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Check Out Batman's Latest Ride

6/8/2015 6:38pm EDT
Check Out This New Photo Of The Batmobile From 'Batman Vs. Super
When it comes to comic book heroes at the box office, Marvel has been cleaning up for the last several years thanks to the Avengers and their friends. D.C. comic fans have been waiting impatiently for Batman vs. Superman, the first Avengers-style mash-up of superheroes from the D.C. playbook. Fans know Ben Affleck is Batman and that Henry Cavill is reprising his role as Superman from Man of Steel, but there otherwise hasn't been a ton of news regarding the 2016 flick.

Which is what makes the following photo so special. Fans already caught a glimpse of the Batmobile from the film on directo...

Gal Gadot's 'Small' Breasts Bothered Wonder Woman Fans

3/24/2015 8:50am EDT
Gal Gadot On Those Who Said She's 'Too Skinny' To Play Wonder Wo
Not everyone was thrilled when Gal Gadot was announced as the next Wonder Woman. The Israeli actress will be playing the role in the upcoming film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," directed by Zack Snyder.

Why all the consternation? Many believe the star, 29, is not curvy enough to play the iconic character.

In response to the haters, Gadot told Robot Underdog: "They said that I was too skinny and my boobs were too small … They said my head was too big and my body was like a broomstick. It's just empty talk. I can understand that part of what I'm doing means being exposed. And part of...

J.J. Abrams & Zach Snyder Bring Gotham City To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

9/18/2014 5:01pm EDT
Star Wars Episode VII
J.J. Abrams' production company, Bad Robot, released a 36-second teaser for the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VII" on Thursday, but it's not what you think.

The video is a single shot of Han Solo's spaceship the Millennium Falcon, and as the camera moves in along the cockpit-side of the ship, it stops on something that looks really familiar.

That something happens to be the Batmobile, aka "the Tumbler" from Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy.

Abrams, of course, created the video as a response to director Zack Snyder, who is helming the next Batman film, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of ...

Zack Snyder Reveals First Official Batmobile Photo

9/11/2014 8:14am EDT
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
The official first photo of the new Batmobile has been released. Director Zack Snyder posted the image from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" on Twitter after an unofficial image made the rounds online.

Here’s a real picture of the #Batmobile.

— ZackSnyder (@ZackSnyder) September 11, 2014

The futuristic looking, military-like vehicle is heavily armored and includes what appears to be machine guns in the front.

Fans first got a glimpse of the car back in May in a photo of Ben Affleck as Batman standing next to his new wheels.


Two 'Aquaman' Movies?

8/13/2014 12:15pm EDT
Jason Mamoa
Another burst of Aquaman rumors hit the Internet over the past 24 hours, as a Variety report from June (which we reported on back then) was cited once again as a confirmation that Jason Momoa would be playing the aquatic superhero.

As of right now, nothing is set in stone – although there have been some interesting developments. What we do know is Warner Brothers has hired two writers to develop two separate scripts based on the character, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Whether or not the two scripts will become two separate movies remains to be seen; the Reporter notes it's a growin...

Zack Snyder Gives First Look At Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

7/26/2014 8:23pm EDT
Zack Snyder Gives First Look At Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
There was plenty revealed and announced so far at the San Diego Comic Con, but Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice loomed over the entire convention as fans waited for any detail at all. And they got it.

After treating fans to the barest peek at the movie, Zack Snyder revealed Gal Gadot in full Wonder Woman armor, looking every bit like the Amazon from the comics - and less like the NBC series that was cancelled before an episode even aired.

Great time at #SDCC this year! #WonderWoman #DCTrinity

— ZackSnyder (@ZackSnyder) July 26, 2014

Henry Cavill Stands In A Gotham City Rainstorm In First Promo Photo From 'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice'

7/3/2014 11:48pm EDT
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
The first image of Henry Cavill reprising his role as Superman in the forthcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film was released on Thursday. The photo, in which Superman appears to be standing in a very gloomy-looking Gotham City, accompanied an interview with director Zack Snyder on USA

Snyder revealed to the website that getting Batman into the highly anticipated 2016 Man of Steel sequel wasn't a priority at first, but it became clear that the character fit in the way the story came together.

"I was in no rush to put Batman in the movie," Snyder said, "but on the other...

Zack Snyder Reveals First Look At Ben Affleck As Batman

5/13/2014 10:00pm EDT
Ben Affleck as Batman
Zack Snyder teased a reveal of the new Batmobile yesterday, but today he delivered much more.

The director uploaded a photo of Ben Affleck as Batman standing next to his new wheels, which appear to be a blend of the classic Batmobile roadster and the new "Tumbler" we've grown fond of from Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

Affleck certainly looks buff in the smoky, black and white picture. If Batman vs. Superman is really following Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, they pretty much nailed the larger frame of an older Caped Crusader. In Miller's story, the aging hero is more of a blunt tra...

