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Must-See SNL Video: 100th Digital Short Starring Bieber, Timberlake & More

5/14/2012 8:38am EDT
The Lonely Island
Usher and host Will Ferrell were praised for their performances on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, but Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Michael Bolton stole the show with their unexpected cameos.

The Lonely Island shows off its musical talents every week on the show, often in collaboration with a celebrity guest. Since their debut in 2005, the group has had hits with "I'm on a Boat" with T-Pain, "The Creep" with Nicki Minaj, Akon's "I Just Had Sex," Rihanna's "Shy Ronnie" and Lady Gaga's "3-Way (The Golden Rule)."

In a hilarious sketch on May 12, Lonely Island members ...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Shrek Forever After,' 'MacGruber,' & More

5/17/2010 10:10am EDT
A lot of other critics have blasted Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood,” but honestly I found it to be pretty interesting. It is slightly long winded and its action scenes are a bit frenetic, however it dares to be different in how it approaches the Robin Hood tale which I appreciate.

As a narrative "Robin Hood" operates like a prequel, covering the events leading to Robin’s branding as an outlaw. This Robin is serious, more like a solider commanding his friends in battle, than the lighthearted rogue whose archery and skills with a sword are so well known in the legend. While he believes in eq...

'Land Of The Lost' Comes To Blu-ray & DVD October 13

10/5/2009 7:00pm EDT
Land of the Lost DVD
Comedic favorite Will Ferrell meets the unfettered imaginations of Sid and Marty Krofft in the hilarious action comedy Land of the Lost, coming to Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD on October 13, from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Inspired by the Krofft-created 1970s television classic of the same name, "Land of the Lost" is available on a Blu-ray Hi-Def and single-disc DVD. Both include enough uproarious deleted scenes and behind-the-action bonus features to keep fans laughing across the entire space-time continuum.

The Blu-ray Hi-Def edition of "Land of the Lost" includes more than two h...

Will Ferrell Joins Bear Grylls On 'Men Vs. Wild' Tonight!

6/2/2009 11:51am EDT
Man Vs. Wild
Universal Pictures and the Discovery Channel are proud to bring you a special episode of Men vs. Wild tonight, Tuesday, June 2nd at 10pm - EST! Tune in to watch Will Ferrell and Bear Grylls face off in a hilarious outdoor adventure…

Will even eats a reindeer eyeball on the show, which he said was totally disgusting.

Get a sneak peek of tonight's show!

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Image © Discovery Channel

Will's new movie, "Land of the Lost", is in theaters this Frida...

Will Forte Of 'Saturday Night Live' Talks To Starpulse

4/28/2009 12:03pm EDT
Will Forte
"It's a strange transformation that he goes through when he puts a moustache on, it's very funny. Seriously, It's like automatic douchebag. It's crazy." - Kenan Thompson speaking to Starpulse about his "SNL" and "Sit Down, Shut Up" co-star Will Forte's love for fake moustaches in a yet to be published interview.

Mike: You were a history major at UCLA. How do you go from a history major to joining the Groundlings to where you're at now?

Will: Well, when I was trying to figure out my major, my dad said, "You know, it doesn't really matter what you major in", I didn...

SNL Digital Short: 'I'm On A Boat'

2/9/2009 10:53am EST
Andy Samberg
During the election season, the one reason viewers tuned into Saturday Night Live (or at least recorded it) was to see the weekly skit riffing on the latest political news. With that over, however, the new "must see" portion of SNL has become the Digital Shorts, usually featuring Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg (a comedy troupe known as The Lonely Island). Surrounded by an ultimately-forgettable SNL episode, this week's Digital Short was an amusing foray into rap music with T-Pain:

Watch 'I'm On A Boat' Video here:

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC...

Meet The Cast That's Going To Save 'Saturday Night Live'

5/9/2008 9:00am EDT
Saturday Night Live
For those of you who have been keeping score, it has been a long time since Saturday Night Live, once the premier, end all and be all of comedy on television, has held the clout it once demanded. In fact, many of those who grew up on the late night comedy show have long since grown disinterested and weary of sub par casts, guests, and skits. "Saturday Night Live" was declared dead by popular consensus. And yet, after 33 seasons, it is making a new bid with some fresh faces. Sound the alarm - the funniest night of the week is back:

Meet the group that's going to Save Saturday Night Live...