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Brittany's Blog: A Crafty 'XIII' and My Top 5 Favorite Interviews

7/6/2012 2:49pm EDT
This is my viewpoint, from the far end of the couch...and this week I've stumbled across a gem in ReelzChannel's XIII: The Series, while this week's list is all about my Top 5 favorite people to interview.

Channel-surfing last week, I found a great new (to the US, anyway) action series on ReelzChannel, of all places. It's called XIII: The Series, and is based on the Belgian comic book of the same name, loosely following the mini-series that aired on NBC way back in 2008. The show aired last year in Canada, but this is the first time we Americans are getting to see it.

If that confuses y...

Charlize Theron Adopts A Baby Boy

3/14/2012 2:06pm EDT
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron has adopted a baby. The Oscar-winning star is a first-time mom after taking in a "healthy baby boy" named Jackson.

A representative for the actress has confirmed the news, but no other details were available as WENN went to press.

The 36-year-old South African-born beauty will begin parenting as a single mom - her nine year relationship with actor Stuart Townsend ended in January, 2010.

Celebrity Birthdays - December 15, 2011

12/15/2011 3:00am EST
Adam Brody
Happy Birthday to:

Actor Adam Brody (1979)

Queen of the Damned actor Stuart Townsend (1972)

Director Julie Taymor (1952)

Machete star Don Johnson (1949)

American musician Dave Clark (1942)

Comedian/actor Tim Conway

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Are Ryan Reynolds & Charlize Theron Hollywood's Hottest New Couple?

7/13/2011 2:00pm EDT
Charlie Theron Ryan Reynolds
The rumor is that Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron are a couple. A source told Us Weekly they have been dating exclusively for months.

"Green Lantern" star Reynolds split from wife Scarlett Johansson last December, while Theron parted ways with longterm boyfriend Stuart Townsend in 2010 after nine years together.

"They're both career-focused," explained the source, "but not in a crazy way."

We may not know for sure if they are an item because Charlize won't appear in public with Ryan. "She won't go to an event with him," the insider reported.

Don't expect to hear any wedding bells soo...

Charlize Theron: 'I Won't Get Married'

6/30/2011 9:54am EDT
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron is convinced she will never walk down the aisle, despite campaigning for same-sex couples to have the right to marry.

The South African star, who lives in the U.S., has long claimed she will not wed until marriages between gay partners is made legal in all American states.

However, when quizzed during a candid chat with CNN's Piers Morgan over whether she wants to get married, the Oscar-winning beauty insisted she has no urge to become a bride. And the star - whose mother shot and killed her father in self-defense when he attacked her - is adamant her parents' bad marria...

2010 Year In Entertainment Review: January

1/1/2011 9:08am EST
Josh Duhamel
2010 was an incredible year in the world of showbiz, with the usual headline-grabbing antics, scandal, sleaze, celebrity births, star weddings, and bitter break-ups.

Here, WENN takes a look back at 2010...


Matthew McConaughey became the first new celebrity dad of 2010 when he and Camila Alves welcomed baby Vida into the world, but they weren't the only couple celebrating births. Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell experienced the joys of fatherhood all over again, while supermodel Claudia Schiffer and actress Monica Bellucci were bursting with excitement after announcing their pregnan...

Charlize Theron Strips Down For Russia's 'Elle'

8/26/2010 11:37am EDT
Charlize Theron Elle Russia
Charlize Theron has still got it - the sexy star stripped down to her undies for a photo shoot with Russia's Elle magazine. The blonde beauty is featured in a spread wearing lingerie in both black-and-white and full-color pictures.

Charlize Theron recently won the "Decade of Hotness" honor at Spike's Guys Choice Awards. There have also been rumors that she is dating fellow thespian Keanu Reeves after her break-up with long-term boyfriend Stuart Townsend.

All that aside, it's hard to argue that Charlize Theron doesn't look good in these photos!'s Charlize Theron Photo Gall...

Charlize Theron & Keanu Reeves Spotted Kissing

5/13/2010 8:22am EDT
Charlize Theron & Keanu Reeves
Charlize Theron has found love with Keanu Reeves after ending her nine-year romance with Irish actor Stuart Townsend, according to tabloid reports.

The actress, who played Reeves' wife in "The Devil's Advocate" and his dying lover in "Sweet November," split from Townsend in January, and reports suggest she has turned to Reeves to help her move on.

The former friends were photographed in an intimate embrace after a dinner date in Beverly Hills earlier this month, and now a source tells the National Enquirer the couple is a new Hollywood item.

The insider tells the publication, "Keanu kept...

Charlize Theron And Keanu Reeves Dating? (Video)

5/5/2010 11:31am EDT
Charlize Theron appears to be on the rebound after breaking up with longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend. The South African beauty was snapped while kissing Keanu Reeves after an intimate dinner date in Beverly Hills.

