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Now Playing: Channing Tatum Confirms Gambit Movie Is An Origin Story Channing Tatum Confirms Gambit Movie Is An Origin Story
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2015-05-23 Hollywood's 9 Hottest Hunks of Summer
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2015-05-22 Is 'Chocolate City' Better Than 'Magic Mike?'
2015-05-22 Cannes 2015: Andie MacDowell on 'Magic Mike XXL'
2015-05-20 Honest Trailers Picks Apart Jupiter Ascending
2015-05-20 Emilia Clarke Once Proposed a Threesome to Mr. & Mrs. Channing Tatum
2015-05-12 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer
2015-05-12 First Look at Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight'
2015-05-08 Diane Keaton Reveals Her Dream Husband Is a Certain Magic Mike XXL Star
2015-05-07 Magic Mike XXL Turns Up the Heat with a New Teaser
2015-05-06 Channing Tatum Signed Up For Space War
2015-05-01 'Foxcatcher' Director Bennett Miller Lightens Up With Toilet Paper Ad Campaign
2015-05-01 Female-Driven 'Jump Street' Film, 'Men in Black' Crossover in Works
2015-04-30 Channing Tatum on Getting Naked in 'Magic Mike XXL'
2015-04-26 Channing Tatum Doubtful Of Gambit Appearance In X-Men: Apocalypse
2015-04-24 'Magic Mike XXL' Hunks Weigh in on Matt Bomer's Sexy Poster
2015-04-23 CinemaCon: Big Stars, New Trailers Dominate Warner Bros. Panel
2015-04-22 Channing Tatum Leaves His Backpack in a Cab and Twitter Helps Him Find It!
2015-04-20 Channing Tatum Reunited with Lost Bag with Help of Social Media
2015-04-20 TWitch's Six-Pack Abs May Be Hotter Than Channing Tatum's!
2015-04-18 'Magic Mike XXL' Promises A Lot Of Something, But It Ain't Plot
2015-04-16 Channing Tatum Is Shirtless in Magic Mike XXL Poster!
2015-04-15 The 19 Best Pictures From the MTV Movie Awards
2015-04-14 New ‘Magic Mike XXL' Poster Features a Shirtless Channing Tatum
2015-04-14 Watch Channing Tatum Twerk At JLo's Request at the MTV Movie Awards
2015-04-13 Did 'Magic Mike' Cast Go Too Far With Sexist Jokes at the MTV Movie Awards?
2015-04-13 Channing Tatum Twerks for Jennifer Lopez at MTV Movie Awards 2015
2015-04-13 The Fault In Our Stars: Shailene Woodley Wins Big at the MTV Movie Awards
2015-04-13 Reese Witherspoon Crashes Sofia Vergara's Date with Joe Manganiello
2015-04-13 'The Fault In Our Stars' Takes Top MTV Movie Award
2015-04-13 Channing Tatum Sells Hollywood Hills Home for $2.6M
2015-04-09 What to Expect at the MTV Movie Awards
2015-04-09 '23 Jump Street' Will Bring the Best of Everything
2015-04-07 Kevin Hart Named Comedy Genius
2015-04-01 GLAAD Media Awards 2015: Kerry Washington Honored
2015-03-22 Are Hollywood's Action Stars Really Short?
2015-03-20 Who You Gonna Call? Channing Tatum, Apparently!
2015-03-13 10 Chillin' Channing Tatum Quotes
2015-03-12 Will Chris Pratt Be a Ghostbuster Alongside Channing Tatum?
2015-03-11 Channing Tatum Leading ‘Ghostbusters' Revamp
2015-03-11 There's Another Ghostbusters Movie in the Works
2015-03-10 'Ghostbusters' to Get All-Male Reboot After All-Female Film
2015-03-10 Channing Tatum Tapped for Male Ghostbusters Reboot
2015-03-10 Guardians of the Galaxy Leads 2015 MTV Movie Awards Nominees
2015-03-05 11 Best Dance Movies of All Time
2015-03-01 Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez's Selfie, Plus Other Oscars Highs
2015-02-27 Channing Tatum's EPIC Sony Hack Email Ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto & KingBach - Drama
2015-02-26 Cutest Couples at the 2015 Academy Awards
2015-02-24 Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Delay Wedding for ‘Magic Mike XXL'
2015-02-24 Go Behind the Scenes of Our 2015 Hollywood Portfolio
2015-02-18 Channing Tatum to Present LGBT Award to His White House Down Director Roland Emmerich
2015-02-17 Escape to the Movies: 'Jupiter Ascending': Tries But Fails
2015-02-15 Behind the Scenes of Our British Portfolio: Part 2
2015-02-10 What's the Least Comfortable Costume Actors Have Worn in a Film?
2015-02-09 'Jupiter Ascending': Richard Roeper's Review
2015-02-08 On the Red Carpet with the Stars of 'Jupiter Ascending'
2015-02-08 'Jupiter Ascending': MovieBites 3
2015-02-07 'Magic Mike XXL' Teaser Trailer
2015-02-06 'Jupiter Ascending': Get Down There Clip
2015-02-05 'Jupiter Ascending': Welcome Clip
2015-02-05 'Jupiter Ascending': Featurette - Inside The Universe
2015-02-05 Why Mila Kunis Can't Get Enough of Her Post-Baby Body
2015-02-05 Mila Kunis Wearing Bras for First Time Post-Baby
2015-02-05 Film Clip: 'Jupiter Ascending'
2015-02-05 Steve Carell Says 'Foxcatcher' Wasn't Part of His Master Plan
2015-02-04 Channing Tatum Kisses and Tells on 'Jupiter Ascending'
2015-02-04 Channing Tatum Reveals ‘Magic Mike XXL' Poster
2015-02-04 Reese Witherspoon, Channing Tatum and More Reveal Their Childhood Nicknames
2015-02-04 Mila Kunis Filmed Every Day for Seven Months on 'Jupiter Ascending'
2015-02-04 Sean Bean on Life as a Human Spoiler
2015-02-04 The Hollywood Issue: Preparing for War
2015-02-04 The Hollywood Issue: Victory Is Assured
2015-02-04 The Hollywood Issue: Coming to America