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Now Playing: Kevin Smith Plans To Kill Off Silent Bob In An Upcoming Film Kevin Smith Plans To Kill Off Silent Bob In An Upcoming Film
2015-09-17 Nic Cage in 'Superman Lives' Documentary
2015-07-08 School's Out for 'Degrassi: TNG'
2015-06-07 Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes at Vulture Festival 2015
2015-06-07 Sundance On The Scene: Hollywood Crushes of 'Misery Loves Comedy'
2015-05-14 Stan Lee Cameo School Features Kevin Smith, Michael Rooker, And More
2015-04-29 Jason Lee Back for 'Mallrats 2'
2015-03-29 Kevin Smith: 'Mallrats 2' Script Is Nearing Completion
2015-03-15 Kevin Smith: 'Mallrats 2' Script Is Nearing Completion
2015-03-15 Kevin Smith Confirms 'Mallrats' Sequel in the Works
2015-03-15 Whoa, You've Gotta See Jason Lee's Best Skateboarding Trick
2015-02-12 Celebrities Pitch Ridiculous Documentaries
2015-02-01 Kevin Smith -- Job Insecurity ... Daughter Could Have Axed Him
2015-01-02 What Did These Celebrities Have for Dinner Last Night?
2014-12-30 Actor Kevin Smith Says Johnny Depp ‘Is the Opposite of What People Think’
2014-11-09 The Hollywood Reporter's Day 4 Daily
2014-11-09 AFM: Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp's 'Yoga Hosers' Sells in Multiple Countries
2014-11-08 Troy Baker Talks Playing Batman and Joker
2014-11-01 Kevin Smith on Modeling 'Tusk' Marketing After 'Spring Breakers'
2014-09-17 Genesis Rodriguez & Haley Joel Osment on 'Tusk'
2014-09-17 TUSK - Favorite Kevin Smith Movies
2014-09-15 TUSK - Genesis Rodriguez's Incredible Skills
2014-09-15 TUSK - Filming With Johnny Depp
2014-09-15 TUSK - Justin Long On How To Get a Girl Like Genesis
2014-09-15 TUSK - A Tusk-Inspired Unusual 'Gift' Shop
2014-09-15 TUSK - The True Story
2014-09-15 Johnny Depp's Daughter Lily-Rose Lands Her First Leading Role
2014-08-20 Toronto: Kevin Smith's 'Tusk' To Get World Premiere
2014-07-30 Kevin Smith Jokes About Ben Affleck Friendship: Jennifer Garner Doesn't "Care For Me At All"
2014-07-29 Comic-Con 2014: Kevin Smith Details His 'Star Wars: Episode 7' Set Visit
2014-07-28 Why Kevin Smith Didn't Cast Himself in 'Tusk'
2014-07-26 The Big Picture: The Fall of Kevin Smith, Part II
2014-07-23 Live-Action 'Dumbo,' 'Clerks 3' and More Hollywood Happenings
2014-07-10 Smith Performs Run-D.M.C.'S 'Peter Piper'
2014-04-09 Kevin Smith Explains Why He Bought His Aunt A Vaporizer
2014-04-09 What Happens When Jay & Silent Bob Get On A Tiny Plane Together?
2014-04-09 Top 10 Independent Filmmakers
2014-01-16 Bernard Hopkins Makes Kevin Smith Feel Bad About His Weight
2013-12-19 How Kevin Smith Knows He Raised His Daughter Right
2013-12-19 Kevin Smith Shares His 'Jersey Heritage' with His Daughter
2013-12-19 Kevin Smith Explains Why He Made a Movie About a Walrus
2013-12-19 Youtubers React To Ben Affleck Batsuit
2013-11-15 'Batman Vs. Superman' Details: Conflict, Lex & Nightwing
2013-11-12 It's A Wrap: What Happened to Superman Lives
2013-10-04 Kevin Smith -- 'I'm Not Saying I MADE Ben Affleck, But ... '
2013-09-03 HuffPost Fun Reel: Sofia Vergara, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Smith
2013-06-08 Kevin Smith on Superman Blockbuster 'Man of Steel'
2013-06-04 Kevin Smith On Michael Douglas
2013-06-03 Kevin Smith Talks 'Man Of Steel'
2013-06-03 Kevin Smith Answers The Question: How Does Superman Shave?
2013-06-03 Should These Movies Really Get Made?
2013-05-19 HuffPost Fun Reel - 04/26/13
2013-04-27 Comedian Ben Gleib: Kevin Smith Would Make Great HuffPost Live Host
2013-04-19 Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes Strike Back
2013-04-18 Jay and Silent Bob Talk Legalizing Pot
2013-04-18 Kevin Smith On How To Finance Your First Film
2013-04-18 Kevin Smith On Clerks 3 and His Retirement
2013-04-18 How Tiger Woods Saved Me From The Southwest "Fat Director" Mess
2013-04-18 Kevin Smith On Chris Christie And Gay Marriage
2013-04-18 HuffPost Live Offers Kevin Smith A Job As A Host
2013-04-18 Celebrities Among Winners in Google Glass Contest
2013-04-01 'Comic Book Men': The Greatest Gift Promo
2013-03-27 Zack and Miri Make a Porno - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-17 Clerks 2 - Trailer
2012-12-11 Clerks 2 - Trailer
2012-12-10 Zack and Miri Make a Porno - DVD Clip No.1
2012-12-10 Stars Turn Out For Book of Mormon Premiere
2012-09-19 CelebrityBytes: Hollywood Men That Have Battled With the Bulge
2012-08-17 Interview with "Comic-Con Episode IV" Director Morgan Spurlock
2012-08-16 Jaws - DVD Clip No. 1
2012-08-14 Zack and Miri Make a Porno Movie Review for Parents
2012-07-10 Catch and Release Movie Review
2012-06-07 Kevin Smith Talks About Comic Book Men Reality Series
2012-02-15 Kevin Smith's Big Reveal
2012-02-02 Cinema Enema on "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"