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The Travolta Estate In Florida Is Home For The Actor And His Enormous Collection Of Planes

5/10/2016 9:10am EDT
John Travolta's Ridiculous Florida Mansion Is More Of An Airport
Many people are aware of John Travolta's fondness for aircraft, as well as the fact that the actor is a fully-accredited pilot who often flies himself to shoots and press events. But to see how much of Travolta's life is consumed by flying (He named his son Jett, to give you an idea!), check out this ridiculous estate that boasts:

Three runways (!)

A 6,400 square foot house

A 16-car garage (for when you have friends over!)

A gym

A miniature golf course

Several (number undetermined) airplane hangars

It may seem ridiculous, but when you travel as much as a Hollywood star does, th...

John Travolta Gay Rumors Circulate Again

3/30/2016 10:02am EDT
John Travolta Gay? Rumors Circulate Again After Male Masseuse Ma
John Travolta gay rumors have been around for years and every now and again there's some new story claiming that various men have had relations with the actor. Well, this week is no different. According to Radar Online, a male masseuse claims that he gave Travolta a massage... with a "happy ending." This claim comes from a man identified only as "Edward."

"Edward helps run a sex service called 'Man 2 Man Massage,' which he described as 'a roving gang of unlicensed massage therapists who specialize in gay sexual favors. All the men who use the service realize that they are going to get a lo...

DVD Review: 'Criminal Activities' - Worth The Money?

2/9/2016 11:00am EST
DVD Review: 'Criminal Activities'
Ready to provide payback to the mob? Then follow us as we check out the new to DVD flick "Criminal Activities" out Feb. 16 from RLJ Home Entertainment. We see if mafia debt is damning below!

Title: "Criminal Activities"

Grade: 3 1/2

Cast: Michael Pitt, Dan Stevens, John Travolta

Director: Jackie Earle Haley

Rating: Not Rated

Runtime: 94 minutes

Release Company: RLJ Home Entertainment


The Flick: Making "Criminal Activities" his debut as a director, actor Jackie Earle Haley does a decent job of staging his flick with some style. But it’s Hal...

John Travolta Talks Losing Son, Jett

1/14/2016 8:51am EST
John Travolta
John Travolta and Kelly Preston are mourning the loss of their son, Jett, who passed away 7 years ago yesterday. According to Radar Online, Travolta posted a heartfelt message on Facebook. Jett was 16-years-old when he died after having a seizure while in the Bahamas with his family.

"They say the hardest thing in the world is losing a parent. I can now say that isn’t true. The hardest thing in the world is losing a child. Someone you raised and watched grow every day. Someone you taught how to walk and talk. Someone you showed how to love. It’s the worst thing to ever happen to anyone. He...

10 Celebrity Blunders On Live TV

12/21/2015 9:22am EST
10 Celebrities Besides Steve Harvey At Miss Universe Who Had An
The Internet is ablaze today with the news that actor Steve Harvey accidentally announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant Sunday night on live television. Harvey misread his cue card and temporarily crowned Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez when in fact it was Miss Phillippines Pia Wurtzbach who had won the title.

That made for a couple very awkward minutes of television as Harvey was forced to go back on stage and admit his mistake. The crown was then literally snatched from Miss Colombia's head and placed on Miss Phillippines instead.

Harvey's probably going to have a r...

Does Leah Remini's Upcoming Tell-All Have Travolta And Wife Running Scared?

10/22/2015 9:02am EDT
John Travolta And Kelly Preston 'Posing' For 'Happy Couple' Pics
John Travolta and Kelly Preston can't catch a break these days.
The latest news is rife with the buzz that John and Kelly are "faking it for the cameras," amid divorce rumors. Some even claim the Scientologists are putting on a faux united front in preparation for Leah Remini's new tell-all book on the Church of Scientology scheduled to hit bookshelves soon.

Star Magazine ran a post on Monday that suggested John Travolta and Kelly Preston are on the picture-taking circuit again. The couple recently celebrated 24 years of marriage, were seen embracing in public on October 18 in New York, ...

Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All Book Will Cause Trouble For Sure

9/29/2015 9:48am EDT
Leah Remini Scientology Tell-All Being Published, And Lawsuits F
Leah Remini is coming out. No, it's not what you think, but it does have to do with revelation and relief. The ex-Scientologist aka "troublemaker," has a bone to pick with the Church of Scientology. Leah is publishing a tell-all book about the inner-workings and secrets of the covert organization. Apparently, it's a no-holds-barred biography that is sure to attract a flock of lawsuits.

According to a Vanity Fair report, Leah Remini authored a book titled, "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology." Arguably, it's appropriately named due to the likely fallout that will ensue from L...

Is Kelly Preston No Longer Standing By Her Man?

9/20/2015 6:42pm EDT
John Travolta And Kelly Preston Divorce Rumors: Wife Fed Up With
Arguably, if something is said over and over, at some point, the rumors are likely to come to fruition.

The latest buzz about John Travolta and Kelly Preston involves more divorce speculation. The story about a John and Kelly split has circulated for years; nothing shocking, right? However, this time around, a breakup is not about "if," but "when," said unnamed sources.

Watch a related video below: "Kirstie Alley Confirms John Travolta's Sexuality To Barbara Walters."

According to a report in Star Magazine, Kelly has reached a tipping point over all the publicity surrounding John. It's...

John Travolta Isn't Wearing His Wedding Ring -- What Does That Mean?

9/11/2015 9:09am EDT
John Travolta & Kelly Preston To Divorce? Actor Spotted Without
If a celebrity is spotted without his or her wedding ring, people immediately start assuming there's trouble in the marriage (just ask Halle Berry). The same can be said for John Travolta.

The actor was recently photographed by paparazzi who, with their keen eyes, discovered he wasn't wearing his wedding ring. He was also photographed in August without the band on his ring finger.

According to Radar Online, when he noticed the paparazzi trailing him, he purposely concealed his left hand in his pocket.

Travolta wearing his ring on the set of "American Crime Story"

So is Travolta's 24-y...

John Travolta Won't Confess To Being Gay In Court

8/8/2015 12:04pm EDT
John Travolta
If John Travolta did have a gay affair, no one is going to find out about it... at least not in court. According to Radar Online, a lawsuit filed by Doug Gotterba, Travolta's former pilot and rumored former lover, will not be getting any additional attention because Gotterba has reportedly asked to have the case thrown out.

As previously reported by Star Pulse, Travolta was going to have to testify in court after Gotterba accused him of faking confidentiality documents. Sources believed that Travolta would have been forced to come clean about his relationship with Gotterba, which may or ma...

Blu-ray Review: 'The Forger' - Is It Worth The Money?

8/4/2015 11:00am EDT
Blu-ray Review: 'The Forger'
Ready to keep crime in the family? Then follow us as we check out the new to Blu-ray drama "The Forger" out now from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. We see if a heist brings a family closer together below!

Title: "The Forger"

Grade: 4

Cast: John Travolta, Christopher Plummer, Tye Sheridan

Director: Philip Martin

Rating: R

Runtime: 96 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate Home Entertainment


The Flick: Even though it feels at times like a more somber update of the 1989 film "Family Business," "The Forger" is still a very solid flick all on its own. Me...

Is John Travolta Gay?

7/31/2015 6:00am EDT
John Travolta Gay? Court Appearance Could Reveal Truth About Tra
Is John Travolta gay? That has been a going rumor for years, and the public may soon know the truth.

According to the National Enquirer, Travolta, 61, is being forced to go to court to testify in a case involving his (former) rumored lover, Doug Gotterba. The two men have been "locked in a legal battle" for the past two years, and a judge has ordered Travolta to testify according to the report.

"Kelly is beside herself with worry. John might have to answer under oath if he sexually prefers men over women," said a source. "John’s in major trouble. Being questioned under oath about Doug and...

These Celebs Screwed Up -- See The Embarrassing Videos!