Theron, 34, and Reeves, 45, have been co-stars twice: Sweet November in 2001 and The Devil's Advocate in 1997.

The two reportedly enjoyed a long dinner, and then were spotted outside the restaurant kissing and hugging. Once they realized they were being photographed, the two clammed up and went on their separate ways.

Charlize Theron In A Blue & Silver Metallic Dress - Hot ...

Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet Victims Of 'Best Actress' Oscar Curse? (Video)

3/19/2010 12:20am EDT
Oscar Curse
The latest news about Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, allegedly cheating on her and the recent revelation that Kate Winslet is splitting from her husband, director Sam Mendes, leads us to believe that perhaps their recent Best Actress Oscar wins have something to do with it.

Yes folks, it appears that an 'Oscar Curse' has been running wild in Hollywood for the last decade. The curse appears to have begun in 2001, when Julia Roberts won the award for her performance in "Erin Brockovich". Shortly after her win (although not married to each other) she dumped boyfriend Benjamin Bratt.


Starpulse Scene Weekly Wrap Up: The Bachelor, Jessica Simpson & More

2/18/2010 7:34am EST
Starpulse Scene Weekly Wrap Up
Contributing writer Erin Demchak shares the Top 10 latest Hollywood gossip on the Starpulse Scene. This week Erin discusses The Bachelor, American Idol and the newest contenders up for Dancing With The Stars host.

Jamie Lynn Spears and her boyfriend/baby daddy Casey Aldridge end their relationship along with Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend, Jennifer Aniston celebrates her 41st with Gerard Butler, John Mayer gets graphic about his sex life with Jessica Simpson and Alec Baldwin is hospitalized. Check out these stories and more on this week's hottest Hollywood gossip video -The Starpu...

Celebrity Birthdays, December 15

12/15/2009 3:00am EST
Adam Brody
Happy Birthday to:

"Jennifer's Body" star Adam Brody (1979)

"Queen of the Damned" actor Stuart Townsend (1972),

"Nash Bridges" star Don Johnson (1949)

American musician Dave Clark (1942)

Comedian/actor Tim Conway

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Hottest Vampires

11/19/2009 1:38pm EST
The Top Hottest Vampires
Forget werewolves and witches, vampires have taken a bite out of pop culture and they're not going down without a fight. From films to fashion, gorgeous bloodsuckers are everywhere and causing a major heat wave as the biggest trend of 2009. Twilight may have caused thousands of teenagers to join Team Edward, but these seductive creatures have been captivating audiences for decades.

What's not to love about them? They're forever young, enchanting, seemingly unattainable, sometimes romantic, and always amazing in the sack. Some are tortured, while others just enjoy a good bloodbath. Fortu...

Our Favorite Irish Things

3/17/2009 9:37am EDT
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today's the day to wear something green (or you'll get pinched), drink a lot of beer and celebrate all things Irish!

Favorite Films

Curl up on the couch with your fuzzy green slipper socks and enjoy some Irish movies. In the Name of the Father, Angela's Ashes, Bloody Sunday and Gangs of New York are a few of our favorites.

Favorite Actors

If those movies don't fit your fancy, you could watch the works of some of our favorite Irish actors and actresses. Colin Farrell, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson, Stuart Townsend...

Slideshow: Irish Celebrities - Who Is Your Favorite?

3/17/2009 8:47am EDT
Colin Farrell
Happy St. Patrick's Day! In honor of Irish actors and musicians, Starpulse salutes those who have brought a wee bit of luck and whimsy to fans across the world:


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Colin Farrell

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Liam Neeson

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Celebrity Birthdays, December 15

12/15/2008 3:00am EST
Adam Brody
Happy Birthday to "O.C." star Adam Brody (1979), "Queen of the Damned" actor Stuart Townsend (1972), "Nash Bridges" actor Don Johnson (1949), American musician Dave Clark (1942), and comedian/actor Tim Conway.

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A Salute To Irish Actors On St. Patrick's Day

3/17/2008 10:00am EDT
Colin Farrell
There’s something undeniably sexy about an Irish accent. Add celebrity into the mix, and you have a pretty powerful combination. Here are some of the Irish actors whose charisma, talent and lilting speech have made them favorites among moviegoers and TV fans:

When you think "Irish actor," Colin Farrell immediately comes to mind. A reformed bad boy who reportedly dated Britney Spears and made an infamous sex tape with former girlfriend and Playboy model Nicole Narain, Farrell has altered his priorities in the past few years.

Farrell recently showed his tender side when he opened...

Celebrity Birthdays, December 15

12/15/2007 3:00am EST
Adam Brody
Happy Birthday to "O.C." star Adam Brody (1979), "Queen of the Damned" actor Stuart Townsend (1972), "Nash Bridges" actor Don Johnson (1949), American musician Dave Clark (1942), comedic actor Tim Conway (1933), and Roman emperor Nero (37; d. 68).