Zack Snyder Teases Fans With First Images Of New Batmobile, Ben Affleck's Batsuit On Twitter

5/12/2014 11:30pm EDT
Zack Snyder Teases Fans With First Images Of New Batmobile, Ben
Could be time to pull the tarp...Tomorrow?

— ZackSnyder (@ZackSnyder) May 12, 2014

Zack Snyder teased DC Comics fans on Monday with a partial reveal of what might be the next version of the Batmobile.

The director, who is busy working on Man of Steel sequel Batman Vs. Superman, shared a photo on his Twitter page that looks like it may be the vehicle of choice of Ben Affleck's Caped Crusader in the film.

The entire car is covered except for the rear tires, and it appears to be a bit longer than the "tumbler" that Batman (Christian Bale)...

Warner Bros. Confirms Zack Snyder Will Direct 'Justice League' Movie

4/28/2014 5:01pm EDT
Justice League
Director Zack Snyder will start working on a "Justice League" movie after his Man of Steel sequel Batman Vs. Superman is released in 2016.

The news was confirmed by Warner Bros. head Greg Silverman on Sunday, when he confirmed the news to the Wall Street Journal.

"It will be a further expansion of this universe," Silverman said. "'Superman vs Batman' will lead into 'Justice League.'"

Note that Silverman referred to the film as "Superman vs. Batman" -- could a title change be on the way?

The film's script is currently in development for the film, which will bring together all of DC Comic...

Jesse Eisenberg To Play Lex Luthor In Superman/Batman Film

1/31/2014 3:03pm EST
Jesse Eisenberg
Superman has his villain and Batman has his butler.

Warner Bros. revealed today they have cast Jesse Eisenberg as Superman's archenemy Lex Luthor in upcoming Superman/Batman film. Jeremy Irons has been cast as Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred.

Director Zack Snyder said in a statement, "Lex Luthor is often considered the most notorious of Superman’s rivals, his unsavory reputation preceding him since 1940. What’s great about Lex is that he exists beyond the confines of the stereotypical nefarious villain. He’s a complicated and sophisticated character whose intellect, wealth and prominence posi...

'Fast & Furious' Actress Gal Gadot To Play Wonder Woman In 'Man Of Steel' Sequel

12/4/2013 9:31pm EST
Gal Gadot
Actress Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman in the planned 2015 sequel to this summer's Man of Steel.

Gadot, an Israeli actress and model who represented the country in the 2004 Miss Universe pageant, is set to join Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in the tentatively titled Batman Vs. Superman. Cavill will reprise his role as the Man of Steel, while Affleck is set to take on the role of the Caped Crusader -- a casting move that was met with heavy backlash from Batman fans.

Gadot, best known for her work in three of the films in the Fast & Furious series, is thrilled about the role.

"I Ca...

Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling Among Contenders To Play Batman

8/6/2013 6:07pm EDT
Josh Brolin
Zack Snyder's reported list of actors in the running to play Batman in an upcoming crossover with Superman includes some intriguing selections.

At the top of the list, as far as name recognition, are Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling. Both have worked with Warner Bros. on Gangster Squad. Broslin is also working with the studio for Robert Rodriguez's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Gosling, on the other hand, seems to be attached to just about everything these days.

However, the trend for DC Comics superhero movies is hiring lesser-known names so that their star power doesn't overshadow the chara...

'Man Of Steel' Sequel To Be Titled Either 'Superman vs. Batman' or 'Batman vs. Superman'

7/24/2013 2:01pm EDT
Batman and Superman
Superman and Batman are set to share the screen in Zack Snyder's sequel to this summer's Man of Steel.

The director surprised fans with the news during Comic Con over the weekend, following the presentation of upcoming films on the way from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, taking the stage to make the big reveal.

Snyder then brought out "Man of Steel" actor Harry Lennix, who read a passage from graphic novelist Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns," which involves both superheroes at odds with each other.

"I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come, in all your most p...

Superman To Share The Screen With Batman In 'Man Of Steel' Sequel

7/21/2013 10:22pm EDT
Batman and Superman
Man of Steel director Zack Snyder confirmed on Saturday that Superman and Batman will share the screen together in 2015.

The director revealed that Warner Bros. has plans to include the The Dark Knight in the sequel to this year's reboot of the Superman franchise, and Henry Cavill and Amy Adams are both on board.

The Batman character will presumably be slightly different than Christian Bale's version, as the star won't be reprising the character from Christopher Nolan's highly successful "Dark Knight" trilogy.

The announcement for the film, which involved an image of the Batman logo with...