5/22/2015 9:42am EDT
The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Caught On Film
We've all done embarrassing things. It's human nature. It's bad when these incidents happen on camera, but it's worse when you're famous and caught on film during one of these not-so-fine moments.

Justin Bieber puked on stage at a 2012 concert in Arizona -- not once but twice. He was in the midst of performing "Out Of Town Girl" when it happened. He turned his back to the audience and regurgitated. He rushed backstage as his back-up dancers continued to do their thing.

The pop star later came back to finish his set, but after a few more songs, he told the crowd: "It's hard for me, you kn...

Forgotten Friday Flick - 1981's 'Blow Out' Starring John Travolta

5/8/2015 12:15pm EDT
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Blow Out'
We’ve been wading through everything from comedy to action and even some drama over the last few weeks, so it felt right to give suspense it’s time in the cinematic sun – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Today’s selection takes us into the world of sound effects design and conspiracy theories with a thriller that heralds the hubris of early Hitchcock but stands alone as a masterpiece. On a mysterious road at night a tire goes out on a lone car – was it an accident or was it in fact a…"Blow Out!"

Philadelphia sounds effects man Jack Terry is one of the best technicians in the ...

These 80s Soundtracks Made The Movie Better

5/5/2015 8:35pm EDT
80's Soundtracks
"Out of Bounds," "D.C. Cab" and "Trick or Treat?" I know what you’re thinking film fans – how can these selections be on a top ten list involving memorable 80’s soundtracks? Easy! This is not a conventional list of groundbreaking iconic big budget studio films where the music that matches the movie. (Meaning "Top Gun," "Flashdance" and "Footloose" are out!) The flicks that inhabit this list are somewhat smaller lessor known films – some amazing, some just okay – that all have savory soundtracks that enhance the viewing pleasure in common. So while some of the flicks below feature at t...

John Travolta's Son is Quite Shy

4/22/2015 10:09am EDT
John Travolta's Son Runs Offstage During David Letterman Appeara
John Travolta and Kelly Preston's son Ben, 4, made his first television appearance on Monday, but he wasn't exactly thrilled to be in front of a studio audience.

David Letterman was interviewing Travolta, who mentioned Ben was backstage. The actor told a story about taking his son for a ride in his truck to Toys "R" Us when fans asked him for an autograph.

Travolta explained, "I said, 'Why are all these people wanting my photograph? I didn't know if he knew I was in films or not. He said, 'Well, maybe they saw one of your movies!'"

The star added, "Then he said, 'I wanna work with you. A...

What Does Travolta Think Of Controversial Doc On Scientology?

4/7/2015 4:04pm EDT
John Travolta
John Travolta has no intention of watching "Going Clear," a controversial film about Scientology. The film aired on HBO in March, and several members of the church have criticized it. Church leaders have also blasted the film, calling it "dishonest."

The actor says he hasn't watched the movie and doesn't plan on doing so. He also praises the religion for helping him following the death of his 16-year-old son Jett in 2009 due to a seizure.

He told the Tampa Bay Times: "I've been so happy with my experience in the last 40 years that I really don't have anything to say that would shed light ...

What Were The Top 6 Best Moments Of Oscars 2015?

2/23/2015 10:51am EST
Oscars 2015: The 6 Best Moments Of The 2015 Academy Awards
Oscars 2015 will likely go down in history for several reasons. Not only was it one of the few times where the entire nominated group of actors and actresses were overwhelmingly white, it was also one of the most awkward of ceremonies. Several moments left viewers scratching their heads in disbelief, while others were laugh-out-loud funny. Still, it was difficult to narrow down to several of the best moments of the disjointed telecast. Here are the top six moments, honored for their weirdness, awkwardness and most of all, moments that will keep fans talking way into 2016!

Outfit of the...

Why Was John Travolta Caressing Idina Menzel's Face At The Oscars So Awkward?

2/23/2015 8:29am EST
Why Was John Travolta Caressing Idina Menzel's Face At The Oscar
You know, you almost feel bad for John Travolta. Guy hilariously butchers one name at last year's Oscars, and it's all anyone can talk about for an entire year.

