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Now Playing: Stephen Colbert Mocks Virtual Reality on ‘Late Show' Stephen Colbert Mocks Virtual Reality on ‘Late Show'
2015-10-01 Trevor Noah Pays Tribute to Jon Stewart on 'Daily Show' Hosting Debut
2015-09-29 'Jon Stewart Gave Me Lots of Advice'
2015-09-29 Trevor Noah Prepares to Take over 'The Daily Show'
2015-09-29 Here's What Happened On Trevor Noah's First 'Daily Show'
2015-09-29 Trevor Noah Reinvigorating 'The Daily Show'?
2015-09-29 Noah's ‘Daily Show' Feels The Same, Looks Different
2015-09-29 'The Daily Show' With Trevor Noah
2015-09-29 What to Expect From the New 'Daily Show'
2015-09-28 Get to Know Trevor Noah of 'The Daily Show'
2015-09-28 Trevor Noah Agrees With a Republican
2015-09-26 The Pets of Late-Night
2015-09-23 Jon Stewart Misses His Job
2015-09-21 Jon Stewart Says He Seriously Misses Being on TV at Emmys
2015-09-21 Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show' Win Farewell Emmy
2015-09-21 Jon Stewart And The Daily Show Win Farewell Emmy
2015-09-21 Trevor Noah Reveals Jon Stewart's Best 'Daily Show' Advice
2015-09-21 Jon Stewart Will Leave the Planet If Donald Trump Is President
2015-09-21 Jon Stewart 'Embarrassed' 9/11 Rescuers Still Fighting for Health Benefits
2015-09-17 Jon Stewart to Host WWE's SummerSlam
2015-08-18 Jon Stewart's Next Gig Is...Host of WWE SummerSlam?
2015-08-18 Jon Stewart Loves Wrestling, Which Explains His Next Gig
2015-08-18 Jon Stewart to Host WWE SummerSlam
2015-08-18 Jon Stewart to Host WWE's 'SummerSlam'
2015-08-18 Ask Alan: Tougher Task: Trevor Noah or Stephen Colbert?
2015-08-13 Jon Stewart Joins HuffPost Live
2015-08-13 Stephen Colbert: 'Late Show' Advice, Leaving His Character
2015-08-11 Thank You Notes: Drake and Meek Mill Feud, Jon Stewart
2015-08-08 5 Things We'll Miss About Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'
2015-08-07 FLASHBACK: Watch Jon Stewart's Biggest Career Moments
2015-08-07 Goodbye Jon Stewart
2015-08-07 Stewart Bids 'Daily Show' Farewell With Colbert, Springsteen
2015-08-07 Stewart Bids 'Daily Show' Farewell With Colbert, Springsteen
2015-08-07 Stewart Bids Farewell to 'The Daily Show'
2015-08-07 Jon Stewart Gets Celebrity Support Upon Daily Show Departure
2015-08-07 Jon Stewart Gets Epic Send-Off in His Final 'Daily Show'
2015-08-07 Fans Say #JonVoyage With Sad, Funny And Sentimental Tributes
2015-08-07 Jon Stewart Signs Off From 'The Daily Show'
2015-08-07 George Clooney To Be First Guest on Stephen Colbert's “Late Show”
2015-08-07 Stewart, Dr. Dre, Jolie: Showbiz Round Up
2015-08-07 Jon Stewart's ‘Daily Show' Ends With Cameos, The Boss
2015-08-07 Stewart Signs Off 'Daily Show' With Laughs and Tears
2015-08-07 Stewart Ends 'Daily Show' With 'Moment of Zen,' Springsteen
2015-08-07 Jon Stewart's Final 'Daily Show' Was Your Ultimate Moment Of Zen
2015-08-07 Jon Stewart Signs Off From The Daily Show With Wit And Sincerity
2015-08-07 Jon Stewart's Emotional 'Daily Show' Sign-Off
2015-08-07 Arby's Thanks Jon Stewart
2015-08-06 'The Daily Show' Set Donated To Newseum
2015-08-06 Fox News' Roger Ailes Sends Off Jon Stewart
2015-08-06 WATCH: Arby's Bids Jon Stewart Farewell With a Hilarious Ad
2015-08-06 Jon Stewart Prepares to Sign Off
2015-08-06 Jon Stewart, Sarcastic Critic Of Politics And Media, Is Signing Off
2015-08-06 Scientology Movie Director "Disappointed" Jon Stewart Didn't Confront Tom Cruise
2015-08-06 Jon Stewart Remembered on 'Daily Show': 'A Man Who Was on TV'
2015-08-06 Stars Dish on 'The Daily Show,' Jon Stewart
2015-08-05 Jon Stewart's Sweary ‘Book of Mormon' Endorsement Cleared by U.K. Ad Watchdog
2015-08-05 January Jones Says Jon Stewart ''Is Making a Huge Mistake'' by Leaving The Daily Show
2015-08-04 Amy Schumer Boats with J.Law, Gets Mistaken for Adele
2015-08-04 'Downton' Stars on Stewart Leaving
2015-08-04 Jon Stewart Bids Farewell to Fox News: 'Adios, Motherf---Ers'
2015-08-04 Amy Schumer on Jennifer Lawrence Friendship: 'I Look Like Her Coach'
2015-08-04 Jon Stewart's Finale and Other Events to Mark on Your Calendar
2015-08-03 Jon Stewart: Goodbye to the Last Honest Newsman
2015-08-03 Why Oprah Called Jon Stewart's Marriage "the Real Deal"
2015-08-01 One Surprising Thing You Might Not Know About Jon Stewart
2015-08-01 Jon Stewart Signing Off 'Daily Show' Fake Newscast for Real
2015-07-30 Jon Stewart Signing Off 'Daily Show' Fake Newscast for Real
2015-07-30 Tom Cruise Stops To Watch The Sunset Amid Mission Impossible Madness
2015-07-29 Tom Cruise Teaches Jon Stewart How to Get Into Action-Star Shape
2015-07-29 New 'Daily Show' Host Talks Oscar Pistorius, Nelson Mandela
2015-07-24 Jon Stewart on Donald Trump Success: People Love 'Spectacular Manmade Disasters'
2015-07-23 President Obama Bids Farewell to Jon Stewart
2015-07-22 Obama Tells Jon Stewart Lessons He's Learned
2015-07-22 Jon Stewart Slams Donald Trump's John McCain Comments
2015-07-21 Amy Schumer Talks More About 'Daily Show' Offer