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Forgotten Friday Flick - Do You Remember 'Tuff Turf' From 1985?

5/1/2015 12:20pm EDT
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Tuff Turf'
Since both Robert Downey Jr. and the mighty James Spader are co-starring in a small but notable little flick out this week titled "Avengers: Age of Ultron," it felt right to go down the dark aisles of movie past to check out a previous teaming of the dynamic duo – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Today we head back to high school for a little troubled teen rebellion and forbidden love with Spader and Downey Jr. at the helm as a rebel without a cause and his quick-witted, drum playing best bud. (Can you guess who’s playing who?!) There’s also a hottie love interest in the form of one of...

Blu-ray Review: 'Supernova'

1/14/2015 11:10am EST
Blu-ray Review: 'Supernova'
Space and Spader – can it get any better? Follow us as we check out the new to Blu-ray flick "Supernova" out now from Shout! Factory’s genre division label Scream Factory. We explore the far reaches of space and Robin Tunney below!

Title: "Supernova"

Grade: 3 1/2

Cast: James Spader, Angela Bassett, Peter Facinelli

Director: Thomas Lee

Rating: R

Runtime: 91 minutes

Release Company: Shout! Factory Home Entertainment


The Flick: "Supernova" is for sure a super hot mess, but its one good looking mess. From the obvious work by stylish Director Walte...

James Spader Tells What Drew Him To 'The Blacklist'

10/7/2013 12:15pm EDT
The Blacklist
NBC's The Blacklist has been one of the fall's most buzzed about shows, in large part due to the return of James Spader to our small screens as notorious criminal Raymond 'Red' Reddington. Last week, BFTV was able to chat with Spader about coming back to television, how his newly announced role in The Avengers 2 impacts his TV gig, and Red's many mysteries.

After having reinvigorated The Practice in its final year and spearheading the long-running Boston Legal, the veteran actor was drawn back for another series by the fundamental thing that attracts many actors. "That character," he expla...

'The Blacklist' 1.2: Mysteries

10/2/2013 8:37am EDT,_The/
The Blacklist continues to intrigue, with a second episode that features action in Montreal and New York City, and brings us a little closer to confirming the relationship between Elizabeth and Reddington.

As I indicated last week, it seems pretty clear that Reddington is Elizabeth's father.  The scene at the end of 1.2, in which we learn that Elizabeth has been adopted, all but confirms Reddington's fatherhood. On the other hand, in a show in which twists excel, there's still a good chance that something else is going on.

Elizabeth's husband also presents an interesting mystery. Elizabet...

'The Blacklist' Pilot Shows Real Potential

9/24/2013 1:30pm EDT
The Blacklist
An antagonist walks into a bar. He says, “Gosh, I know we’ve had our differences but I really want to help you out.” It’s dubious but he gives you information you’ve desperately needed and assistance in a task you couldn’t have completed yourself. Do you then trust him? Probably not. But say your antagonist helps you again. And again. And again. How many times does he have to help you before he gains your complete trust, despite his past misdeeds?

That’s a question that’s surely going to haunt Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) throughout the run of The Blacklist. In her mind, she’s just a newly...

'The Blacklist' Debuts: Alias Meets Jay Z

9/24/2013 9:14am EDT
The Blacklist
One of the best nights of Alias - the early J. J. Abrams complex spy thriller - was when Irina Derevko shows up one day and turns herself in to the CIA. She did this for more than one reason, but high among them was to be closer to her daughter, Sidney Bristow, in CIA black-ops. The Blacklist reminded me of that moment - which is to say, it was fast-paced, thoughtful, and struck tonight like a hammer on an anvil.

So is Red Reddington - played by world-class actor James Spader - agent Elizabeth Keen's father?  I'm suspecting that he is. He wants only to talk to her - shades of Hannibal Lect...

Fall TV Preview: NBC's 'The Blacklist'

9/23/2013 12:15pm EDT
The Blacklist
Every fall, dozens of new television shows waft on to the air hoping to survive the season.  I am here to offer preview of the not-for-review pilots I had to pleasure of previewing.  Consider me your DVR Whisperer, guiding you on which shows should get your season pass.  NBC's "The Blacklist" premieres tonight at 10/9c.  Here are my first impressions.  

The Premise: James Spader stars as uber-terrorist mastermind Raymond “Red” Reddington.  After decades of working as a “facilitator” for international terrorists, the FBI's most wanted peacefully surrenders with the sole purpose of sharing h...

James Spader Cast As Ultron In 'Avengers' Sequel

8/29/2013 5:07pm EDT
James Spader
Marvel has announced James Spader will play the evil Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Emmy Award-winning actor will most likely provide his voice to a CGI character, as Ultron is a walking and talking robot. It's also one of the most powerful supervillians in the Marvel universe. Created by Henry Pym, who will be introduced in the upcoming Ant Man film, Ultron gains sentience and begins a campaign of destruction across the world.

