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Now Playing: USA: New provocative documentary examines why America repeatedly goes to war

http://pthumbnails.5min.com/10359105/517955235_c_140_105.jpg On This Day: October 3
http://pthumbnails.5min.com/10358936/517946756_c_140_105.jpg Alec Baldwin On His New MSNBC Talk Show: 'As Long As It's Not Indecent, We Can Say Anything'
http://pthumbnails.5min.com/10355225/517761240_c_140_105.jpg Hitchens Rift: 'Gore Had Last Word by Saying Nothing'
http://pthumbnails.5min.com/10355225/517761241_c_140_105.jpg 'Vidal Knows How to Manipulate Media'

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