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'Killing Jesus' Premieres Tonight On National Geographic

3/29/2015 10:57am EDT
Killing Jesus
At an advanced screening of "Killing Jesus," the movie, based on the New York Times best-seller of the same name, author and executive producer Bill O’Reilly asked the crowd of nearly 1000 guests “ How does a poor carpenter become the most famous person in civilization?”

The movie, co-produced by Ridley Scott, Oscar-nominated director of Alien, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator and Black Hawk Down, makes it world premiere on Sunday March 29, 2015 at 8:00 pm/7:00 pm central on the National Geographic Channel.

Following the screening I spoke one-on-one with O’Reilly and the film’s cast. When I as...

Nurse Jackie Recap: 'Steak Knife'

7/21/2009 9:30am EDT
Nurse Jackie
Eddie bought a bracelet for Jackie, only to give it to Coop when he realized Jackie didn't remember their one-year anniversary. After Jackie and Eddie's fight, Dr. O'Hara gave Jackie Xanax to hold her over. For the rest of the staff, the big excitement was a God impersonator in the apartment building across the street and a patient that came in with a steak knife in his chest. The God imitator called Jackie a whore, mocked Mo-Mo's scrub top and told Zoey she was getting a bald spot.

Coop, Zoey, Jackie and O'Hara all worked on the steak knife guy, who was stabbed by the ex of a woman he'd...

Nurse Jackie Recap:'Tiny Bubbles'

7/14/2009 9:21am EDT
Nurse Jackie
Last night, Jackie's former mentor came back to the hospital to die with her help. We met Coop's two moms that Dr. O'Hara nicknamed the vagina mom and the other one. In a tense moment, Coop grabbed O'Hara's breast, revealing his chest-grabbing Tourette's is real and he also suffered from OCD as a kid. Jackie's mentor Paula also came with her own revelations. She had the same enemy in Akalitus and she also once received her percocet and vicodin supply from Eddie. Whether or not she was having an affair with him too was left to speculation.

While Jackie spent the episode gathering a morphi...

'Nurse Jackie' Recap: 'Daffodil'

7/7/2009 10:03am EDT
Nurse Jackie
Daffodil opened with Jackie staring at a picture her daughter Grace had drawn of a sunless Florida beach. Before heading off to the night shift, Jackie had dinner with her daughters and husband, while both girls were less than happy their mom had to go into work.

At the hospital, Jackie explained the importance order of nighttime patients to Zooey while Mrs. Akalitus tried to interfere with the hospital's actual procedure. Jackie had to deal with Mrs. Akalitus constantly trying to do things according to the hospital's guidelines until she accidentally tasered herself. Dr. Fancypants took...

'Nurse Jackie' Recap: 'Chicken Soup'

6/23/2009 10:59am EDT
Nurse Jackie
Last night's episode of "Nurse Jackie" opened with Jackie at home describing the calmness of mornings while she searched for a pill above the medicine cabinet. The pill fell into the sink about the same time her husband confessed his worries that their older daughter was worrying too much about fact based science stories.

Jackie gets to work only to learn that her boyfriend Eddie is being replaced with a robotic pill dispenser. Jackie even tried to talk Dr. Cooper into voting against the machine but "Coop" just assumed that it was because she had a crush on Eddie. Jackie told Coop that h...

'Nurse Jackie' Recap: 'Sweet-N-All'

6/16/2009 9:33am EDT
Nurse Jackie
In the series premiere, Nurse Jackie introduced a pill-popping nurse with opposing home and work lives. The second episode picked up shortly after the last episode's end with Jackie still at home. Jackie and her husband chatted and even had sex on the cereal-covered kitchen floor. After a breakfast with the kids, Jackie returned to work and the wedding band came back off. She slid back into her affair with her pharmacist boyfriend and supplier. As a viewer, it's easy to wonder when Jackie's home and work life will intersect.

Keeping with the feel of the pilot, the patients were not impor...