There have been over 18 versions of the supervillian, as it has the ability to copy itself and rebuild itself after destruction. It even destroyed an entir...

10 TV Shows We Are Most Looking Forward to This Fall

7/28/2013 2:00pm EDT
Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Every fall a new batch of television shows emerge, and this year’s lineup is filled with familiar faces, promising new talents and exciting storylines. Here are 10 TV shows we are most looking forward to:

1. “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” ABC (airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m., premieres Sept. 24)

Joss Whedon thrilled Marvel fans with “The Avengers,” and they’re are likely to geek out once more with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Whedon serves as executive producer on the show, which follows the team that assembled the Avengers on varying missions around the globe. Leading the pack to solve unexpla...

NBC Reloads With New Fall 2013 Primetime TV Schedule

5/13/2013 10:07am EDT
Michael J. Fox Show
NBC released its fall schedule on Sunday, making some big moves as they announced some new comedies and dramas with veteran stars such as Michael J. Fox, James Spader and more – time slots were also changed for some returning and beloved favorites.  

Moving shows included "Chicago Fire," "Revolution," "Parks and Recreation," and "Parenthood," whose times were adjusted to make room for some brand new anticipated series.

New shows include the action thriller "The Blacklist" starring James Spader which is given the 10pm Monday night spot following "The Voice."

Michael J. Fox's make his retu...

'The Office' Recap: 'Free Family Portrait Studio'

5/12/2012 4:54pm EDT
Angela Kinsey
‘The Office’ has limped to the season-ending finish line with ‘Free Family Portrait Studio.’ With only a couple of laugh-out-loud moments and plenty of change ahead, it makes one worry for the series’ future. But let’s start with what actually happens.

Andy returns to Dunder Mifflin (again) looking pathetic as ever. He’s dressed like a janitor and asks Nellie for any sort of work. She allows him to be a carpet cleaner, for which he appears grateful. As it turns out, though, he’s just putting on an act. He knows David Wallace has bought Dunder Mifflin and that he will be returned to the pos...

'The Office' Recap: 'Turf Wars'

5/6/2012 4:47pm EDT
The Office
A lot of people seem to think that if ‘The Office’ jumped the shark, it was with the “Michael Scott Paper Company” phase. Those who weren’t a fan of that storyline were probably a bit miffed by ‘Turf Wars,’ which sees Andy do practically the same thing.

Clearly, he’s still missing working at Dunder Mifflin. He comes into the office randomly one day to make lunch for his former coworkers. While he’s there, he sees quite a bit of drama unfold.

Robert California walks in and seems to be in a hung over stupor, vomiting in a trash can. He “celebrated” the night before upon finding out his divo...

'The Office' Recap: 'The Fundraiser'

4/29/2012 4:02pm EDT
The Office
Public functions don’t seem to go well with ‘The Office’ folk. Numerous embarrassing situations typically emerge, and ‘The Fundraiser’ is no exception.

Robert California announces that he’s bought two tables at a fundraiser for an animal welfare society, an event hosted by Angela’s (state) senator husband. Let’s see, where should we start with all the awkwardness?

Andy shows up uninvited. He ends up heckling Robert and announces his exciting plans for the rock opera he’s been writing in his spare time. In an effort to show everyone that he’s okay after being fired, he aims to impress. He ...

'The Office' Recap: 'Last Day In Florida'

3/12/2012 9:09pm EDT
Todd Packer
It’s the end of the line for ‘The Office’ Floridians. Well, at least some of them.

When Jim, Dwight and Nellie join in a game of golf with Robert California (where have you been?) it becomes clear to Jim that Dwight’s job is in jeopardy. Clearly, Robert is not pleased with how things are going, although he oddly does not fault Nellie for this. Jim knows Dwight is as safe as one of Moze’s squirrels.

Back at the Scranton office – and let’s just dwell on this briefly – it’s time to sell Girl Scout cookies. Yes, that sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Toby and Darryl, who both have daughters at abo...

James Spader Won't Be Back For 'The Office' Next Year

2/28/2012 8:57am EST
James Spader
James Spader's "The Office" duty is over after just one season - the actor won't return for the TV comedy's ninth run later this year.

The star was the first new addition to the cast after Steve Carell announced he was quitting the show last year and he made his debut as paper company CEO Robert California as Carell completed his final shows.

Spader made his full-time debut on the show last September.

Producers tell trade paper Variety it was always the actor's intention to stay for just one season.

