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Sinbad completes financial management course

July 21st, 2013 8:41pm EDT
Bankrupt comedian Sinbad has taken a step towards sorting out his financial troubles by passing a court-ordered money management course.

The Jingle All The Way star, real name David Adkins, filed for bankruptcy in April (13) with more than $10 million (£6.5 million) in debts, and he was ordered to take a financial management course as part of the proceedings.

Sinbad has now passed the course, according to, getting him back on track as he attempts to put his money troubles behind him.

The star previously claimed he was unable to pay back his debts as he was left with just $131,000...

10 Celebrities Who Have Owed Millions In Unpaid Taxes

October 1st, 2012 12:00pm EDT
Nicolas Cage
Not even the rich and famous can avoid the tax man, and many have been pinched for not paying their fair share.

Nicolas Cage owed $6.2 million in unpaid taxes in 2007. He faced other claims of unpaid taxes related to his earnings between 2002 and 2004, while he was accused of defaulting on a $2 million loan in October, 2009.

The 46 year old was hit with a $6.7 million suit on New Year's Eve in 2010 in relation to unpaid taxes in 2008 - taking his total tax bill to approximately $14 million.

In November 2011, Cage sold his Action Comics 1 in an online auction for a record-breaking $...

Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Sinbad's Voyage Ends

March 22nd, 2010 10:05am EDT
The Celebrity Apprentice
After a ‘Rock Solid’ victory last week, the Women of ‘Tenacity’ hope to score a win on this week’s Kodak sponsored task. The assignment is to create a storefront experience for Kodak and re-launch Kodak Moments. Rod Blagojevich pimps Sinbad into being Project Manager for the men’s team, and Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis will take on the role for the women’s team.

Maria jumps right in with wrestling ideas and a lot of energy. Sharon Osbourne, on the other hand is sidelined due to illness. Cyndi wins points for naming the experience “Share Kodak Moments: Celebrate the Champion in You” befor...

'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Money Changes Everything

March 15th, 2010 9:45pm EDT
Celebrity Apprentice
Donald Trump is back with celebrities, “celebrities," and a disgraced politician for the third installment of "The Celebrity Apprentice." He reminds us that the show is not just about giving has-beens a chance to be on TV; it’s also about raising money for their favorite charities. Of course, philanthropy is best served as a side dish to the drama of reality TV, so Trump will "fire" someone each week.

This year's cast of characters boasts Reality TV man-whore Bret Michaels, Olympian Michael Johnson, Sinbad, someone named Goldberg, Baseball Star Darryl Strawberry, Celeb Chef Curtis Stone, a...

Preview: Expect Lots Of Drama And Excitement In 'The Celebrity Apprentice'

March 13th, 2010 12:00pm EST
Celebrity Apprentice
Donald Trump is back with the third season of The Celebrity Apprentice, premiering on NBC Sunday, March 14th at 9:00 pm. This season’s celebrities promise to bring a lot of drama and head-butting to the boardroom just like the previous casts. Competing this year are baseball player Darryl Strawberry, singer Cyndi Lauper, reality show star Sharon Osbourne, runner Michael Johnson, actress Holly Robinson Peete, wrestler Bill Goldberg, comedian and writer Carol Leifer, comedian Sinbad, swimmer Summer Sanders, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, wrestler Maria Kanellis, chef Curtis Stone, ...

Bankrupt Sinbad Selling His Home

February 10th, 2010 6:33am EST
Bankrupt Sinbad Selling His Home
Actor Sinbad has been forced to turn over his California home to pay off his debts - a month after he declared bankruptcy.

The Jingle All The Way star, born David Adkins, is putting the Hidden Hills property he purchased in 2007 back on the market for $3 million, according to

The move comes just weeks after it was reported in December the funnyman owes more than $8 million in unpaid taxes.

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Breaking Down The 'Celebrity Apprentice' Season 3 Cast (Photos)

January 5th, 2010 12:17pm EST
Rod Blagojevich
Another season of The Apprentice, another Celebrity version. While it would be nice for Donald Trump to help out our unemployment numbers by actually hiring someone via the show, he has quite an interesting group of celebrities to deal with this season.

Rod Blagojevich: Included because the producers knew the announcement would make a splash (and it did), don't expect the former Illinois Governor to last very long. Remember, Khloe Kardashian was fired for a DUI arrest last season. Expect Rod to scrape together some cash for charity, then get ousted during a bully pulpit from The Don.