But the world will be moving on from "Adele Dazeem" jokes now. And to replace them, we'll be doing "John Travolta, Why Are You Petting My Face?" jokes until the 2016 Oscars.

At this year's Oscar ceremony, the former "Pulp Fiction" star finally got to put Adele Dazeem behind him. When presenting the award for Best Original Song, Idina Menzel came out first, only to announce her co-presenter: Glom Gazingo. Aka, John Travolta.

And w...

Happy Birthday!

2/18/2015 7:00am EST
John Travolta
Happy Birthday to:

Actor John Travolta (1954)

Actor Jeremy Allen White (1991)

Actress Chelsea Hobbs (1985)

Actor Todd Lasance (1985)

Rapper Juelz Santana (1982)

Actress Sarah Brown (1975)

Actress Nadine Labaki (1974)

Actress Laure Marsac (1970)

Actress Molly Ringwald (1968)

Rapper Dr. Dre (1965)

Actor Matt Dillon (1964)

Actress Greta Scacchi (1960)

Wheel of Fortune" co-host Vanna White (1957)

Singer Juice Newton (1952)

Actress Cybill Shepherd (1950)

Director John Hughes (1950; d. 2009)

Irish Actress Sinead Cusack (1948)

Beatle-wrecker Yoko Ono (1933)

Actor George Kennedy ...

The Worst Upcoming Movies Of The Next Five Years

2/3/2015 8:00pm EST
The Worst Upcoming Movies Of The Next Five Years
There's a lot of great movies headed our way in the next half-decade. "Star Wars" films. Marvel films. Probably a few Best Picture winners in there, too.

But not every single film Hollywood's earmarked for the next five years is a guaranteed win. In fact, we'd say that quite a few of those future releases are going to be pretty awful. Unmitigated disasters, box-office bombs, Razzie winners. Films that draw the ire of critics like worker bees to their queen.

Think we're exaggerating? Well, click ahead and see just what the future of cinema has to offer.

It's not good.

"Killing Hasselhof...

Did Tom Cruise And The Church Of Scientology Tap Nicole Kidman's Phone Lines?

1/27/2015 7:37am EST
Did Tom Cruise And The Church Of Scientology Tap Nicole Kidman's
On Sunday, the Sundance Film Festival hosted the premiere of "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief," a new documentary about Scientologists from filmmaker Alex Gibney.

And according to those who saw "Going Clear" at the festival, the film has revealed startling new information about Scientology, and just how deeply it cuts into the entertainment industry.

It's so much more horrible than you'd think.

For one, the film claims that the Church was not a fan of Tom Cruise's wife Nicole Kidman (her father is a psychiatrist, and psychiatrists are the enemy), and at Cruise's request...

John Travolta Shows Off His Bald Spot In Surprise Gym Selfie

1/16/2015 8:49am EST
John Travolta Shows Off His Bald Spot In Surprise Gym Selfie
John Travolta wears a hairpiece.

If that wasn't common knowledge, it totally is now.

Recently, the actor was spotted on Reddit, of all places. A random user was headed to the gym for a 3 AM workout, and who does he find but the former "Pulp Fiction" star getting his pump on.

Travolta introduced himself to the Redditor, they talked for a bit and (presumably) went their separate ways.

The image went up on Reddit, titled "I thought i was at the gym by myself at 3am, then this guy comes up to me and introduces himself." Shortly after, it rocked upwards to nearly 4,000 upvotes and a similar ...

John Travolta Returns To TV After 40 Years

1/8/2015 9:41am EST
John Travolta Returns To TV After 40 Years In 'American Crime St
Way, way (way) back in the day, John Travolta was known as a TV actor, and not a film one. Travolta was Vinnie Barbarino on the hit series "Welcome Back, Kotter."

Then, nothing for 40 years (barring a couple of minor cameos).

But now, Travolta's returning to the small screen. The former Barbarino will be starring in FX's upcoming true crime series, "American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson."

Travolta will play Robert Shapiro, Simpson's attorney, in the series, itself a spin-off of FX's "American Horror Story." Like "Horror," "Crime" will be an anthology series- that is, each sea...

