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Now Playing: Jessica Simpson, Dad in Legal Fight Over Fashion Company Deal Jessica Simpson, Dad in Legal Fight Over Fashion Company Deal
2015-08-12 Joe Simpson Hangs Out Poolside with His 'Client' Jonathan Keith
2014-07-07 Jessica Simpson Flubbed Her Marital Vows--New Details From The Singer And Eric Johnson's Wedding!
2014-07-07 Joe Simpson In South Beach With Younger Man
2014-02-19 Ashlee Simpson Introduces New BF To Her Protective Dad
2013-08-27 Watch Out Boy Bands - Here Come The Alectrix
2013-06-07 Joe Simpson: Jessica Is Too Busy Making Babies to Do Music
2013-06-06 Joe Simpson on Nick Lachey: 'I Do Love Him!'
2013-06-05 Jessica Simpson's Dad Says She Is Too Busy Making Babies To Make Music
2013-06-04 Joe Simpson Responds to Nick Lachey's 'Grab Ass' Comment
2013-06-03 Joe Simpson Responds To Nick Lachey Diss
2013-06-03 Jessica Simpson Is Furious at Nick Lachey's Comment About Joe
2013-05-13 Jessica Simpson Reacts To Nick Lachey's 'Gay' Comments About Her Dad
2013-05-13 Top WTF Moments: Miley Cyrus, Snoop Lion, Amanda Bynes
2013-05-10 Nick Lachey Lashes Out About Joe Simpson Memories
2013-05-08 It's Officially Over for Tina and Joe Simpson
2013-04-30 Jessica Simpson's Divorced Parents Splitting Her Life Insurance Policy
2013-04-29 Joe and Tina Simpson Finalize Divorce
2013-04-25 Crazy Rumor Circulating About Tina Simpson
2013-04-09 Jessica Simpson's Mom Caves: Giving Joe Simpson Half Of Everything
2013-03-01 Ashlee Simpson's Behavior Sparks Concern
2013-02-20 Tina Simpson Furious Over Joe Dipping Into Joint Bank Account For Vaca
2013-02-06 Hulk Hogan Tweets Photo Of Daughter's Legs
2013-01-29 Hulk Hogan's Tweet
2013-01-29 Jessica Simpson's Parents At War Over Divorce Money
2013-01-23 Jessica Simpson's Parents Fight Over $300M Fortune
2013-01-23 Jessica Simpson Gets Pricey 'Forgive Me' Gift From Dad
2013-01-18 Jessica Simpson Won't Work With Her Dad on 'Family' Sitcom
2013-01-17 Jessica Simpson Planning Television Return
2013-01-15 Jessica Simpson's Life Being Turned Into NBC Sitcom
2013-01-15 Ashlee Simpson Shows Support For Her Betrayed Mother Tina
2013-01-03 Another Joe Simpson Secret: $4.5 Million Life Insurance In Jessica's Name
2012-12-17 Joe Simpson's Secret $4.5m Life Insurance On Daughter Jessica
2012-12-17 Jessica Simpson's Mom Writing A Tell-All?
2012-11-14 Jessica & Ashlee Simpson At First Post-Scandal Appearance
2012-11-12 Jessica Simpson's Diet Derailed By Dad's Gay Scandal
2012-11-08 Jessica & Ashlee Simpson Choose Sides In Parent's Divorce
2012-11-08 Joe Simpson's Alleged Escort Tells All
2012-11-07 Jessica Simpson's Diet Derailed After Dad's Shocking Scandal
2012-11-06 Joe Simpson Telling Friends He's Not Gay
2012-11-05 Joe Simpson Refusing To Admit His Sexual Orientation
2012-11-02 Mother of Joe Simpson's Alleged Lover Is Devastated By Claims
2012-10-31 How Tina Simpson Busted Joe For Affair
2012-10-30 Joe Simpson's Rumored Lover Revealed
2012-10-29 Top WTF Moments: Taylor Swift, Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carey
2012-10-26 Simpsons Lassen Sich Scheiden
2012-10-25 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-10-25 Jessica Simpson Shocked By Dad's Alleged Gay Confession
2012-10-25 Tina and Joe Simpson File For Divorce Amidst Gay Rumors
2012-10-24 Jessica Simpson's Parents Divorcing Over THIS?!
2012-10-24 Joe Simpson Claims He Wasn't Driving Drunk
2012-09-14 Joe Simpson Charged in DUI Case
2012-08-15 Joe Simpson Busted For DUI in Los Angeles
2012-08-10 Jessica Simpson's Dad Arrested For Drunk Driving
2012-08-10 Jessica Simpson Tweets About New Baby Love
2012-05-10 Hollywoods Most Embarrassing Parents