'The Office' Recap: 'Tallahassee'

2/20/2012 7:54am EST
Catherine Tate
With “Tallahassee” James Spader’s Robert California is absent once again, but Catherine Tate joins the cast as Nellie Bertram, Sabre’s new president in charge of the new stores.

The Tallahassee crew, Jim, Dwight, Ryan, Kathy, Erin and Stanley, join Nellie for an introduction to the project, and Jim and Dwight are surprised to encounter Michael’s old (obnoxious) buddy Packer (David Koechner).

Nellie’s opening speech is naturally awkward (she points to her head and tells everyone to look at her penis rather than her breasts), and Tate brings almost as much awkwardness to her role as Steve C...

'The Office' Recap: 'Special Project'

2/11/2012 5:38pm EST
Ellie Kemper
When you get Dwight involved in a “special project,” you know strange things will happen. When Andy announces Dwight’s “promotion” to lead a three-week project down in Florida, he probably doesn’t know what he’s in for. And neither does anyone else in the office.

Dwight’s initial plan, which includes taking Darryl and Phyllis, among others, is botched for many reasons. Andy doesn’t agree with his choices, and Jim’s got a problem of his own – he gets a text from Robert California telling him to bring his clubs to Florida. Uh oh.

Pam’s return to the office mainly revolves around coaching ...

'The Office' Recap: 'Pool Party'

1/22/2012 8:25pm EST
Have you ever wanted to see Robert California naked? Or watch Gabe trip over his pants while falling into a pool naked? Or Erin ride Dwight’s shoulders? If so, then this is a twisted episode of ‘The Office’ for you!

Perhaps continuing his strange genius from last week, Kevin suggests to Robert that he have a “last hurrah” pool party at his home before it goes on the market. Somehow, Robert thinks this is a good idea, and an intimate get-together ensues… which involves several characters drinking entire bottles of wine, skinny-dipping, near proposals and pool violence. This sounds like Mich...

'The Office' Recap: 'Trivia'

1/14/2012 4:29pm EST
Who is the office’s secret weapon? Is it: a) Oscar, b) Kevin, c) Stanley, or d) None of the above? Shockingly, the answer is Kevin. At least, that’s what happens in the newest episode, called ‘Trivia.’

Let’s back up a little. Andy is downright obsessed with hitting the 8 percent increase in sales he’d promised Robert California. So obsessed, in fact, that he’s bought over $2,000 in paper himself and tries to convince his officemates to do the same.

It seems they are $830 short of hitting their goal. Oscar (silly Oscar) lets it slip that he’s going to a trivia night at a Philadelphia bar w...

Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Jack's Back'

1/13/2012 12:52pm EST
Jack's Back photo
Since a dark film with fantastic performances caught my attention this week (see the five-star film "The Divide" folks!), I thought I’d go back to a equally dim film with a couple of fabulous characters – but played by the same man! Welcome to...Forgotten Friday Flick! Today’s selection is from the James Spader school of memorable work (and that’s one busy classroom!), as he plays two different but equally impressive brothers both out on the prowl for a serial killer with an affinity for repeating the ripper. Watch out for "Roadhouse" director Rowdy Herrington’s 1988 directing debut..."J...

'The Office' Recap: 'Christmas Wishes'

12/11/2011 11:18am EST
Rainn Wilson
‘Christmas Wishes’ is perhaps the strangest holiday episode of ‘The Office’ ever. Written by Mindy Kaling and directed by Ed Helms, the story features (obviously) Christmas wishes, drunkenness, a strange musical montage and more-than-ever awkward moments.

Let’s start with Jim and Dwight. Their new deskmate (more on that in a minute) gets sick of their constant pranks, so Andy tells them to knock it off, or the offending prankster will get the other’s bonus. This leads to many a trap, including Dwight leaving his wallet and keys out, and Jim loudly announcing his credit card number. Neither...

'The Office' Recap: 'Mrs. California'

12/4/2011 5:58pm EST
Rainn Wilson
Perhaps there are signs of life in ‘The Office’ after all. After the pre-Thanksgiving episode only delivered a few mild chuckles, ‘Mrs. California’ has several hilarious moments, as well as several awkward scenes that are the best since Steve Carell’s departure.

The premise is simple. While Jim is chatting with Andy in his office, a panicked Robert runs in and instructs Andy – through the window glass – that his wife will be coming in shortly and that he should, under no circumstances, give her a job at Dunder Mifflin.

It sounds easy enough, but for Andy, it’s not. And it’s hard to blame ...

'The Office' Recap: 'Gettysburg'

11/20/2011 1:56pm EST
Phyllis Smith
Is it just me, or is ‘The Office’ losing steam this season? The shake-up with the addition of James Spader kept things interesting for a little while, but I fear the show is already sinking back into staleness, and I’m wondering how it can recover. More on that in a minute.