Sinbad Owes Over $8 Million In Taxes

December 21st, 2009 11:36am EST
Sinbad Owes Over $8 Million In Taxes
Comedian-turned-actor Sinbad Adkins has been declared bankrupt, according to reports.

The Jingle All The Way star allegedly owes more than $8.15 million in delinquent federal taxes.

The U.S. Attorney General's office has now ordered him to sell his home to pay the debts, according to The Detroit News.

Earlier this month, a federal judge was asked to foreclose on several tax liens and determine whether or not Adkins was the owner of a $1.5 million home in California - and the star filed for bankruptcy the following day.

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Image ©PR P...

Family Guy Volume Seven Arrives On DVD June 16 (Win A Copy!)

May 24th, 2009 9:00am EDT
Family Guy
Sick, twisted, politically incorrect and freakin' sweet, Family Guy Volume Seven arrives on DVD June 16 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. With all-new uncensored hilarity and hi-jinx, the national phenomenon continues as the Griffin clan embarks on even more outrageous adventures. Highlights include zany antics such as Peter's obsession with a 1963 hit song "Surfin' Bird," Stewie kidnapping the entire cast of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and Brian getting injured during a take of Peter's version of "Jackass."

The collection also features an all-star line-up of celebrit...

Ultimate Christmas Movies...Hits & Misses

December 25th, 2008 10:00am EST
What do a speaking snowman, a suicidal father; a Terminating toy-hunter and a Ghostbuster all have in common? They've all played their parts in creating the best and worst Christmas movies ever made.

Yes, it's that time of year again when we plonk ourselves in front of the TV, stuffed to the hilt, and watch re-runs of festive films we've all seen dozens of times. But, where some melt our hearts with the pure pleasure of the Christmas spirit, others make us wish we were locked outside with our tongue stuck to a frozen lamppost.

How can we tell if a movie is a Christmas classic or...

No More Elgin Lumpkin Or Georgios Panayioutous: Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

July 21st, 2008 10:43am EDT
Marilyn Monroe was originally christened Norma Jean. Archibald Leach opted for the more debonair nom de guerre Cary Grant. At the age of 10, musical prodigy Steveland Morris was dubbed (by Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr.) "Little Stevie Wonder." These aren't the only celebrities who bid farewell to the names bestowed upon them in infancy; among those in the public eye, adopting a more star-worthy moniker seems to be the rule, not the exception.

Stage Names

Where stage names are concerned, some stars keep it succinct. Musicians Cher and Seal shortened their names from Cherilyn and ...

Where Are They Now?: 'A Different World'

February 14th, 2008 11:00am EST
A Different World
"A Different World," a half-hour sitcom about students at fictional Hillman College, was on the air from 1987 to 1993. It was the creation of Bill Cosby and originally served as a spin-off venue for then Cosby kid Lisa "Denise" Bonet.

However, it wasn't until Lisa Bonet was booted from the show (due to a pregnancy) that "A Different World" really took off in popularity. Fueled by a core ensemble cast of likeable characters - Dwayne, Whitley, Freddie, Kim, Jaleesa, Ron, and Walter - "A Different World" was in the top 10 shows in the Nielsen ratings for five of the six years it aired.


Sinbad Is Alive!

March 17th, 2007 11:55am EDT
American comedian Sinbad has laughed off reports he died of a heart attack last Saturday, after website Wikipedia stated he had passed away.

Wikipedia describes itself as 'the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit', and is used by internet surfers across the world. The entry for funnyman Sinbad was incorrectly edited last weekend by an unknown user.

The Jingle All The Way actor - born David Adkins - realised something was wrong when he started getting hundreds of phone calls, emails and text messages from people concerned about the star.

And despite the mix-up, the 50-yea...

Bill Cosby & Sinbad Gave Mark Curry A Reason To Live

February 15th, 2007 1:05pm EST
Mark Curry
Comedian Mark Curry contemplated suicide last year and credits pal Bill Cosby with bringing him back from the brink. The Hangin' With Mr. Cooper funnyman's depression began when a can of spray starch exploded, setting fire to his California home and leaving him with second-degree burns across 18 percent of his body.

While in the hospital Curry began collecting painkillers in a bid to overdose - but Cosby and fellow comedian Sinbad's regular visits helped him laugh through his pain.

The 42-year-old tells TV presenter Montel Williams, "It was so bad... that pain was so excruciatin...

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