'Man Of Steel' Sequel Reportedly Fast-Tracked For 2014 Release

6/17/2013 7:14pm EDT
Man of Steel
The success of Superman re-boot Man of Steel over its opening weekend, pulling in a record $113.1 million (not including the $12 million from Thursday night screenings), can mean only one thing... a sequel.

Not surprisingly, Warner Bros Pictures has already greenlit a sequel to the film and is reportedly fast-tracking it for a 2014 release.

The studio reportedly already has a deal in place to bring back director Zack Snyder; and screenwriter David S. Goyer's deal is said to include not just penning "Man of Steel," but writing the film's sequel AND the highly anticipated "Justice League" m...

'Man Of Steel' Director Zack Snyder: Christ Parallel Has Always Been There

6/15/2013 12:07pm EDT
Man of Steel
Zack Snyder, director of the superhero blockbuster Man of Steel, says that he didn't add the Christ allusions to the film - they were there since the character's first appearance 75 years ago.

Snyder tells CNN, "The Christ-like parallels, I didn't make that stuff up. We weren't like, 'Hey, let's add this!' That stuff is there, in the mythology. That is the tried-and-true Superman metaphor. So rather than be snarky and say that doesn't exist, we thought it would be fun to allow that mythology to be woven through."

In case you don't follow Superman's mythology, the Christ connection starts ...

10 Things You May Not Know About Superman 'The Man Of Steel'

6/12/2013 3:03pm EDT
the Man of Steel
With Man of Steel right around the corner, speculation is running high as to just how different—aside from the lack of red shorts—Zack Snyder’s Superman is going to be from what’s come before. How many surprises can there be for a character that’s been in the pop culture spotlight for three quarters of a century?

But one of the reasons the character’s been around so long is that there’s always something new to pull out of that blue sleeve. And even his past contains some things you may not know. Here are ten such little known facts from Superman’s vast history that may well surprise you (u...

Amy Adams Dazzles At 'Man Of Steel' Premiere - See Pics Of Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe & More!

6/11/2013 1:00pm EDT
Amy Adams
Amy Adams rocked the star-studded world premiere of "Man of Steel" at Lincoln Center in New York City on Monday night. The actress wore a strapless black dress with lace side paneling. Her red hair hung to her shoulders in silky waves.

Adams unsuccessfully auditioned for the role of Lois Lane two times before finally landing the part of Clark Kent's love interest in the new film. A version starring Matt Bomer was never made, while 2006's "Superman Returns" featured Brandon Routh as the titular character and Kate Bosworth as Lois.

"Man of Steel" centers on a young man with extraordinary po...

Zack Snyder Not Directing 'Star Wars' Spin-Off

1/15/2013 2:07pm EST
Zack Snyder
Another big name director has refuted reports that he is working on a Star Wars project. Zack Snyder was reported by Vulture to be working on a film in the Star Wars universe that was not Episode VII, but the Watchmen director has now denied he is doing the project.

The reported film was controversial: A spin-off of Akira Kurosawa's classic Seven Samurai set in the Star Wars universe. The movie has since been re-imagined several times, including the Western film Magnificent Seven. Kurosawa was a huge influence on Star Wars creator George Lucas; Star Wars Episode IV was written with the Jap...

New Superman Henry Cavill To Make Comic-Con Appearance

7/13/2012 8:14am EDT
Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill, who's playing Superman in "Man Of Steel," will appear at Comic-Con on Saturday, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

There has been much speculation over whether the actor would be attending the massive fan event in San Diego, and the Comic-Con schedule didn't reveal much about the panel for the film. The film's director, Zack Snyder, will also be attending. Other stars, including Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, are not expected to be there.

Born on the alien planet of Krypton, Kal-El (Cavill) is sent by his parents to live on Earth, where he named Clark and raised by farmer ...

Zombies, Spartans, And Owls: The Strange Journey Of Zack Snyder

11/9/2011 3:15pm EST
Zack Snyder and Gerard Butler
You awaken to a rabid 8 year old viciously chewing on your husband’s neck. A dark army, more than a million strong, bears down upon you and your kingdom. A masked man breaks in during the night and throws you out a window. A giant samurai statue engages you in battle, all the while feathery, cartoon owls fly around you. You are in the strange and violent world of Zack Snyder. Hang on; you’re in for a wild ride.

Zack Snyder, the director of the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel, has had the strangest start to a career of any director in recent memory. Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen, Le...

Henry Cavill Eats 5,000 Calories A Day For Superman Role

8/4/2011 9:16am EDT
Henry Cavill
British actor Henry Cavill is pushing his body "beyond its normal limits" as he prepares to play Superman in "Man Of Steel," eating a massive 5,000 calories a day to bulk up for the action man role.

