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Now Playing: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Enjoy NYC Date Night With Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Enjoy NYC Date Night With Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long
2014-11-19 Jennifer Aniston Says Justin Theroux Hasn't Developed a Big Head
2014-11-13 Jennifer Aniston: 'Justin Theroux Is a Beautiful Equalizer'
2014-11-11 Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Look in Love, Get Oscar Ready at Governor Awards
2014-11-11 Jennifer Aniston Smitten at Awards Show
2014-11-10 Carrie Coon on 'The Leftovers'
2014-11-06 Mystery Of Jennifer Aniston's Missing Engagement Ring Solved
2014-10-30 Jen Aniston Talks Her 'Blessed Life' with Justin Theroux
2014-09-12 Jennifer Aniston Loved Going Into Target Store Unnoticed
2014-09-10 Aniston Relished Darker Role in 'Cake'
2014-09-09 Justin Theroux Surprises Jennifer Aniston at Photo Shoot
2014-09-02 All The Times Brad, Angie And Jen Fought For Headlines
2014-08-29 Jennifer Aniston on Marriage and Motherhood
2014-08-27 Jennifer Aniston Argues That Marriage And Motherhood Shouldn't Define Her "Value As A Woman"
2014-08-27 Wedding Alert! Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Could Be Getting Hitched RIGHT NOW In Bora Bora!
2014-08-15 Justin Theroux Tells Chelsea Handler Why He Often Gives Their Mutual Friends Eggs
2014-07-29 Jen Aniston: Justin Theroux Is 'A Lost Gem in the Sand'
2014-07-18 Jennifer Ansiton and Justin Theroux's Date Night
2014-07-16 Jennifer Aniston's Fragrance Reminds Her of the Beach
2014-07-16 Jennifer Aniston's 2,000 Square-Foot Closet
2014-07-13 Jane Lynch, Hailee Steinfeld And Celebs In New York
2014-07-13 Justin Theroux Says Being With Jennifer Aniston "Doesn't Feel Difficult," Wonders Why All The Fuss Over A Couple In Love
2014-07-10 Justin Theroux Discusses Falling in Love With Jennifer Aniston
2014-07-10 Is Jennifer Anniston Five Months Pregnant?
2014-06-19 Jennifer Aniston Building $60,000 Closet
2014-05-13 Lake Bell Is Pregnant
2014-04-24 Theroux's Cooking Made Aniston Gain 'A Couple Extra Pounds'
2014-03-27 Jennifer Aniston Tries to Stay Humble
2014-03-25 Are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Eloping To Mexico In Spring?
2014-03-21 Jennifer Aniston Wants to Elope with Justin Theroux
2014-03-21 Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Wedding Diet
2014-03-19 Is Chelsea Handler Coming Between Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux?
2014-03-14 Jennifer Aniston's Fiancé Thinks Her Pal Chelsea Handler Is Obnoxious And Rude
2014-03-14 Justin Theroux Parties With Orlando Bloom on Jennifer Aniston's Birthday
2014-02-13 Philip Seymour Hoffman To Be Digitally Recreated for Hunger Games
2014-02-07 Four Arrested in Connection with Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death
2014-02-05 Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Party With George Clooney In Mexico
2014-01-07 Bikini-Clad Jennifer Aniston Soaks Up the Sunshine With Courteney Cox
2013-12-31 Justin Theroux Gives Bikini-Clad Jennifer Aniston a Kiss on the Cheek
2013-12-30 Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Show Off Their Bikini Bodies in Mexico
2013-12-30 Best Celebrity Couples of 2013
2013-12-26 Jennifer Aniston Suffered "Awkward Phase" During Her Thirties
2013-12-10 Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux Spending Holidays Apart
2013-12-05 Robert Downey Jr. Assembles His Star Friends for Wife's 40th Birthday Bash
2013-11-12 Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Best Man Revealed
2013-09-26 Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Raising Chickens
2013-09-18 Justin Theroux Reveals How Jennifer Aniston Changed His Life
2013-09-17 Jennifer Aniston Made Justin Theroux Keep His STD Models Out
2013-09-17 Jennifer Aniston Walks Red Carpet With Fiancé Justin Theroux
2013-09-16 Jennifer Aniston Dons Tiny Bikini While Packing On The PDA
2013-08-22 Jennifer Aniston Is Back in Another Bikini
2013-08-22 Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux Faked Wedding to Friends
2013-08-22 Jennifer Aniston Books It Out of LAX Without Justin Theroux
2013-08-14 Jennifer Aniston Throws Birthday Party, Not Wedding
2013-08-12 Jen Aniston Addresses Her 'Baby Bump' At 'Millers' Premiere
2013-08-12 Are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Getting Married Today?
2013-08-11 Are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Planning a Secret Wedding at Justin's Birthday Party?
2013-08-08 Jennifer Aniston Sick of Family and Baby Questions
2013-08-07 Jennifer Aniston Ready For Baby at 44
2013-08-01 Jennifer Aniston Raises Chickens and Gives Eggs as Gifts
2013-08-01 Jennifer Aniston Says Her Happiness Is a Choice
2013-07-30 Jennifer Aniston Claims She Already Feels 'Married' to Justin Theroux
2013-07-29 Jennifer Aniston On Justin Theroux: 'We Already Feel Married!'
2013-07-29 Jennifer Aniston Already Feels Married to Justin Theroux
2013-07-29 Justin Theroux Pressuring Jennifer Aniston to Reconcile With Her Mom
2013-07-25 Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux's Totally Normal Date Night
2013-07-23 Why Do Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Have No Wedding Plans Yet?
2013-07-19 Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Wedding Drama Revealed
2013-07-11 Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Resurface Amid Wedding Rumors
2013-07-08 Tabloid Talk: Are Jen Aniston & Justin Theroux on the Rocks?
2013-07-06 Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Wedding Plans Are No More
2013-06-27 No Wedding Bells For Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux?
2013-06-26 Jen Aniston & Fiance Fighting Over Which Coast To Live On
2013-06-26 Learn Why Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Can't Tie the Knot Yet
2013-06-13 Why Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Plans Have Come To A Halt