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Now Playing: Jon Stewart's Finale and Other Events to Mark on Your Calendar Jon Stewart's Finale and Other Events to Mark on Your Calendar
2015-08-03 Jon Stewart: Goodbye to the Last Honest Newsman
2015-08-03 Why Oprah Called Jon Stewart's Marriage "the Real Deal"
2015-08-01 One Surprising Thing You Might Not Know About Jon Stewart
2015-08-01 Jon Stewart Signing Off 'Daily Show' Fake Newscast for Real
2015-07-30 Jon Stewart Signing Off 'Daily Show' Fake Newscast for Real
2015-07-30 Tom Cruise Stops To Watch The Sunset Amid Mission Impossible Madness
2015-07-29 Tom Cruise Teaches Jon Stewart How to Get Into Action-Star Shape
2015-07-29 New 'Daily Show' Host Talks Oscar Pistorius, Nelson Mandela
2015-07-24 Jon Stewart on Donald Trump Success: People Love 'Spectacular Manmade Disasters'
2015-07-23 President Obama Bids Farewell to Jon Stewart
2015-07-22 Obama Tells Jon Stewart Lessons He's Learned
2015-07-22 Jon Stewart Slams Donald Trump's John McCain Comments
2015-07-21 Amy Schumer Talks More About 'Daily Show' Offer
2015-07-02 #TBT: Richard Belzer & Jon Stewart On Jeb Bush... In 2000
2015-07-02 Amy Schumer Reveals the Real Reason She Turned Down 'The Daily Show'
2015-07-01 Amy Schumer Hated Blazers Too Much to Host 'The Daily Show'
2015-07-01 Comedy Central Bids Farewell to Jon Stewart with 'Daily Show' Month of Zen
2015-06-26 Jon Stewart: Charleston "Is Like Confederate Epcot"
2015-06-23 Sen. Franken Wants Jon Stewart To Get Young People To Vote
2015-06-23 Jon Stewart Get Serious With 'Daily Show' Charleston Commentary
2015-06-19 Jon Stewart Adresses Charleston Shootings in Somber Monologue
2015-06-19 Jon Stewart Calls Out Rachel Dolezal for Being ' White'
2015-06-16 Mark Ruffalo And Jon Stewart Debate Hulk Vs. Superman
2015-06-12 'You Think You're Saddam Hussein?' Jon Stewart Teases Nicola Sturgeon
2015-06-09 Jon Stewart on McKinney Cop Video: 'How Do You Go From a Pool Party to THIS?'
2015-06-09 Stephen Colbert Gears Up for Late Show
2015-06-04 'American Ninja Warrior': Jon Stewart at the 2015 Kansas City Qualifiers
2015-06-03 Jon Stewart Mocks Media's Focus on Caitlyn Jenner's Appearance
2015-06-03 'Critics' Choice TV Awards': Al Madrigal on the Red Carpet
2015-06-01 Meet the Middle East's Jon Stewart
2015-05-01 'Rosewater' Trailer 2
2015-04-21 Jon Stewart Reveals End Date for 'Daily Show' Run
2015-04-21 Jon Stewart Explains Why He Quit 'The Daily Show'
2015-04-20 Jon Stewart Defends New Daily Show Host Trevor Noah
2015-04-08 Jon Stewart Defends His 'Daily Show' Successor Trevor Noah Amid Twitter Sca
2015-04-07 Jon Stewart Addresses Controversy Over 'Daily Show' Replacement Trevor Noah
2015-04-07 Daily Show Alum Olivia Munn to New Host Trevor Noah: "Don't Let the Haters Stop You"
2015-04-04 Daily Show Alum Olivia Munn to New Host Trevor Noah: "Don't Let the Haters Stop You"
2015-04-04 Here's What Jon Stewart Was Doing When He Was Trevor Noah's Age
2015-04-01 Comedy Central Defends Noah After Fans Find Offensive Tweets
2015-04-01 Comedy Central: Judging Trevor Noah On Handful Of Tweets 'Unfair'
2015-04-01 Trevor Noah Called Anti-Semitic For Old Controversial Tweets
2015-03-31 Trevor Noah Replacing Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'
2015-03-30 Trevor Noah Will Take Over for Jon Stewart as 'Daily Show' Host
2015-03-30 Who Is Trevor Noah? Get to Know Jon Stewart's ‘Daily Show' Replacement
2015-03-30 Trevor Noah Will Take Over For Jon Stewart On The Daily Show
2015-03-30 Trevor Noah to Host 'The Daily Show' After Jon Stewart
2015-03-30 South African Comedian to Replace Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'
2015-03-30 Terrace Martin Says Kendrick Lamar Will Not Release "Untitled" Song From Colbert Performance
2015-03-27 Rob Corddry Picks His Dream Daily Show Host
2015-03-23 The Twizzler Challenge
2015-03-22 Will Ferrell Is So Happy Jon Stewart Is Leaving 'Daily Show'
2015-03-20 Kathie Lee Gifford and Matt Lauer Share an Awkward Kiss for the Twizzler Challenge
2015-03-18 Amanda Seyfried Takes A Handsome Male Companion To The Daily Show
2015-03-18 Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney Boosts French Comedian With Anti-Semitic History
2015-03-13 WATCH: Paul Rudd Lets a Guy Spit Chewed Food in His Mouth
2015-03-09 All These 'Daily Show' Departures Are Making Our Heads Spin
2015-03-06 Jon Stewart Kicks WWE's Seth Rollins Where It Hurts!
2015-03-03 John Cena -- Vince McMahon's a BEAST In The Weight Room
2015-03-02 Olivia Wilde Wants Three Kids ... If She Can Keep Them Alive
2015-02-27 Jason Jones Leaving 'The Daily Show'
2015-02-25 ‘The Daily Show' Replacement Could Be Husband-Wife Duo
2015-02-24 Jon Stewart Promises WWE's Seth Rollins a 'World of Hurt'
2015-02-22 Stephen's Colbeard Is the Facial Hair America Deserves
2015-02-21 WWE's Seth Rollins -- HITS BACK AT JON STEWART ... I'll Beat You Up!
2015-02-20 Jon Stewart Is Ready for 'Next Iteration' of 'The Daily Show'
2015-02-20 No 'Daily Show' for John Oliver, HBO Show Renewed
2015-02-18 Smart Move, HBO: 'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver' Renewed for 2 Seasons
2015-02-18 Jemaine Clement Wants to Tour More and Would Be Sam Rockwell's Sidekick
2015-02-15 The End Of Jon Stewart: Who Will Young Liberals Turn To For News?
2015-02-13 Jon Stewart: Takedown Master
2015-02-12 Why Brian Williams Should Replace Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show'
2015-02-12 Comedy Central Saw Stewart's Departure Coming, Has 'Daily Show' Replacement Shortlist
2015-02-12 Jon Stewart, Bill O'Reilly Take on the Brian Williams Scandal