The Tudors star landed the coveted role in Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan's new blockbuster earlier this year, and he's been training - and eating - hard ahead of filming.

He tells Total Film magazine, "I'm on 5,000 calories a day... You've got to eat protein first, then a little bit of carbs... you've gotta keep your hunger levels going.

"I'm training two-and-a-half hours a day, pushing m...

Check Out 'Sucker Punch' On DVD, Blu-ray & Download

6/30/2011 7:00am EDT
Sucker Punch
Close your eyes. Open your mind. Engage in a spectacular fantasy adventure when "Sucker Punch" arrives onto Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download June 28!

The story of "Alice in Wonderland" receives a hyper-violent makeover in "Watchmen" and "300" director Zack Snyder's fantastical tale "Sucker Punch" about a young psychiatric patient who escapes into a vivid world of fantasy after being committed to a mental hospital by her abusive stepfather.

Set in the 1950s, Sucker Punch takes viewers on an incredible journey into the mind of Babydoll (Emily Browning), who finds herself at the...

Russell Crowe To Play Jor-El In 'Superman' Reboot?

6/15/2011 9:38pm EDT
Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe is in talks to take on Marlon Brando's role in the upcoming Superman revamp.

The Oscar winner is slated to portray the Man of Steel's father Jor-El in Zack Snyder's new superhero movie, opposite Brit Henry Cavill.

If he signs on, he'll join Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner in the movie.

His Gladiator co-star Connie Nielsen is also reportedly in negotiations for the film - to play Jor-El's wife, and Superman's mom, Lara.

Brando played Jor-El in Superman: The Movie (1978) and was featured in 2006's Superman Returns, thanks to CGI (computer-generated imagery) effects.

Vanessa Hudgens Defends Saucy 'Sucker Punch' Outfits

4/11/2011 12:14pm EDT
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens is adamant she had no qualms about showing off her body in new movie Sucker Punch following harsh criticism of the female cast's revealing costumes.

Hudgens stars alongside Emily Browning and Abbie Cornish in the Zack Snyder movie, which tells the story of a young woman who is involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

A series of dream sequences reveal the hospital as a brothel filled with scantily-dressed dancers and the actresses' saucy outfits prompted criticism of the film's erotic undertones, with a writer for movie magazine Variety branding it "fantasy fodde...

Michael Shannon To Play Superman's Archenemy General Zod

4/11/2011 9:43am EDT
Michael Shannon
Actor Michael Shannon has landed the coveted villain role in the upcoming reboot of the Superman franchise.

The Revolutionary Road star will play General Zod opposite British hunk Henry Cavill as the young superhero - and director Zack Snyder is delighted with the casting.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Zod is not only one of Superman's most formidable enemies, but one of the most significant because he has insights into Superman that others don't. Michael is a powerful actor who can project both the intelligence and the malice of the character, making him perfect for the role."


Margot Kidder Supports Casting Amy Adams As Lois Lane

4/1/2011 12:32pm EDT
Margot Kidder
Margot Kidder has welcomed the casting of her latest Lois Lane successor in the new Superman movie, insisting newly-hired Amy Adams is a "better actress than I am."

The Enchanted star will play the intrepid reporter in director Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of the comic book franchise, alongside Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.

Kidder, who portrayed Lane in Superman: The Movie in 1978 and three sequels with Christopher Reeve, was delighted to hear about Adams' casting, and is convinced the Oscar nominee is perfect for the role.

She tells MTV, "She's a brilliant, wonderful actress! Sh...

Emily Browning Defends 'Sexist' 'Sucker Punch'

4/1/2011 11:28am EDT
Emily Browning
Actress Emily Browning is fuming after her new movie Sucker Punch was labeled "sexist" in its portrayal of women, as she's adamant the story shows "girls breaking free."

The new Zack Snyder movie stars Browning as a girl called Baby Doll, who is locked up in an asylum after she is accused of causing her sister's death. The hospital is later revealed to be a brothel as the lead character plots her escape in a series of imaginative dream sequences.

The movie has met with mixed reviews and some critics have taken aim at the film's erotic undertones, with movie magazine Variety branding it ...

Amy Adams Is The New Lois Lane!

3/28/2011 7:53am EDT
Amy Adams
Oscar nominee Amy Adams will steal the heart of new Superman Henry Cavill after landing the role of Lois Lane in the upcoming reboot of the comic book franchise.

The Fighter star learned she would be putting on her reporter's hat on Sunday after receiving the good news from director Zack Snyder.

The filmmaker admits it was no easy task casting the highly-coveted part - but he knew Adams was the one from the moment he saw her.

He tells the Los Angeles Times, "There was a big, giant search for Lois. For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditio...