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Now Playing: Willow Smith Poses in Nipple Baring Shirt Willow Smith Poses in Nipple Baring Shirt
2015-01-23 Batman Rumored to Be Appearing in 'Suicide Squad' Movie
2015-01-22 'Fresh Prince' Cast Member Reunites With Will Smith
2015-01-21 Will Smith ... Screw Craft Services ... My Crew Gets Lobster Tail!
2015-01-21 Tom Hardy Quit 'Suicide Squad' Due to Script Change
2015-01-20 Tom Hardy Leaves 'Suicide Squad'
2015-01-16 'Fresh Prince' Fun Facts
2015-01-03 Celebrity Couples That Were Rocked by Cheating Scandals
2015-01-02 Will Smith and Margot Robbie's Chemistry in 'Focus'
2014-12-24 Will Smith and Margot Robbie Sizzle in Latest Trailer for Focus
2014-12-23 How Angelina Jolie Deals with Famous Family
2014-12-23 Jamie Foxx Says Quvenzhane Wallis Is an "Annie" for Everyone
2014-12-19 New 'Annie' Movie Less About 'Tomorrow' and All About Today
2014-12-16 YouTube Stars Bust Out Another Great Christmas Card Parody
2014-12-11 Movie Munch Roundup: 'Deadpool' and More
2014-12-08 What Happened to 'ID4 Part 3' and Will Smith
2014-12-07 Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie & Jared Leto Cast in Suicide Squad
2014-12-04 Jared Leto Is Your New Joker
2014-12-03 'Suicide Squad' Cast Confirmed
2014-12-03 'Suicide Squad' Cast Confirmed: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie Suit Up
2014-12-03 Jared Leto and Will Smith Join "Suicide Squad" Cast
2014-12-03 Jaden Smith's Most Insane Tweets
2014-12-01 Queen Latifah Never Surprised by Willow & Jaden Smith's Intellect
2014-12-01 'Independence Day' Sequel Gets Greenlit
2014-11-27 'Independence Day' Sequel Gets 20th Century Fox Greenlight
2014-11-27 Tom Bergeron -- Cracks Erin Andrews Stalking Joke
2014-11-25 Willow and Jaden Smith Discuss Uselessness of Formal Schooling
2014-11-19 Willow and Jaden Smith Give the Strangest Interview Ever
2014-11-18 Your Guide to All the Upcoming Superhero Movies
2014-11-15 Margot Robbie Will Reportedly Play Harley Quinn in 'Suicide Squad'
2014-11-11 Jared Leto Up for for Suicide Squad's Joker
2014-11-09 Focus - Trailer No. 1
2014-11-08 7 Actors Who Almost Played Famous Roles
2014-11-02 Upcoming Release: 'Focus' Preview
2014-10-25 Was Ryan Gosling Eyed As the Lead in Upcoming 'Minecraft' Movie?
2014-10-25 Ryan Gosling Bursts Onto Blockbuster Scene
2014-10-21 'Focus' Trailer
2014-10-19 Top 10 Saddest Sitcom Moments
2014-10-19 Will Smith & Tom Hardy Joining 'Suicide Squad'
2014-10-19 13 Ways Will Smith Stole Our Hearts
2014-10-11 Margot Robbie Gets Intimate with Will Smith in Focus
2014-10-10 Movie Sequel Mayhem: 'Iron Man', 'Independence Day' and 'The Purge'
2014-10-09 'I Am Legend' Reboot in the Works
2014-10-05 How Well Do You Remember Lyrics from 15 Years Ago?
2014-09-30 Kim Kardashian Attacked By Prankster at Paris Fashion Week
2014-09-28 Ray Donovan's Pooch Hall Hints At Possible Nude Scene
2014-09-27 What Does Will Smith Think of Jada Playing a 'Gotham' Villain?
2014-09-16 10 Best Singers Turned Actors Transitions
2014-09-07 Will Smith Saddles Up!
2014-08-30 Will Smith Pectacularly Performs 'Summertime' in Vegas (Awesome Video!)
2014-08-16 Will Smith Performing "Summertime"
2014-08-16 'Bad Boys 3': Is Martin Lawrence Playing With Our Emotions?
2014-08-15 #TBT Did Will Smith Contribute to Enrique Iglesias’ Success in 1999?
2014-08-15 Top 10 Decade Defining Actors: 1990s
2014-08-12 Jada Pinkett Smith Addresses Open Marriage Rumors
2014-08-06 Top 10 Actors That Can Only Play Good Guys
2014-07-27 Fans Say Goodbye to T in the Park Venue
2014-07-14 Dream Sequels: 'Independence Day 2'
2014-07-06 Beyoncé Rumored To Star Alongside Will Smith In 'Hancock 2'
2014-06-25 Jaden Smith Sleeps With Snakes
2014-06-23 Will And Jada Show Their Hot Bodies And Even Hotter PDA In Hawaii
2014-06-10 Will, Jada Pinkett & Willow Smith Enjoy Beach Time in Hawaii
2014-06-10 Brad Pitt Attacked on ‘Maleficent’ Red Carpet By Habitual Prankster
2014-05-30 Brad Pitt Punched by Celebrity Prankster Vitalii Sediuk
2014-05-29 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith Investigated by Child Protective Services
2014-05-21 America Ferrera Is Pranked at Cannes
2014-05-17 British Band Rixton Talks Justin Bieber and Harry Styles
2014-05-13 Willow Smith in Bed with 20 Year Old Actor Moises Arias
2014-05-08 13-Year-Old Willow Smith in Bed with Topless 20-Year-Old Actor
2014-05-08 'A New York Winter's Tale' Film Trailer
2014-03-05 'A New York Winter's Tale': Exclusive UK Premiere Report
2014-03-05 Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay Talk 'A New York Winter's Tale'
2014-03-05 'A New York Winter's Tale': Love Story for The Ages Featurette
2014-03-05 Kim Kardashian Gets 'Worst Supporting Actress' Award on Oscars Weekend
2014-03-04 Highlights From the 2014 Oscars