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2015-02-27 FLASHBACK: Why Will Smith Chose His Rap Name 'Fresh Prince'
2015-02-27 We Dish With 'Focus' Star Adrian Martinez
2015-02-27 'Focus': What the Critics Are Saying
2015-02-27 Will Smith Discusses Balancing Work and Love Life
2015-02-27 Will Smith Can Make Every Single Thing Better
2015-02-26 Will Smith Gets Handsy and Grabs Jada Pinkett Smith's Butt on the Red Carpet
2015-02-26 Will Smith, Margot Robbie Turn Out For Star Studded Premiere of "Focus"
2015-02-26 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Will Smith Had Carlton Teach His Son to Drive
2015-02-26 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Will Smith on Making Music Again
2015-02-26 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Will Smith on Learning to Be a Con Man
2015-02-26 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Will Smith Takes a Question from DJ Jazzy Jeff
2015-02-26 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Will Smith on Touring the World
2015-02-26 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Will Smith Performs 'Summertime'
2015-02-26 Robin Thicke Sings in Court
2015-02-26 'Focus': I Just Want In Clip
2015-02-25 'Focus': This Is A Game Of Focus Clip
2015-02-25 Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Get Affectionate at 'Focus' Premiere
2015-02-25 Will Smith's Focus Is Firmly On Wife Jada At The Focus Premiere
2015-02-25 Will Smith Praises 'Brave' Co-Star
2015-02-25 Will Smith in 'Focus'
2015-02-25 800-Year-Old Magna Carta Explained Through Hip Hop
2015-02-24 See Margot Robbie's Stunning Necklace at 2015 Oscars
2015-02-23 Jared Leto Gaining Weight to Play Joker in 'Suicide Squad'
2015-02-22 Jared Leto Packing on Pounds to Play The Joker in 'Suicide Squad'
2015-02-20 Why Will Smith Is Yet to Read the 'Suicide Squad' Script
2015-02-18 Will Smith Gets Psyched About Starting 'Suicide Squad'
2015-02-17 The March 2015 Issue Trailer
2015-02-15 Will Smith: Bad Boys 3 Yet to Be Given Green Light
2015-02-14 Will Smith Has Recorded New Music with Kanye West
2015-02-12 'Focus': Exclusive Gala Screening Premiere Report
2015-02-12 Is Will Smith Lovin' and Lyin'?
2015-02-12 Tatyana Ali to LeBron -- I'm Proud Of Fresh Prince ... Glad It Impacted You
2015-02-10 The 46th Annual NAACP Image Awards: Diversity in Hollywood
2015-02-07 Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon Beatbox "It Takes Two"
2015-02-07 See Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith Rap, Beatbox 'It Takes Two'
2015-02-06 Hill Harper on His New Movie 'Concussion'
2015-02-01 Willow Smith Poses in Nipple Baring Shirt
2015-01-23 Batman Rumored to Be Appearing in 'Suicide Squad' Movie
2015-01-22 Will Smith ... Screw Craft Services ... My Crew Gets Lobster Tail!
2015-01-21 Tom Hardy Quit 'Suicide Squad' Due to Script Change
2015-01-20 Tom Hardy Leaves 'Suicide Squad'
2015-01-16 'Fresh Prince' Fun Facts
2015-01-03 Celebrity Couples That Were Rocked by Cheating Scandals
2015-01-02 Will Smith and Margot Robbie's Chemistry in 'Focus'
2014-12-24 Will Smith and Margot Robbie Sizzle in Latest Trailer for Focus
2014-12-23 How Angelina Jolie Deals with Famous Family
2014-12-23 Jamie Foxx Says Quvenzhane Wallis Is an "Annie" for Everyone
2014-12-19 New 'Annie' Movie Less About 'Tomorrow' and All About Today
2014-12-16 YouTube Stars Bust Out Another Great Christmas Card Parody
2014-12-11 Movie Munch Roundup: 'Deadpool' and More
2014-12-08 What Happened to 'ID4 Part 3' and Will Smith
2014-12-07 Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie & Jared Leto Cast in Suicide Squad
2014-12-04 Jared Leto Is Your New Joker
2014-12-03 'Suicide Squad' Cast Confirmed
2014-12-03 'Suicide Squad' Cast Confirmed: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie Suit Up
2014-12-03 Jared Leto and Will Smith Join "Suicide Squad" Cast
2014-12-03 Jaden Smith's Most Insane Tweets
2014-12-01 Queen Latifah Never Surprised by Willow & Jaden Smith's Intellect
2014-12-01 'Independence Day' Sequel Gets Greenlit
2014-11-27 'Independence Day' Sequel Gets 20th Century Fox Greenlight
2014-11-27 Tom Bergeron -- Cracks Erin Andrews Stalking Joke