Get These Stars Hair Help, Stat!

1/2/2015 11:08am EST
19 Celebrities Who Are Balding & Battling Receding Hairlines
It's a well-known secret that many male celebrities are just as vain as the women. And when their hair starts to thin and disappear, a lot of them take steps to make it stop.

Take John Travolta, for example. He no longer has a naturally thick head of hair. He's losing it. But his hairstylist is doing something to make him appear like he did in "Grease."

The following celebs have not given in to baldness. But oftentimes it's difficult to prevent a receding hairline from taking over...

Nicolas Cage has such a large fivehead, planes may mistake it for an airstrip.

Woody Harrelson...

25 Biggest Entertainment Stories Of The Year

12/30/2014 7:06am EST
25 Biggest Entertainment Stories Of 2014
2014 was a big year in entertainment -- there were sex scandals, star-studded weddings, arrests, nude photo leaks and cyber attacks, as well as a fist fight in an elevator.

Which stars and entertainment stories made the biggest headlines in 2014?

In January, Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach, Fla., on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), driving with an over six month expired license and resisting arrest without violence. That same month, Bieber was busted for throwing eggs at his neighbor's home in Calabasas, Calif., causing thousands of dollars of damage.


7 Celebrities Who Like Scientology A Little Too Much

6/4/2014 3:00pm EDT
7 Celebrities Who Like Scientology A Little Too Much
When former King of Queens star Leah Remini went on the Ellen Degeneres Show last week, she used it as an opportunity to clearly state that she believes she is better off since leaving the "religion" of Scientology last summer.

The now Xenu-free Remini stated that she and her family have found "new ways to reconnect" and that leaving the religion "has really brought us closer together."

While we're happy for Remini, but we can't help but hope that some other famous celebrities would follow her example.

Here are 7 Famous Stars Who Are A Little Too Into Scientology.

Tom Cruise


'Pulp Fiction' Stars Uma Thurman, John Travolta & Quentin Tarantino Reunite At Cannes

5/24/2014 3:00pm EDT
Uma & QUentin
Actors Uma Thurman and John Travolta joined director Quentin Tarantino on Friday for a special screening of "Pulp Fiction" at the Cannes Film Festival in France to celebrate the movie's 20th anniversary.

The 1994 film won the festival's top honor, the Palme d'Or, and the cast reunited for a special screening on the beach, where organizers handed out pizza to the audience.

The trio introduced the movie from a makeshift stage on the sand, and Tarantino told the crowd, "I've seen Pulp Fiction under every circumstance a person can see it except this one. Now rip out a joint and light it up....

The 14 Most Ridiculous & Iconic Death Scenes In Hollywood

5/1/2014 5:00pm EDT
The 14 Most Ridiculous & Iconic Death Scenes In Hollywood
Hollywood movies are full of extravagance - fast cars, beautiful women, international men of mystery, evil villians and giant, global conspiracies. It's also full of elaborate endings, many of which ultimately culminate in at least one death. The problem is, in that quest for a real show-stopper, some of these deaths cross the line from 'iconic' to ... well, 'ridiculous.' Here, we will pay homage to the Hollywood deaths that have gone down in history as iconic, as well as dissect what ones ultimately went too far.

Please be warned, the following pages will have considerable amounts of gore...

Idina Menzel Says She 'Benefited' From John Travolta's Oscar Flub

3/22/2014 12:00pm EDT
Idina Menzel Says She 'Benefited' From John Travolta's Oscar Flu
There's no bad blood between Idina Menzel and John Travolta, who messed her name up at the Oscars earlier this month.

The actor was ridiculed online after calling the "Frozen" star "Adele Dazeem" when he introduced her to the stage to perform "Let It Go."

Menzel has brushed off the incident, telling "He was really gracious and sent this gorgeous email, and we're buddies and it's all cool." She added: "Please. I mean, I've only benefited from it!"

An embarrased Travolta also sent Menzel a huge bouquet of flowers to apologize.

The actress admits she was slightly confused wh...