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Now Playing: NBC Bets on Wesley Snipes with New Series 'The Player' NBC Bets on Wesley Snipes with New Series 'The Player'
2015-10-03 Hollywood Paparazzi Find George Hamilton and Wesley Snipes
2015-08-21 N.W.A And Zayn Malik Make Appearance At Straight Outta Compton Premiere
2015-08-11 Snipes "In Talks" With Marvel About Blade Reboot
2015-07-11 Another Top 10 Celebrity Falls from Grace
2015-05-26 Was Mo'Nique Really Offered the Role of Cookie on Empire Before Taraji P. Henson?
2015-03-04 'The Expendables 3' Cast on Learning from the Best
2014-09-01 'The Expendables 3': Interview With Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas
2014-08-31 'The Expendables 3': Interview with Terry Crews and Kellan Lutz
2014-08-31 Wesley Snipes Says He Was Supposed to Play James Brown
2014-08-19 Richard Roeper Reviews 'The Expendables 3'
2014-08-17 Wesley Snipes: 'Time Is Right for Blade 4'
2014-08-17 'Expendables 3' Premiere: Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes Reflect On Robin Williams' Legacy
2014-08-14 Terry Crews and Dolph Lundgren on the Younger Stars in 'Expendables 3'
2014-08-13 Kelsey Grammer and Randy Couture Say 'Expendables 3' Is Best One Yet
2014-08-12 Ronda Rousey Educates the New 'Expendables' on Value of a 'Ho-Box'
2014-08-12 'The Expendables 3': World Premiere Report
2014-08-12 Stars Shocked, Saddened at Williams' Death
2014-08-12 'Expendables' Stars React to Robin Williams' Passing: 'He Was an Angel'
2014-08-12 'Expendables 3' Stars Pay Tribute to Williams
2014-08-12 Wesley Snipes: 'My Martial Arts Skills Are Rusty'
2014-08-10 Sylvester Stallone and 'The Expendables 3' Cast Storm Leicester Square
2014-08-05 The Expendables 3 Star Kellan Lutz Wants to Inspire Other Actors
2014-08-05 'The Expendables 3': Film Review
2014-08-05 The Expendables Hit London for Global Launch
2014-08-05 Kellan Lutz Biting His Nails At 'Expendables 3' Comic-Con Interview
2014-07-27 Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Statham in "The Expendables 3" Full Trailer
2014-06-19 The Slightly Skewed Side of Cannes 2014
2014-05-23 Cannes Fans Not Sure If "The Expendables 3" Is A Great Movie
2014-05-20 Stallone, Statham, Schwarzenegger in 'The Expendables 3' Trailer
2014-05-19 Man at Arms Recreates Daywalker Glaives from 'Blade'
2014-05-12 Did Omar Epps Hook Up with Halle Berry?
2014-04-13 'Big Brother' Aaryn Gries - Some Of My Dates Are Black
2013-10-09 The Resurgence of Wesley Snipes? Terry Crews Says "Wesley Is Back!"
2013-09-18 New 'Diana' Film Panned by U.K. Critics
2013-09-08 'The Expendables 3' Adds Glen Powell
2013-08-14 Willis Reportedly Wanted $1 Million a Day For 'Expendables'
2013-08-08 Gaga Gets Naked, Stallone Slams Willis
2013-08-08 'The Expendables 3' Cast Update: Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis & Nicolas Cage
2013-08-07 What's Wesley Snipes Up To Now That He's Out Of Jail?
2013-04-22 Wesley Snipes Released From Prison
2013-04-06 Halle Berry Is Expecting First Child with Olivier Martinez
2013-04-05 Halle Berry Is Pregnant
2013-04-05 10 Greatest Action Heroes
2012-10-14 The Expendables 3, Dream Cast
2012-08-22 Celebrity Scandals of 2010
2010-12-17 SNTV - Wesley Snipes Finally Goes To Prison
2010-12-09 A Look at Brooklyn's Finest
2010-05-05 Celeb Says What with Lionel Richie and More