirtless Mark Wahlberg Packs On the PDA With His Hot Wife
2015-03-19 Mark Wahlberg Dishes Details on His New T-Shirt Brand
2015-03-04 Mark Wahlberg Is Now a Clothing Designer
2015-03-04 'Wahlburgers': Nacho Drinks a Glass of Hot Sauce
2015-02-26 'Wahlburgers': Paul Competes in the Battle of the Burgers
2015-02-26 Will Ferrell's Latest Film Will Be 'The House'
2015-02-26 10 Mind-Blowing Celebrity Facts
2015-02-16 'Wahlburgers': Paul Geeks Out at Comic Con