It doesn’t take much to sum up this episode: Gettysburg. For some reason, Andy thinks it would be a fun idea to take the staff to Gettysburg for a field trip (umm, because selling paper is like war?). About half go with him, including Jim, Darryl, Dwight, Phyllis, Erin, Gabe and Oscar.

Everyone else, meanwhile, stays b...

'The Office' Recap: 'Pam's Replacement'

11/12/2011 6:02pm EST
James Spader
Are we used to Robert California yet? Didn’t think so. It’s interesting that he does unexpected things (playing harmonica in a blues band?) yet how he goes about it is the same. He manipulates people into letting him have his way. In the course of this episode’s 22 minutes, he goes from expressing admiration for “Kevin and the Zits” to taking over their band with entirely new members.

Parts of it are funny, including Andy playing the drums on his own body to feel like he is participating. But it is sweet to see him, Darryl and Kevin reunite in the parking lot for a good, old-fashioned jam,...

'The Office' Recap: 'Doomsday'

11/5/2011 1:47pm EDT
Zach Woods
We’re several weeks into the new TV season. How do you think ‘The Office’ is doing without Steve Carrel? Does Ed Helms seem like an appropriate replacement, and is James Spader giving the aging show a shot in the arm?

I will admit it: I miss Michael Scott. But I do enjoy Andy as boss, and Robert California is oddly fascinating. Still, it feels like the show is missing a center.

‘Doomsday’ is a good example. After a client accidentally gets an order for free, Robert insists that Andy eliminate office mistakes. Andy desperately agrees to Dwight’s offer to use a new system to catch errors. T...

'The Office' Recap: 'Spooked'

10/30/2011 6:02pm EDT
The Office
Cool costumes are a dime a dozen on Halloween episodes of ‘The Office.’ This year, they are censored by Andy, and as a result it isn’t so exciting. (Perhaps with the exception of Dwight and his sci fi boobs.) The real meat of this installment surrounds Erin and Andy’s awkward relationship.

First off, Erin is put in charge of decorating the office for Halloween. But the posters are tamer than a preschool party, as Robert California points out. Andy is apparently hot and cold with Erin, and she’s none too pleased when he asks Angela and Phyllis to assist her to make the office a little more ...

'The Office' Q&A With Ed Helms And Paul Lieberstein

10/7/2011 1:44pm EDT
ed helms
“Ed Helms is just an unbridled genius and it was important to us to capitalize on that.” This is the answer given when the question is raised as to why the producers of NBC’s “The Office” decided to promote from within to fill the Branch Manager position when Steve Carrell left the show at the end of last season. The answer was given by Ed Helms himself, joking of course, but his fake bravado isn’t far off.

Helms, who plays Andy Bernard on NBC’s hit show, has launched to superstardom in the past few years thanks to his addition to “The Office.” So why has Helms become so popular as of late...

'The Office' Recap: 'The Incentive'

9/30/2011 7:37pm EDT
Brian Baumgartner
To all of us who thought Andy Bernard would not last another week as the Office boss, we have been proven wrong. Andy, in his own way, redeems himself a little bit in this week’s episode. Maybe this arrangement will actually last a while.

It all starts when Robert gives an inspirational speech about upping everyone’s numbers, after which Andy promises to double sales growth. Everyone seems keen on the idea until it comes time to do it. “What do you expect me to do, hit a magic button?” Phyllis asks. Clearly, Andy is not so inspirational.

But that doesn’t matter. When he presents the ...

'The Office' Recap: The List

9/25/2011 11:17pm EDT
James Spader
After a summer off and the news that James Spader would join the cast of ‘The Office,’ there wasn’t a whole lotta suspense about what would happen. But kudos to the writers for not being completely predictable.

Yes, Spader’s Robert California is the new boss, but he’s not the new Office boss. Exactly. After being hired to replace Jo, he took one look at the lame antics and walked out. He somehow convinced Jo to give him her job as CEO. (Perhaps that has to do with Kathy Bates being busy with ‘Harry’s Law.’ Just sayin’.)

So, while California is a looming presence by occupying the con...

James Spader Joins Cast Of 'The Office'

7/6/2011 9:53pm EDT
James Spader
James Spader is heading back to TV as an executive in The Office.

The Boston Legal star had a cameo as creepy Robert California in one of the show's episodes following Steve Carell's departure from the version of the show earlier this year, and now he has a landed a regular spot on the comedy, replacing Kathy Bates.

He'll play the CEO of the parent company, which oversees the office formerly run by Carell.

Executive producer Paul Lieberstein tells TV Guide magazine, "James will reprise his role as Robert California, this uber-salesman that has a power to convince and manipulate, like a h...