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Now Playing: Jerry Springer Talks Kim Kardashian Jerry Springer -- I'm Removing Tranny From My Vocabulary
2014-03-24 Top 3 TV Stories of the Day
2014-03-24 Jerry Springer: 'I Don't Exploit the Poor'
2014-02-27 On This Day: February 13
2014-02-13 Jerry Springer "Apologizes for Ruining a Culture."
2014-02-12 Jerry Springer"Apologizes for Ruining a Culture."
2014-02-10 Jerry Springer LIVE
2014-01-29 Cornelius At The Cinema: Exclusive Interview With Jerry Springer
2014-01-10 Hip-Hop Legend Turned TV Host MC Serch On His New Show "Serch"
2014-01-09 Arsenio Has Finally Gone Too Far
2013-11-08 Jerry Springer Defends His Guests
2013-11-08 Jerry Springer Channels Elvis
2013-11-08 Arsenio Digs Up Jerry Springer's Rejected 'Final Thoughts'
2013-11-08 Deer Fight!!
2013-04-03 Halle Berry&Gabriel Aubry Reach Agreement, Vow To End Fighting
2012-11-30 Jerry Springer's Secret to Success: Stupidity!
2012-11-14 Small Market Reporter Goes One On One With Jerry Springer
2012-09-24 Reality Bites: Jerry Springer Takes On Honey BooBoo
2012-09-10 Jerry Springer's Final Thoughts on Kevin Pereira
2012-05-31 Jerry Springer Interviews Kevin Pereira About Working at G4TV
2012-05-31 You've Got Jerry Springer
2012-04-26 "I Get That A Lot" Exclusive Sneak Peek: Jerry Springer
2011-12-29 Anna Nicole Smith: the opera
2011-02-18 Live in 5 Bonus: Krystal audition's for lead anchor
2011-02-04 Jerry Springer hosts dating show
2010-04-16 How bad is Jeremy Kyle's OCD?
2009-06-07 Stars like Kylie Minogue talk about Susan Boyle
2009-06-03 Jerry Springer backs Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle
2009-06-02 Jerry Springer on the Susan Boyle sensation
2009-06-02 Citizen Verdict - Clip 2
2008-09-16 Citizen Verdict - Clip 3
2008-09-16 Citizen Verdict - Clip 4
2008-09-16 Citizen Verdict - Jerry Springer and Roy Scheider Interview
2008-09-16 Citizen Verdict - Philippe Martinez and Armand Assante Interview
2008-09-16 Citizen Verdict - Premiere Interview with Jerry Springer
2008-09-16 Citizen Verdict - Premiere Interview with Armand Assante

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