Celebrity Birthdays, December 15

12/15/2006 3:00am EST
Adam Brody
Happy Birthday to "O.C." star Adam Brody (1979), "Queen of the Damned" actor Stuart Townsend (1972), "Nash Bridges" actor Don Johnson (1949), American musician Dave Clark (1942), comedic actor Tim Conway (1933), and Roman emperor Nero (37; d. 68).

iTunes Has Unaired Episodes of 'Night Stalker'

2/7/2006 1:53pm EST
Gabrielle Union from Night Stalker
Beginning today, ABC will make three previously unaired episodes of the series Night Stalker available for purchase for $1.99 per episode on the iTunes Music Store. These episodes join seven other previously released "Night Stalker" installments on iTunes.

In the series, Stuart Townsend played maverick journalist Carl Kolchak, whose mission in life was to alert the world of various and sundry paranormal, supernatural, and extraterrestrial activities -- only to be made the fool each week when evidence substantiating his stories of ghost, monsters, spacemen, etc. mysteriously disappeared...

Sci Fi Channel To Debut Unaired 'Night Stalker' Episodes

12/13/2005 10:38am EST
Gabrielle Union in Night Stalker
The Sci Fi Channel has acquired all 10 episodes of “Night Stalker.” In addition to the seven episodes that aired on ABC this fall, Sci Fi will have the exclusive premieres of three never-before-seen episodes. The series is slated to launch next summer.

Inspired by the original movie and series, Carl Kolchak (Stuart Townsend), is a crime reporter whose wife was mysteriously killed 19 months earlier. Now, in the eyes of the FBI, Kolchack is the primary suspect. His determination to discover the truth behind his wife's murder leads him to investigate other crimes that seem to have some k...

'Night Stalker' Dropped From ABC Lineup

11/15/2005 1:23pm EST
Gabrielle Union
"Night Stalker" has disappeared –- from ABC’s Thursday night lineup and the network’s website. The remake of the 1970s series Kolchak: The Night Stalker revolved around journalist Carl Kolchak (Stuart Townsend) and his investigations into freakish occurrences with pal Perri Reed (Gabrielle Union). Up against fan favorite CSI on Thursday nights, Night Stalker averaged just 5.2 million viewers per episode.The show was canceled after just six episodes.

"While I'm disappointed the series has come to an end, I am enormously grateful for the experience and the opportunity given me by the ...

Eurythmics To Reunite For 33rd American Music Awards

11/15/2005 10:44am EST
Multi-million selling duo Eurythmics and Oklahoma rockers The All-American Rejects have been added to the list of performers for the “2005 American Music Awards,” airing Tuesday, November 22 on ABC-TV.

Eurythmics, who are back together for the first time in five years, will perform a medley including their classic hits “Missionary Man” and “Sweet Dreams,” as well as their new single “I’ve Got A Life.” The All-American Rejects are scheduled to perform their current chart hit “Dirty Little Secret.”

They join previously announced performers including the threesome of Bow Wow, Cia...

Performers Added to American Music Awards Show

10/26/2005 9:59am EDT
Tim McGraw
The award-winning men of Country Music will be well represented at the "2005 American Music Awards," airing Tuesday, Nov. 22, on ABC.

Added to the list of performers for the 33rd annual special are five-time American Music Award recipient Tim McGraw; Country Music's reigning Vocal Group of the Year, Rascal Flatts; and Country Music's current Male Vocalist of the Year, Keith Urban, who join previously set Country Music Entertainer of the Year, Kenny Chesney.

All join earlier announced performers Mariah Carey, Rob Thomas and The Rolling Stones. Hosting the 33rd annual special is Ced...

Charlize Theron Happy Not Married

10/13/2005 10:25am EDT
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron has no intention of getting married - and is happy being single. The 'Monster' star, who was bridesmaid at her mother's wedding last weekend, said although she has no plans to tie the knot with boyfriend of five years, actor Stuart Townsend, she is madly in love. The 30-year-old said at the premiere of new movie 'North Country': "I'm happy for people who want to get married. But it's not my thing." Charlize's newly-married mum fatally shot her alcoholic father when he threatened the family in a drunken rage in 1990. Last month Charlize told Oprah Winfrey on her TV chat show...

Get Your Sci-Fi Fix

10/12/2005 3:51pm EDT
The huge success of Lost (an Emmy winner for outstanding drama) has led to the resurgence of science fiction on the small screen. In response to viewers' thirst for supernatural and fantastical storytelling, the major networks have created a fall schedule that is chock full of aliens, unexplained occurrences, and other out-of-this world adventures. Audiences can tune in Monday through Friday to catch shows that delve into the unknown.

Surface airs on NBC on Monday nights. The appearance of mysterious sea creatures in the deep ocean causes confusion around the world. The seemingly in...