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Now Playing: Kevin Smith on Makers Mark Whiskey Smith Performs Run-D.M.C.'S 'Peter Piper'
2014-04-09 Kevin Smith Explains Why He Bought His Aunt A Vaporizer
2014-04-09 What Happens When Jay & Silent Bob Get On A Tiny Plane Together?
2014-04-09 Top 10 Independent Filmmakers
2014-01-16 Bernard Hopkins Makes Kevin Smith Feel Bad About His Weight
2013-12-19 How Kevin Smith Knows He Raised His Daughter Right
2013-12-19 Kevin Smith Shares His 'Jersey Heritage' with His Daughter
2013-12-19 Kevin Smith Explains Why He Made a Movie About a Walrus
2013-12-19 Star Wars Episode 7 hits December 18th 2015, Nightwing joins Batman Superman - Beyond The Trailer
2013-11-29 Youtubers React To Ben Affleck Batsuit
2013-11-15 Ben Affleck's New Batsuit Doesn't Feature A"Single Nipple,"Says Kevin Smith
2013-11-12 'Batman Vs. Superman' Details: Conflict, Lex & Nightwing
2013-11-12 Kevin Smith's 'Spoilers' Jumps From Hulu To Canada's Comedy Network
2013-10-29 Losers Take All (Trailer No. 1) [FULL HD]
2013-10-23 It's A Wrap: What Happened to Superman Lives
2013-10-04 Weekender (Trailer) [FULL HD]
2013-09-07 Kevin Smith -- 'I'm Not Saying I MADE Ben Affleck, But ... '
2013-09-03 Movies News Pop: Sep 4th, 7pm
2013-09-03 Entertainment News Pop: Comic-Con: Kevin Smith Remembers His First Time
2013-07-17 HuffPost Fun Reel: Sofia Vergara, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Smith
2013-06-08 Kevin Smith on Superman Blockbuster 'Man of Steel'
2013-06-04 Kevin Smith On Michael Douglas
2013-06-03 Kevin Smith Talks 'Man Of Steel'
2013-06-03 Kevin Smith Answers The Question: How Does Superman Shave?
2013-06-03 Should These Movies Really Get Made?
2013-05-19 HuffPost Fun Reel - 04/26/13
2013-04-27 Comedian Ben Gleib: Kevin Smith Would Make Great HuffPost Live Host
2013-04-19 Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes Strike Back
2013-04-18 Jay and Silent Bob Talk Legalizing Pot
2013-04-18 Kevin Smith On How To Finance Your First Film
2013-04-18 Kevin Smith On Clerks 3 and His Retirement
2013-04-18 How Tiger Woods Saved Me From The Southwest "Fat Director" Mess
2013-04-18 Kevin Smith On Chris Christie And Gay Marriage
2013-04-18 HuffPost Live Offers Kevin Smith A Job As A Host
2013-04-18 Celebrities Among Winners in Google Glass Contest
2013-04-01 'Comic Book Men': The Greatest Gift Promo
2013-03-27 Zack and Miri Make a Porno - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-17 Clerks 2 - Trailer
2012-12-10 Zack and Miri Make a Porno - DVD Clip No.1
2012-12-10 Stars Turn Out For Book of Mormon Premiere
2012-09-19 CelebrityBytes: Hollywood Men That Have Battled With the Bulge
2012-08-17 Interview with "Comic-Con Episode IV" Director Morgan Spurlock
2012-08-16 Jaws - DVD Clip No. 1
2012-08-14 Zack and Miri Make a Porno Movie Review for Parents
2012-07-10 2012 NHL Awards Recap
2012-06-21 Catch and Release Movie Review
2012-06-07 Kevin Smith is Happy at Barnes and Noble
2012-05-23 Kevin Smith Talks About Comic Book Men Reality Series
2012-02-15 Kevin Smith's Big Reveal
2012-02-02 Cinema Enema on "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"
2012-02-01 Cinema Enema on "Super 8"
2012-02-01 Cinema Enema on Thor
2012-02-01 Around the Net: DJ Kittens
2012-01-26 "Pirates of the Caribbean" Cinema Enema
2012-01-19 10 Film Directors Who Started in Different Careers
2012-01-15 Red State - Kevin Smith Interview
2011-09-30 Red State
2011-09-26 You've Got AOL Late Night on Podcasting
2011-08-30 Red State Red-Band Trailer
2011-07-27 Red State Teaser Trailer 2
2011-03-07 Adam Sandler and Chris Rock chat Grown Ups
2010-08-29 Kevin Smith on Cop Out
2010-07-28 Comic - Con 2010: Cop Out Exclusive Deleted Scene
2010-07-26 Bruce Willis&Tracy Morgan Interview Cop Out (Uncensored)
2010-07-20 Comic-Con08: Directors Panel with Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow, Zack Snyder&Frank Miller
2010-07-19 Popcorn: Cop Out film review
2010-05-19 Popcorn: Cop Out one minute film review
2010-05-19 Kevin Smith Removed from Flight
2010-05-05 Cop Out - Clip - Car Thief
2010-04-09 Cop Out - Clip - Knock, Knock
2010-04-09 American Cinematheque honours Matt Damon
2010-03-29 Top 5 Celeb Rants Online
2010-02-18 Celebrity Poker at The Hard Rock
2009-10-18 Seth Rogan stars in Zack and Miri Make a Porno
2008-11-15 Jersey Girl - Clip - seven years
2008-09-16 Jersey Girl - Clip - shower
2008-09-16 Jersey Girl - Clip - take you out
2008-09-16 Jersey Girl - Clip - what are your intentions?

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